Can you hear it?
Or is it that feeble
that your ears can't pick up the faint tremor of my heart beating?

I can still hear yours
the pounding in my ears
of the angelic noise
I so love to hear.

Can you see it?
Or is my body losing shape and image
losing all imprint of myself that your eyes ever saw?

I can still see you
the vision in my eyes
of the angel in my dreams
I so love to see.

Can you smell it?
Or is the perfume too faint
that you can't pick up the perfume of my skin?

I can still smell you
the sweet scent of cologne on your skin
so heavenly
I so love to smell.

Can you taste it?
Or is the sensation that casual to you
that you can't taste another's flesh?

I can still taste you
the flavor in my mouth
of your body
I so love to taste.

Can you feel it?
Or is it that meaningless
that you've forgotten the sensation?

I haven't forgotten.
I still feel you,
your heart beating with mine,
your eyes locked on mine,
your scent mingling with mine,
the taste of your lips on mine,
your hand caressing mine.

I haven't forgotten you.