Genie & Andy

Andy was your typical punk, while Genie was your typical goody two-shoes, and they were your typical pair. They were attached at the hip, but they never were seen just they two, they were always in a group or with at least one other person. It seemed odd, how no matter what they were always not only together but also in a group. But most people took no notice to it. It's not odd to conglomerate after all. Genie had blonde wavy hair that went down to her shoulders, and she usually wore blue flower-print clothes, often likewise dresses with hearts entwined somehow in their design. Meanwhile Andy had short blonde hair that was short and shaved underneath where it grew in mysteriously black. She wore reds and blacks and fishnets and boots. If that wasn't enough description for you, you're wanting too much from this story.
Yes, though always together they were never alone, until one day. Which is how these things always go. One lovely Sunday evening right after church of all times Genie was standing a few houses down from the church she attended, meandering while waiting for her parents to get done chatting away with the other church attendees. It was on this meander adventure Genie spotted Andy, who stood not far away, talking on her cell phone to presumably her mother. Genie simply watched Andy until the other girl said good bye and hung up her cell phone. For it was then that Andy looked up and saw Genie standing there staring at her. With no other idea what to do, Genie leaned forward, grabbed both of Andy's arms just above her elbows and planted a kiss upon her. For seemingly no reason.
And then it all became clear.
And then Andy and Genie were seen together quite often, in fact they were connected at the hip.
No matter who was—or wasn't—around.