When the world stops spinning and you can't move on

When your heart stops beating and you don't want to hold on

When your friends have all left you

And strangers aren't there to neither judge nor care

When rumours have made their mark so deep

They are starting to draw blood

When the lies and backstabbing has got so painful

It takes all your effort to get back onto your feet

When friends aren't worth their weight in tears

And enemies seem to take less notice of your flaws

When family and friends seem up against you

And you keep falling on your face.

When the feeling of abandonment

Leaves you at home on a Friday and Saturday night

When the feeling of hatred makes it hard to wake up each new morn

And sleep each night

When you're terrified of your dreams

And no one can rescue you from your nightmares

When the bed you found so warm is cold with restless nights

When the world is fighting you

And your friends aren't helping

When your family are hurting you

And your friends are there against you

When you have no one to turn to when you're in need of a hug

And when you're crying and need a friend to talk to

When there is only one person in the world that stops the pain

When there is only one person that takes away the hurt

When that person wipes away your tears

And helps you to move on

When there is only one person you wake up for each day

And the one you dream of each night to stop yourself from screaming

The one who hold your hands when you're shaking

The one that makes you feel better though the rest of your world is crumbling

The one who helps put your life back together

But includes themselves

Then you have found the one you want to be with for the rest of your life.