Cry of The Blackbirds

Chapter Two: The Day After

Jayda woke up with a groan, shifting about in her bed, arm reaching for the radio to shut it off, though a peculiar notice was placed on the news. Jayda reluctantly went along and heard it.

"…reports indicate Jennifer Wayne and Robert Anderson have been reported missing since yesterday morning. Nothing has been found on where they may be. And in other new-…" Jayda shut it off with a sigh, getting up from her current prone position on the bed. Throwing on a basic red top, she logged onto her computer, brushing her hair from her face as she typed in her password. Noticing a little gift box on her nightstand, she strolled over to pick it up. The gift appeared to be addressed to Jayda, which caused her to frown. A gift my parents forgot to give me? She thought, opening the gift. Inside was a chocker made out of fine leather material, a jet-black jewel at the centre. Hurrying to the bathroom, she would look in the mirror, gasping in surprise. It looked absolutely beautiful on her; she was amazed. But who could have given this to me? She thought again, hurrying to her computer. Checking her friends who were at the party that night, she asked if they had given her this specific gift. To her dismay, nobody had. Thus deciding to call Richard and see if he had any idea on who had given her such a stunning gift. It was a short period of time before someone picked up the phone. Luckily, it was Richard.
"Ung…yeah…?" He'd ask, sounding quite groggy.

"Hey, Richard." Jayda smiled.

"Oh hey, Hun…why are you calling so early…?"

"I'm just wondering who got me this choker. It's absolutely beautiful." Sitting up in his bed, he'd frown as though in thought.

"Did you ask around?"

"Yep. Either mom, dad, or Xav got it for me. I really have no clue. One more thing…Sherry, Gina, and I were going to see Doomsday practice. Wanna tag along?" He'd shake his head.

"I'd accept your invitation if I didn't have to return to high school to get a single, measly credit. One credit away from graduating!" He'd complain, shaking his head as she'd giggle.

"Okay. We're going to go see them practice at noon. They might play old favorites like Disciples of The Watch, or Into the Pit." Richard made a childish noise.
"Dammit…! Stop boasting…please…!" He was starting to sound annoyed, though annoyed in a manner that he was left open for playful mockery.

"Okay then. See you, Hun." She'd hang up, getting dressed in a long sleeved fishnet shirt which appeared to be torn in a few places, and an oversized Doomsday shirt Xavier had gotten her for her birthday. It looked to be the skull of the demonic animal head used as their logo, though in the background was two marble pillars and a desolate wasteland from a massive explosion of some kind. It was the cover art of their new album Forbidden Prophecy. Throwing on her socks, jeans and her new pair of boots she got from her father who was Master Sergeant on the military base. He was apart of the 'GHOST' program which was still in progress. It'd be years before it'd be completed. The have the some of the weaponry developed (he being the first to test the brand new MR-C with the gun camera attachment), but need to finish the technology.

Meeting up at the concert hall with Sherry and Gina; Sherry was a thin, shorthaired girl who was wore 'dark' clothing considered trampy, mainly mini-skirts and spaghetti strap tops with various metal bands on the front. She was one of those Goths that was big into the theory of vampires. Gina was also thin, though quite a 'laid-back' kind of girl. Sure, she loved the head-banging beats of the metal, but she was also into a very select library of techno. Her common attire was a grey t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and her dusty-brown 'skate' shoes.

Approaching her friends, she'd smile, giving them the formal 'Hello.' as a greeting.

"Hey, Jayda." The other two would greet.

"So…are we ready?" Jayda asked, receiving two nods. "Alright. Let's go! And Sherry, I know how much you want to, but no hitting on Xav. Okay…?" Sherry groaned annoyingly.

"I can't help it, Jayda. He's just…so hot." Both Jayda and Gina rolled their eyes once they all stepped inside. They made it to the concert area, and there was Doomsday practicing a song from their first album which was a quick favorite to the citizens of Cypress.
Poor Richard…missing out on his favorite song. Jayda thought as the bald guitarist Greg Frizzel and Xavier were head-banging while they played Trail by Fire. The bassist/vocalist, Travis Louche ('e' is silent), shouted the lyrics wonderfully, lightly head-banging within the intervals between lyrics, though would ferociously head-bang whenever he need not shout the lyrics again, and the drummer Oleg Josefson (a dear friend of Xavier's) pounded the drums rhythmically, looking as though really getting into the song. They ended the tune; the three girls had cheered. Travis only nodded gently.
"Thanks, girls. Hey, guys…? How about we give these girls an early preview of a new tune that will most assuring end up on Forbidden Prophecy?" Xavier and Greg nodded once Xavier splashed himself with the small bit of water left in his water bottle. Brushing back his long black hair, and straightening out his beard, though looked more like a goatee.
"Which one will we be doing?" Oleg stood up to ask, Norwegian accent evident, stroking his mustache.

