A/N: I don't own star wars or any of the characters! Enjoy!! This is based off the Star Wars RPG campaign we've had running…THE ONLY CHARACTERS THAT ARE MINE ARE VAYA, MORIGANNA, AND ILLIANA…the others belong to the other players so no steal…

Star wars: Twilight of the old republic

Chapter 1:

It Begins

dream sequence

Two figures clad in Jedi robes, one in the traditional brown and the other clad in traditional Sith robes, fought fiercely. Their blue and red lightsaber's clashing. The female growled at the Sith lord she called her husband. "I can't believe you Candersus Nhil how could you?"

"That's easy Tavion I'm a Sith lord."

Again their lightsaber's clashed. "And what of our children?"

"They will be raised in the ways of the Sith and one day take my place on the throne." Candersus smirked as he kicked his wife away.

Tavion hit the ground hard. She looked at her husband then at her two daughters. "Vaya! Morrigona! RUN!" The two girls ran from the house just in time to see their father strike their mother down.

Morrigona ran and picked up her mothers lightsaber and faced her father. "You bastard" She spoke through clenched teeth.


Vaya awoke from her dream with a start. She wiped the blood from the top of her nose and swore softly in Sith not wanting to wake the girl up in the bunk next to her. However this wasn't the case.

A young red head groaned and sat up. "Vaya what's wrong?"

"That dream again"

"The one where your father kills your mother?"

"Yea Illiana, that one." Vaya sighed. "Sorry I woke you." Again Vaya wiped the blood from her face and sighed.

"If it was just a dream why is your scar bleeding?"

"Cuz Illiana it wasn't a dream my father really did kill my mother"

Illiana crossed to her friends bunk and sat on the edge of it. "I'm sorry Vaya."

Vaya shook her head. "Don't be sorry Illiana it's something all Sith live with the nightmares of their past."

Illiana looked at her friend. "You mean you're Sith?"

Vaya raised an eyebrow. "Yea I amMy father's a Sith lord."

"Does anyone know this?"

"Aside from the Jedi council, and now you no."

Illiana smiled. "Wow I feel important and special."

Vaya shook her head. "Then take you important and special ass back to bed before you get us in trouble."

Illiana smiled. "Well if you want you can talk to me about it." Illiana walked back to her bunk and covered up and laid down and was quickly back to sleep.

The suns rose early that morning and Vaya and Illiana were awakened roughly by Jedi Knight's. "Master Mar Del demands your presence in the conference room now get dressed and get over there."

Vaya growled as the two knights walked out of her room. "I want coffee before I go see his ugly ass."

"Don't be so mean to my master." Illiana pouted as she slipped into her cloths.

Vaya slipped her boots, modified combat gloves and jacket on then strapped her holsters to her thighs and put her blasters in them. She then picked up her mother's lightsaber and her's and put them on her belt. "I'm gonna go get coffee before I head in there care to come?"

Illiana smiled. "Sure could go for some hot coco."

Vaya and Illiana walked to the mess hall in silence. They got their drinks and headed to the conference room. Vaya leered when she saw the room had others in it. She groaned and swore in Sith before flopping down in a chair and putting her feet on the large black table and spoke flatly to Mar Del in Sith. "This better be worth dragging my ass outta bed this early."

Illiana looked at her. "What the hell did you just say?"

Mar Del turned his attention away from the holo-projector he'd been watching.

"Coffee before duty, Miss Vaya?" He picked up a data pad and walked over to the little girls. Between the two of them, only Illiana could decipher Master Mar Del's Kel Dor facial expressions. To Vaya, he always seemed to be in a grumpy mood. Oftentimes, he was, but mainly because of these two.

"If you can find a better way to get my gears runnin', I'd love to hear it." Vaya stretched, posing as if to say "What's it to you."

"So, why did you call for us, Master?" Illiana asked.

"The Jedi Council has been asked to assist in an Archeological dig on Dantooine. I've been assigned to ask as Investigator, and you two will be accompanying me as part of the Scouting party that will be formed on Dantooine."

"And this is important...why?" Vaya was already bored.

"The site is a supposed Sith Temple. A Professor with the Galactic History Society has encountered some snags he needs cleared."

"Sith, hmm?" Vaya became a bit more interested.

"I don't like grunt work!" Illiana huffed.

"Don't think of it as Grunt work, Illy..." Mar Del patted Illiana on the head, while Illiana fumed over her Masters use of that horrid pet name. "Think of it as a learning experience. Now, our shuttle for Dantooine leaves at noon. Have yourselves ready to leave by then or I'm sending Yoda after you."

"That's inhumane." Vaya narrowed her eyes.

"I'm not human." Mar Del mused.

