In the early days of time when the people of Earth worshipped numerous gods, there was one that stood above all in modern mythology. The angel called Plotheris was said to give to five people a great gift of power, against the wishes of God. It was also said that when he gave this power, he was thrown from the heavens to live his life out upon the Earth forevermore, never allowed to return to the heavens unless his work proved to do some good.

This gift was five powerful lockets that when worn, gave the wearer the power to transform into a certain animal. These five all changed into a different creature, which had been determined by Plotheris when he had created them. The five used their gifts to protect people, and were eventually called the Anima-Kupare, but they were eventually killed and buried in tombs hidden all over the world.

Now, however, one of the tombs has been found, and the search for the other four will soon begin, but are the people finding them really thinking about the common good, or are they merely helping usher in a new age of darknessā€¦