If love's the answer,

please create another question.

Too long I've passed young lovers

locked together in a bittersweet session.

Last week they were kissing,

and last week they traded hugs

but this week they can't take it

as each other they do bug.

Love stories don't always work out

just look at Juliet and Romeo.

Don't listen to Disney,

things often turn out full of woe.

I don't have time to deal with this,

got problems enough without this nonsense.

I'm not as foolish as you think,

I won't reduce myself to this silly pretence.

So exchange your little praises,

coo and purr to one another.
Go ahead and trade lies of harmony,

go ahead and deceive each other.

I refuse to be a part of it

on this starlit, star-crossed night

'cause you're playing games with me

and it just doesn't seem right.