Cry of The Blackbirds

Prologue: The Journal of Amelia Rosenthorne


The black clouds continue to roll in from the hills. Father predicts something terrible is bound to happen for the sudden illness of grandfather, though it is good to reflect on the times that have been shared throughout many years. If the slayers are correct, these creatures that have been attacking our quaint village are vampires, and many have been removed from the village, taken elsewhere. Nobody is sure where, however. I just hope grandfather will prove to be fine.


Again, the village had been attacked. However, I am now separated by my family. The 'lord' wishes my company, and I was advised I should join him. My family will come for me…I know they will…though will it be too late…? I know I must not think of such things, though I cannot help but think their efforts would be for naught. If this is to be my final entry, so be it. I do not know what tonight will bring me, but I can sense it will not be good. I must now join the 'lord'…


It has been a few days since, though I am not the young girl I once was, but now one of them…having taken my first kill, though it as exhilarating, it felt wrong…the lord has made me his bride, I am to marry him tomorrow…him with many of the other virgins he has claimed…many of the virgins were friends I knew…I must sleep, for daylight is approaching fast…


it was almost enough to make one cry…the day of my wedding, is when the village with the skilled slayers decides to crash the whole arrangement. As mad as I was, I killed my mother…endless slaughter was everywhere…bodies strewn all over the place…blood covered the once moonlight green grass, death of every slayer and vampire, except for me…I am the last one standing…now these are to be my final words before I myself go to sleep…I shall sleep for as long as I need…I know when I awake, I must bring the vampire name back to existence…and I shall do so…not in spite for how long it took to rescue me, not for my lord, but for myself…goodbye, and god-speed to whomever reads this journal…