"Careful What You Wish For. Alright, from the top!" Jayda smiled up to the stage, as well did Sherry and Gina. Oleg nodded lightly as he hit the closed symbols. After the eighth hit, both Greg and Xavier kicked in with the roar of their guitars, seeming to rock back and forth as their heads thrashed lightly along. Oleg began pounding the drums at about the 15th hit, the drums soon began to sound more rhythmical. Travis tuned in with his bass, nodding gently whilst they played. The three girls enjoyed the tune, either jumping around, hands in the air, some inspiration for Doomsday to do better. Surely this was a song both the new-age and old-age metal-heads would enjoy. It was somewhat fast paced, with that vintage jump that sounded from the guitars. The three girls almost immediately cheered by the pluck of the last few strings once the song finished. Nodding, Travis began saying a few of his thanks to the girls.

Deciding it was time for lunch, all had retreated to the green room except for Xavier, who was going to take a while putting his gear away for now, and apparently Sherry. Approaching him, she hesitated briefly, a shiver in her barely audible sigh.

"Um…Xavier…?" She'd ask softly, Xavier turned around almost in an instant.
"Sherry! Shouldn't you be off with the others?" Shaking her head gently, she stepped forward to him.

"I know, but…I can't stand it anymore, Xavier, I…" Raising a brow, he moved forward, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"You what, Sherry…?" He'd ask, leaning his head closer. At the risk of friendship with Xavier, she literally threw her lips up to him in a kiss. Widening his eyes, he wondered what she was doing, but realized the signs from many years past ever since Sherry was a young teenager about 14. Shutting his eyes, he'd make his grip on her slightly tighter, pressing his lips further to hers. Departing the kiss with a bright blush, she'd nibble on her bottom lip gently as he smiled in content, softly taking off her top. She'd release a small giggle before they continued their passion.

Meanwhile in the green room, all had decided if Xavier and Sherry were not with them to be biased in the decision on what to have for lunch, tough luck. Jayda had soon received a call from her cell; it was one she was going to regret receiving.

"Hello?" She'd ask.

"Hello, Jayda…" It was Richard's mother. Was she crying?

"Oh hello, Mrs. Schmidt. What's wrong?"

"It's Richard…he was hit by a car on his way to the music shop…the hospital called and told me it would be a hell of a miracle if he were to survive…I'm sorry you had to hear this, Jayda…" Hanging up with a final sob, Richard's mother left the phone. Jayda sat there, listening to the receiver, heart shattered into nearly a million pieces. She could not believe it. It happened so suddenly. As tears began to well up in her eyes, Gina raised a brow, leaning forward.

"Who was it, Jayda?" Jayda shifted her gaze from the blank spot on the wall to Gina before curling her knees to her chest, beginning to sob heavily. "Come on, Jayda…tell me. Who was on the phone…?" Jayda swung her arm out in depressed anger.

"NO! Just leave me alone!!" She hurried out of the green room, her crying never seeing its end.

"Jayda!" Gina shouted as she got up, rushing off toward Jayda. "Jayda, stop! We're your friends!" Gina caught up to her and held her as Jayda began to throw a bit of a fit. Calming her down with a hug, Gina slinked down to her knees as Jayda fell to her own. "Jayda…? Who was on the phone…?" Sniffling, Jayda looked up to Gina and replied, shaking.

"Richard's mom…sniff She…she told me he was hit by a car… and… he's…he's not going to live…" Gina stood, looking toward the others; Xavier and Sherry recently joined them.

"Come on, guys. Let's go back to the green room and let Jayda mourn." The others left, Gina knelt to Jayda, rubbing her back. "We'll be in the green room if you need us, Jayda. Okay…?" Jayda nodded, hands covering her eyes. As she wept, a familiar being approached silently, placing yet another gift before Jayda and retreated almost instantly. Jayda looked up from her tear-stained face, picking up the gift, looking up and around for anyone, seeing the majestic flow of a dress. Though where she had seen the dress flow, there wasn't anyone to be seen.

Who keeps giving me these gifts? Her thoughts ran, leaving to the green room. The figure stepped out from the shadows as Jayda left, running her tongue along her lips in hunger.

"I vow to take your life, love…we shall be together…" She'd grin, hiding once again until dusk.