A Shattered Mirror

My shattered mirror falls

My weak legs begin to crawl

The reflection meets my eye

And inside I start to die

I see the blood-stains on the floor

From my heart's shards; it's really sore

A war rages on inside of my head

My rugged carpet is my bed

I stare at the pieces and in them reflections

I'm losing all my sense of directions

I feel my ways slowly fading

My discouragement is something I should be trading

I loathe myself for all I am

'Cause outside all is like "Them"

Everyone's a perfect clone

And in which I fit not their mold

All I see are my mistakes

And I know I need God's grace

I need a perfect gift to see

Or else this is all I'll be

A broken mess upon the floor

Wishing and dreaming to be something more

Maybe if I move on and confess

That will be my key to success