A/N: Changed this song again, touched it up to be a bit better. The sound of it starts of slow, as you can tell by the periods and the elipses, but becomes a bit harder as it moves through, before going soft on the bridge, and the very end is screaming. (Empathy, my agony!!) Anyhow, enjoy.


Sulk away... Inside of your own head...
It's not... For me to understand you!
I'm quite aware I stand for nothing!
I feel it every day...

For you it might mean something!
Something to forget...
For us, it's harder than surviving!
I want to help you see...
Just... Help me..
Break free!!

Cryings old, it's harder to get by!
Bought and sold, and now we finally die!
I can strive, to live for something!
You can fade away!

For me it might do nothing!
Nothing to regret!
For us it's more than simply living!
I want to make you see!
Just save me!

I can live without the hurting!
I can scream away, the pain!
You can go and live for nothing!
Take with you your hate!
Spare me all your selfish crying!
Spare me your dead weight!!

Crawl away... Send flowers when I'm dead...
It... Won't help to comprehend you...
I can try to stop the bleeding...
But the stains, won't go away...

Empathy, my agony...
Fill ourselves, with useless sympathy!
Broken, but I don't need your pity!
Underneath it, apathy!!

I'm sorry I cared!
(Dead and gone is sympathy!)
I'm so sorry I cared!!
(Empathy my agony!!)
Sorry I cared.

A/N: Alright, that one is definitely a softer for me, especially due to present circumstances. I decided to maybe make things a bit different; To hopefully pave the way for some better stuff. Drop your thoughts, and hopefully give me some good feedback. I want to know which I'm better with, harder stuff, or softer. It might help me get some new songs up, at least I hope. So long for now!