Vaya growled and swore in Sith before speaking to Mar Del in it. "You'll pay fer thisAnd what of the others in this room?" Mar Del just looked at Vaya with a 'shut up' look on her face. Vaya sighed and stood. "Tell me again why I put up with you people?" Vaya turned and walked out of the room.

Illiana quickly followed Vaya out of the room. "Hey you meant the Jedi Council right?"

"No, Illy..." She punctuated the name. "I meant the other schuttas in robes that do nothing but sit on their asses and meditate!"

"Well...I guess Dantooine would be a nice change of pace..."


"I mean, it's not like we've done much else worthwhile..."

Vaya was silent. The little princess had a point. Ever since the Jedi Council had officially 'grounded' them for the little 'oops' on Corellia a month ago, they pretty much were retained within the Jedi Temple, except under Mar Del's watchful accompaniment. And it was no use to complain, as Mar Del would always finish the argument with how Vaya should be so lucky to have a home to go to like the Jedi Temple, when she was found only ten years earlier wandering the wastes of Korriban alone after the battle between the followers of Canderous Nhil and the Jedi Forces.

He'll get his...one of these days...when I return to Korriban, and reclaim what's mine...


"What?" Vaya turned to Illiana, who was sweat dropping.

"Um...I didn't have a chance to grab a blaster, can I use one of yours?"

Vaya's eyes narrowed. "You are hopeless."

Mar Del was surprised to find them both at the shuttle before him. "I suppose there's a first time for everything."

Vaya leered at him and spoke harshly in Sith. "Look its bad enough I have to give Illiana a blaster don't start with me or I'll rip your breath mask off and beat you with it."

He answered back in perfect Sithic diction. "It's rather small to be used as a blunt instrument."

Illiana looked at both of them, both hers and Vaya's luggage on Vaya's back like a pack mule. "You guys are talking funny talk."

"I don't care how big it is ok." Vaya growled then looked at Illiana. "It's the language of my home planet, ok? To them you talk funny."

Which doesn't necessarily require that she talk Sith. Mar Del mused. "Well, time's wasting." He motioned them to board the ship.


"What, Illy?"

"When you said, 'how big it is', were you talking about...?"

The shutting of the shuttles hatch mized with the sound of a suitcase whacking a former Alderon princess on the back of the head.

"No Illiana I wasn't referring to that geeze." Vaya whapped her in the back of the head again. Vaya froze as a person in a black cloak walked past them and boarded the ship. Why do they feel so familiar?

Mar Del glanced back as he ushered the girls to their seats, furrowing his Kel Dorian brow a moment.

"…It's not polite to stare…come, the ships about to start and I don't want to scrape you both off the far wall on take-off…"

Vaya shook her head. "Who was that?"

He glanced back again, and spied the distant, but noticeable insignia emblazoned on the shoulders.

"Mar Del?"

"It's no one, Vaya. Hurry and buckle up, we're about to leave."

Vaya growled and spoke in Sith as she buckled up. "I'm going to brain you with the butt end of my lightsaber in a minute. Answer me!"

"Black Flame." Mar Del whispered. "Bandits. Thieves. That sort."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Vaya leaned back and closed her eyes.

Dream Sequence

Lightsaber's clashed as Rhindar smirked. "Now Vaya you die!" He slashed hard as Vaya used force push against him. Rhindar's green saber blade came down across Vaya's face. Vaya growled and used the force to toss him across the room they were in.

Yoda hobbled in. "Much anger there is in you Vaya."

Vaya looked at him, her wound bleeding, and growled. "At least I didn't kill him like I want to master."

Yoda saw the wound and nodded. "Medical you go now."

Vaya bowed slightly. "Yes master…" Vaya left and went to medical.


Vaya jerked awake and looked around. "What the hell?"

Illiana set a hand on Vaya's shoulder. "Are you alright?"

Vaya nodded. "Yea I'm fine." Vaya folded her arms across her chest and grumbled in Sith. "Damn dreams need to stop."

Illiana looked at Vaya. "There you go talking all funny again! If you're going to speak, speak common please." Illiana pouted.

"Hey princess...oh wait that's right your cut off…" Vaya was abruptly cut short by a fist hitting the back of her head. "Ok that kinda hurt." Vaya let a little force lightning arc across her fingers.

Illiana stuck her tongue out at Vaya. "Keep picking on me and see what happens."

"Hit me again Illy and your toast."

"DAMN IT STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Illiana threw a fit in her seat before pouting.

Vaya couldn't help but laugh. Her nexu Keller laid at her feat and groaned slightly before sitting up and placing her head in Vaya's lap. "Yea girl I know she looks funny like that."

Illiana pet the rare black nexu. "Who's side are you on huh girl? I feed you as much as she does." Keller simply purred.

