Confused, that's basically how I feel.

Confused, that's basically me.

Mixed up, don't know where to go.

Which way should I turn –

which road should I follow?

Should I believe in God
and follow my chose-for-me religion?

Should I have faith in everything

those blue prayer books say?

It's so hard to trust when there's no proof

and when all your life you've been forced into

pretending that sure, you're loyal to this god

who you don't really believe in.

So I bent my head and mutter word,

words that make no sense to me.

Words that mean nothing to me,

words that I don't believe in.

Mutter those words and try to find

my place in this world.

Mutter those words and try to find

what I believe in, what I want.

But all I'm feeling is evermore