A day of sorrow

A brow dripping with blood

A perfect man

A heart full of love

Bruised and Scarred

Hit and Beaten

Punishment came

Because of Satan

The man came down

From his heavenly throne

To live a life

In this hell alone

All for us

People never born

Just so we could

See the lights of morn

Deceived and forsaken

Condemned for us

Yet he felt no hatred

Rather lots of love

He asked for forgiveness

Because of our ignorance

That put him on a cross

To die a horrid death

All of this so we could live

All of this so he'd understand

And now he can

Take the brokens' hand

HE came down in love

For those with nothing

So they could have hope

To one day be something

Not for the rich

Not known as a great king

Just known as a good man

Who could do many things

His family was poor

He was born of a teen

But it's what's in his heart

That made him King

Through the Word

Through his great deed

Through this passion

Jesus is King