I was bent low running. Running into the gun smoke, the confusion of men screaming out of pain, drumming of orders. "Though I walk…" a bullet snapped past me. "Through the…" I raised my gun, aimed and fired. "Valley of the…" more bullets come to me, somehow I dodge them all. "Shadow of Death…" I heard a cannon ball whistling through the air, I quickly fell to the ground and tried to hug it. "I shall…" the cannon ball exploded sending dirt, and chips of wood flying every where. "Fear no Evil…" I got on my knees and reloaded my gun. "For Thou is…" I stood up took aim again at a man dressed in blue. "With me;" I fired and the man fell. I kneeled down again, and reloaded my gun. "Thy rod and…" I got up and started to run again, another man dressed in blue stopped running took aim and shot at me. "Thy staff," I winced as I felt his bullet go into the left side of my chest. "They comfort Me." I pushed away the pain and took my gun, again I aimed and fired and the man fell. My head felt dizzy and I fell to the ground. "Psalms 23: 4." I muttered the last words of the verse and closed my eyes.