She slowly released a shudder. Letting it shake her being as she left the house. The deed was done and she was not proud of it in the least. But it had to be done. Now the game had begun and now she was the mouse. On the run. On the hide. Why did God have to make her life so difficult it wasn't like she had created a world of trouble as a child yet she had the marks to prove the abuse. Well payback was a bitch and she had the makings of one of the worst bitches this town could find.

What kind of person adopts a kid just so that they can have a punching bag. That was what she was for and she had found the proof. But more than that. She found the letter that told her everything about how her parents had died and how she had come to live in this hell hole.

15 Years Ago

"Katrina, come-on you are going to be late."

"Coming mommy."

It was Katrina's birthday and her parents were taking her to see the new play at the play house. She loved the plays. All the colorful actors and actresses as the recited perfectly their lines and moves fluidly across the stage. It was her favorite past time in the summer to watch. Katrina ran down the stair dressed up in her best dress ready for the days adventures.

"Hey princess. You ready for your birthday to begin?" Her father asked with a mischievous grin flitting on his lips. He was into something she knew and it excited her. That would make this birthday so much better.

"Let's go, let's go," Katrina jumped up and down with the innocent exuberance of a child.

The three of them piled into daddies convertible and began the drive to the play house on the other side of town. As they were driving daddy looked into the rear-view mirror, "Sweetie look in the back pocket of mommies seat."

Oh, yes he was up to something. Katrina eagerly fished in the pocket searching for some unknown treasure. Her hand brushed velvet clenched onto it and brought it out.

"Well go on open it." Mom looked just as eagerly confused and Katrina. With all the reverence an 8 year-old could muster she cracked open the box.

"IEAK!" A small shrill screech escaped from her lips as she looked at the new treasure.

"Happy birthday sweetheart." Dad seemed unduly pleased with himself.

Katrina was so involved with the present that she barely heard her mother mutter, "Tom, how did you buy that?"

Inside the box laid a gold chain with a small Gold locket the shape of a rose inlaid with small red jewels. Inside the locket was a picture of bother her mother and her father. Katrina, slowly now pulled it out and placed it round her neck. "I love it daddy."

"Only the best for my princess." Then turned to Mom, "I came into a bit of luck don't worry." This didn't seem much better but it did resign mother's face to a small smile.

The car fell into silence Katrina every couple of minutes examining the locket. Then everything went to hell. That is the last thing that she remembers other than screaming, blood, screeching tires, and then black."


That is all of the memory Katrina had been able to salvage. She knew what happened because of the letter she found five years ago but she still could claim no direct recollection. But today fifteen years later the debt had been settled and now it was time to disappear.