Vaya for the first time noticed there were other people in the cabin with her and Illiana. She noted a Wookie sitting in the back, a blue Tw'lick sitting by the window looking out it, a girl covered in grease fiddling with a busted part in her hand and in the very back a Zabrak and purple Tw'lick were bickering. Vaya spoke in Sith. "Who in the fuck are all these people?"

Illiana grumbled. "Can't understand you."

Vaya groaned. "Where did everyone come from?"

Illiana shook her head. "Hey you were asleep fer like two hours not my fault you missed the memo."

Vaya growled and spoke in Sith. "…bitch…"

"Look if you're just going to talk funny talk shut up…"

Vaya flicked Illiana in the earlobe. "Don't start."

The figure walked past their cabin and them and Vaya locked eyes for a minute. We'll meet soon Sith girl.

Who are you?

You'll find out soon enough Jedi.

We're all the same Sith Jedi all that's different is the side of the force we use. I use both. More dark then light though.

Oh so you're a fallen. Even better.

Mar Del tossed something at Vaya to break the stare. "Ignore me again and it's a week with Yoda for you."

"Sorry Mar Del…" Vaya watched the figure walk away and leered back at Mar Del. "What the hell did you throw at me it smells dead…"

Mar Del snorted and spoke to Vaya in Sith. "It was a pair of Illy's dirty undies…"

Vaya shuttered and spoke to Mar Del in Sith. "And just how did you get those…" Vaya's eyes got wide. "Wait I don't want to know…"

Mar Del just shook his head. "Enough of this we have important things to discuss. First introductions. This is Illiana, scar face over there is Vaya, the Wookie is Redblood, the blue Tw'lick is Aola, crowned princess of Pyloth, the greasy one is Kirin, the two in the back are Kliak, he's the Zabrack and the Tw'lick is Lyn Fortuna." Mar Del looked at the group. "You know why were here any questions?"

Vaya crossed her arms across her chest. "Yea why are there two princesses on this dig?"

Illiana crossed her arms. "My parents disowned me so yea not a princess by title only blood."

Aola simply scoffed. "My business is my own."

"OOOOOH big words from an over grown blue Mynok!" Vaya smirked a little seeing the princesses face drop.

"How dare you speak to her in such a manor you commoner." Lyn stopped her argument with the Zabrak to chide Vaya.

Vaya smirked. "Look don't make me come back there you won't like it."

Mar Del turned to Vaya, his brows furrowed in a disapproving manner. "Calm yourself Vaya."

"You guys brainwashed her! It's the Jedi's fault my father killed her!" Vaya growled and shouted in Sith at Mar Del as a bit of force lighting arced across her fingers and she clenched her fists.

"Your mother's actions were her own, Vaya." Mar Del kept his voice calm, speaking Sith folding his arms across his chest. "She came to the Order of her own will, and it was her own will that made her join the battalion that went to Korriban."

"Whatever my past is not what we're here to discuss so leave my Sith ass outta this." Vaya said in Sith. "Next person to say my mother was anything but a great Sith Mistress will meet their end at the end of her lightsaber." Vaya growled and cracked her neck.

Mar Del turned back to where he'd been looking, adding in Sith Dialect, "I seem to recall that it was you who started the subject…Princess."

Vaya growled speaking in Sith. "Whatever."

Illiana growled and threw a fit. "WILL YOU TWO STOP TALKING FUNNY TALK!"

Mar Del couldn't help but chuckle at that. He then patted his padowan on the head. "There, there Illy dear such out bursts are bad for your blood pressure."

Illiana glared at her master. "What? You and Vaya go off in fits of her funny talk and how do I know your not talking about me!"

"If we were talking about you Illy dear there would be much laughing involved."

Illiana glared at her master once again. "And just why does Vaya already have two lightsaber's and I have none?"

"She came with them. Have her ignite the one the blade is red."

Illiana looked at Vaya, who in turn smirked. "Is that true?"

Vaya stood and stepped away from the group and ignited her mothers Sith lightsaber. The red blade hummed. "Yes it's true it was my mothers."

Mar Del shook his head. "Ignite your mothers other saber now."

Vaya left the red one ignited and pulled her mothers other saber from her hip and ignited it. The blue blade hummed. Vaya smirked and twirled them around. "Happy now?"

Mar Del shook his head. "Stop showing off and sit down. You're on this dig because unlike them you can read, write, and speak Sith. Seeing how were going to be on a Sith temple site your knowledge of the Sith ways will be very useful, aside from that you're a skilled fighter and you know as well as I the dangers of such places."

Vaya disengaged her lightsaber's. "Why the hell is there a Sith temple on Dantooine? That's where the Jedi Enclave is."

"That's what we're here to find out."