because, well, i need you

"i'm pathetic," she murmured

"don't feel that way," he replied

and her silent tears fell

from self hatred—

translucent against her skin;

"i always need protecting," she said

"well, i'm here," he responded

she wept behind clenched hands

piercing skin with long, blunt nails

he's so far away and she's desolated

"i can't protect myself; it's pathetic,"

she said, "too dependent; too needy"

"are you saying i'm pathetic?" he asked,

"because, well, i need you"

and she laughed aloud; tears still falling

she's acrimonious and abject;

"you can find someone better," she whispered

"why do you say that?" he sighed,

"because it's true;

i don't have qualities that one would love or need,"

she shuts her eyes; blocking him away

unwilling to hear what he has to say

"i can't tell you all of them today;

i need sleep and so do you," he said

she's surprised at the time; 2:27 a.m.

he stayed with her for that long?

"i can't sleep even if i tried; you go," she said

"okay; i love you," he replied,

he kissed her; hugged her;

and left;

perhaps thinking that she couldn't sleep

from her distraught emotions

when in reality, his words

were running through her mind


keeping her awake;

"because, well, i need you."