I moaned loudly into my pillow as the alarm clock beckoned to be hit by my fiery fist of fury. It was nine o clock and I had a major hangover.

To bad the alarm didn't shut up, it had the face the fate of a to short life of one week. I opened my eyes searching for the alarm clock. I didn't have my glasses and couldn't find the source of my amazingly large headache which was getting worse by the minute.

It was alarm number ten I angrily pulled the alarm out of the socket and threw it at my green walls.

Green walls? That didn't make any sense my room was white. I breathed into my pillow and realized it wasn't my pillow.

I sat up trying to realize where I was.

Then someone came in the room. " Wow, you've decided to murder my alarm clock."

It was Jason just Jason Roland.

" Here." He placed something in my hand it was my glasses. I placed them on and saw him clearly.

Even though Jason would always be the nerdy bug from high school I couldn't see him as a babe magnet( I'm lying)

Even if he was shirtless and in boxers. His hair was matted down with water and he still wet from a shower.

A little bead of water slowly went down his god of a body and near his naval till it will you get the idea.

" What happened?," I asked.

" Beside you getting drunk at a bar and getting in a few bar fights nothing."

" Shhhhh," I muttered my head felt like it had a jackhammer in it. It felt suddenly drafty. I realized I was just in an oversize t-shirt. I'm pretty sure I wasn't wearing any underwear.

" What I'm I doing in your room?," I asked.

" We didn't do that," he reassured running his hand through his black hair.

" Okay, can you talk any louder?," I whispered angrily.

He looked down on me and smirked. " Fine for you babe," he whispered.

I fell back into Jason's soft sheets. They were better than mine, probably because he didn't get them in the thrift shop. My legs hanged over the bed swinging.

I was extremely thirsty and required some beverages( vodka would do the the trick), but I couldn't get up to get my daily dose of Vodka and orange juice( screwdrivers for all you underage kids) in the morning.

I sighed still having the jackhammer ripping my head in half to ruin whatever I have left of my brain cells. I massaged my temples and sighed regretting I would drink so much but I knew once again the next night it would be the same story.

I'll drink myself crazy flirt with Jason, get in fights, hurt Jason's feelings, and then cry for being an idiot. All in the end he'll save me. By taking my car keys away or letting me crash at his place, or forgiving for the umpteen time though I know and I think he does too that I don't deserve a second chance.

I sighed knowing I was a ungrateful for having an amazing friend like Jason.

I closed my eyes and Jason came back in the room this time with some clothes for me. He had some coffee in the other hand( moccaccino) I knew that smell from anywhere besides the smell of alcohol.

He sat next to me and placed the coffee cup on the nightstand, he place some clothes on the bed and sighed.

"Are you going to work today?," he whispered.

I smiled and whispered back though I still had a headache " no it's Saturday."

" Kay. You can take a shower here and I'll drop you off at your apartment"

I nodded.

I tried getting up but was still to tired. But I was motivated when I felt my dinner of beer nuts and candy bars was coming up.

" Oh god I'm going to be sick!," I quickly rushed to the bathroom and threw up in to toilet.

It felt my hair being pulled back as my stomach emptied outs its contents.

After I purged my guts outs I laid my head against the wall.

" Are you okay?," Jason whispered.

" Yeah," I covered my mouth so he wouldn't smell puke coming from my breathe.

He flushed the toilet and I moaned when the loud noise demolished my ears.

" Sorry," still whispering.

" I'm sorry," but he couldn't hear me as he flushed it again.

" Sorry again. I'll leave you alone so you can take a shower theres the toothbrush in the cabinet," he whispered.

I nodded. I've been here some many times I had my own toothbrush.

Jason wasn't there any more. I slowly got up and removed my shirt( that's all I was wearing) and entered the shower.

I put the shower head on full blast the water massaged my back . It was just like me to be horny in the morning and still have a hangover. But I just wasn't going to masturbate in Jason shower( I've done it before ,sometimes with the help of Jason if you catch my drift).

After fifteen minutes of showering I turned off the shower and dried myself off. I wrapped the towel around my self and brushed my teeth.

I went to Jason's room and he was on the bed tying his shoes. He was in his sneakers jeans and t-shirt he always jogged before going to work.

He looked up from doing a loopty lope on his lace and stared at me. " Um... sorry I'll be out."

" No need to," I said seductively my hangover was almost gone.

Jason redressed and slipped his pants on. He was late for work and it was excuse to say to his supervisor I was late because I was pounding my dick into some hot black chick.

He had no time to jog like he would usually due. Usually when we did have sex it wasn't so late into the day.

" I don't have time to drop you off so. Like can you wait here till after work and I'll do that?."

I nodded hugging Jason's pillow felt the the sheets against my naked skin.

" Bye babe," I said.

" Bye," he gave me a kiss on the cheek and grabbed his car keys leaving.

I heard the engine start and off Jason was to work.

" I love you."