Subject: Bad Time For Flying
Date: 3/19/01 9:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ATK440
Message-id: <>

Walter Landau was in love with a real cutie.
Roberta Pathingwell was that cutie.
And Walter was to do anything
For his very own little sweetie.

Like for instance,
Walter had decided to give flying a chance.
So,he had gone to flying school
And learn all the tricks of flying circumstance.

Then one day,
It was his turn to fly all the way
To one end of the field to the other.
Thus,ending his first flight of the day.

However once in the air,
Something had happened that was unfair.
Roberta had gotten out of her hiding place,
And congraduated him for getting into the air.

Then suddenly,something in his head had gone snap-fu,
And poor Walter had forgotten what to do.
So instead of going zoom,
They were going woo-woo-woo!

And then,just as Walter was about to recollect his charm,
The plane had gone barn-storming--only really though a barn.
Cows,pigs,and chickens were running all over the place,
And was bringing to his morale even more harm.

Twas after an hour or so,
Walter had finally landed and decided to go
Straight home.
Does he want to fly again?No-no-no.

As for Roberta,the one who had wanted him to fly,
He had said something that really made her cry.
"My dear Madam,I would go shoot yourself out of a cannon if I were you."
And,so had ended Walter's first nightmarish attempt to fly.