I wrote this a really long time ago, but I decided to post something to let people know I'm still alive. So yep, I am!

Hammer to my heart

That's splitting it into tiny pieces and

Just watching it shatter while

It seems as if I might explode and leave little drops of salty water (tears I've never cried)

And blood (although now they're the same thing, aren't they?)

And pain that every other teenaged-angst case is feeling

(And darling, it only seems as if you're the only one)

Really, millions of others out there are feeling this way

(Just go cry your pretty eyes out, in the form of worth(lessness) and fucking words)

And just wait there for people to notice your amazing angst

Because you feed off of all of this

And would just die if your masterpieces went to crap.

(Darling, I think it might be too late.)