Strange, funny creatures stared through the glass at him. They cooed and made silly noises that didn't make any sense to him. One smaller one pointed at him and made a funny noise at a taller one, who made a funny noise to another taller one. This one reached behind the glass and pulled him out, handing him to the small one.

He liked this one. It made a funny noise and scratched him. He looked up and licked its face. It made the same funny noise and scratched his belly.

The taller one took him and put him in a small cage. This made him unhappy. He wanted to be held again and petted so he could lick the small one's face. He didn't like being held in a cage.

His cage was carried out the door to the place he had lived in for all he could remember of his life. Then it was put inside a smaller place and snapped in by something. The small place started moving, and he didn't like that much either. It made him sick, but he didn't throw up. Instead, he cowered at the back of his cage and shivered, tail quivering.

The small one was sitting next to him. She kept cooing, saying something over and over. Its sound repeated itself over and over in his mind. Apollo, she said. Apollo. Something told him that this was his new name.

When the small place stopped, Apollo's cage was moved again. This time it was set in a green place. The door opened and Apollo ran out, tongue wagging happily.

But he was detained. Large paws kept him from going any further than a few tail-lengths. Something was snapped around his neck, and he was released.

Apollo didn't like this new device much. It had two prongs that stuck into his neck, and it was uncomfortably heavy. But it didn't seem like the tall one would let him take it off, so he ignored this new discomfort and ran off happily.

He caught a sent that led toward a hole a short way away. He ran towards it, wanting to dig it out.

A loud beep in his ear sounded. He ignored it. It was annoying, but like the uncomfortable thing around his neck, it wasn't the end of the world.

He was just steps from the hole when something jolted through him. It hurt. Apollo yelped and jumped back from the hole, thinking that this was the cause of his pain. Now he knew it was something to be avoided.

The small one was calling his name. He ignored her, running off in another direction. The loud beep sounded in his ear once again. Once again, he ignored it. Just steps after he heard it, he was jolted again, causing him to yelp. This time, Apollo made the connection between beep and jolt. He didn't like it. His new owners were hurting him.

He ran back to the young one, yelping for his old place behind the glass wall.