I had it all planned out; every detail, every aspect, every move.

I had it all planned out; I could close my eyes and picture it like a movie being projected on a big screen TV. It was perfect.

I'll tell you a little secret; it didn't start out perfect. When I started planning, there were many flaws. Each time I closed my eyes, I found something wrong and had the smarts to change it.

I changed the part of entry several times; going through the front door would be too obvious; their dog slept in the back entrance; and they had nosy neighbors so I couldn't climb the side trellis.

I would befriend her, that was the only way; I had to befriend the little sister of the person I was going to kill.

I thought it would take weeks- months- to do so, so I planned the sleepover for the weekend before the bitch's school started.

I guess being popular had its perks; we were 'friends' on the second to last day of our junior year. We were supposed to be at school to play with the band for graduation two days later

I would put the plan into action the night before she played for her sister's graduation. Don't get me started on her sister; that bitch stole the answers for the final exam for physics and dominated my sister for valedictorian… by one tenth of a percent. But it was enough for her to gain the extra step over my sister and become valedictorian.

I'm nothing like my sister; she went suicidal.

I'm going homicidal.

I'm going to kill the bitch that took the life of my sister.

I closed my eyes and willed the tears not to come as I got out of my car and stepped foot on her front porch.

I took a moment to gather myself. The graduation ceremony started at eight in the morning, so we planned on an early night; she would spend the night at my house after I killed her sister. How ironic.

I then knocked on the door and was greeted by the bitches little sister.

I smiled when she opened the door and ushered me in. We hugged. I nodded to her sister who had come down to see who it was.

I asked for the tour and she fell for it.

I grinned like a maniac when I found out the arrangement of the upstairs: Victoria the Bitch's room was next to the bathroom which was across from her little sister's room.

I would be able to pull of my plan just as I wanted.

I could claim that I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and accidentally walked into Victoria's room and scream bloody murder after I killed her.

I laughed sardonically. Martha (Victoria's little sister) asked what was so funny.

I quickly covered it up and told her the joke of the day. It was well past ten by the time we got settled.

I set my phone on vibrate to go off at midnight. That was when it would go down. Once it vibrated, I got out of my sleeping bag and meandered down to Victoria room and screamed bloody murder for the wrong reason: she was already dead. Everything was set up, exactly accordingly to my plan.