A Kiss of Darkness

Chapter 1

The music drifted down the street, catching Alexander's attention. Where there was music, there were people. And where there were people, there was blood. He turned the corner and proceeded towards the large building.


"Hey Alianna!" The dark-haired girl in question turned just in time to move out of the path of a drunken man on his way to the DJ, then looked around before finally finding who had called her name.

Making a disgusted face at the three people kissing and grinding against the wall to her right, she made her way through the river of sweaty bodies, finding her friend. "Hey Shana, did you get them?!" She asked, shouting over the music as it switched to an even louder earsplitting song.

Shana swung her hips to the song while smiling and nodded, handing Alianna a glass full of a foul smelling, thick, brown liquid. "Here!"

"What is this?" Alianna said, staring at it, her face scrunched in utter revulsion.

"I'm not sure, but that guy over there suggested it." She said, pointing to a man standing near the door. He would have been cute, had he not had extremely bloodshot eyes and been covered in what Alianna could only hope was water. The guys around him suddenly shouted loudly and the man tipped back his head and took a big gulp of beer, spilling it all over himself in the process. Obviously, it wasn't water.

Alianna smiled and shook her head. "That is so gross…"

"Aw, come on! Just drink it! Live a little!" The blonde took a sip of the drink before coughing. "Holy hell!" She laughed again then looked over Alianna shoulder. "Hey Regina!"

"You're not supposed to be drinking!" Regina yelled, snatching Alianna and Shana's drinks.

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me, but you're the one that got us the fake Ids to come here!" There wasn't really any reason to keep their voices down; everyone was caught up in their own little world, which seemed to consist only of drinking and attempting to have sex with a full set of clothes on.

"Yeah, well, this will be the last time I do that then! Anyway, have you seen Shawn anywhere?!"

"No!" Shana yelled, while Alianna shook her head.

Regina sighed, closing her eyes. Then Shana decided to piss her off by saying, "He's probably off having sex with some chick, everyone knows he's a-!"

"Don't you dare start with that again!"

"Well, excuse me for being honest!"

"Just because he said no to you!"

Alianna took a step back before interrupting their bickering, "I'm gonna go get some fresh air in the hall!" She yelled, attempting to be heard over the music. Neither girl paid her any attention, so she turned and walked out into the entrance.

It was much too crowded on the dance floor. The owners had had to change locations every few weeks, always getting into trouble with the cops for "disturbing the peace". The last place had been slightly bigger but after being threatened to be thrown in jail, they had decided to find smaller, more secluded areas to open their clubs.

This week they held it in an old abandoned ballroom, but with the elevators not in operation and the stairs half burned down in a fire, they only had one floor.

The dance floor had been decorated with cheap black curtains that hung limply from the walls and the windows were boarded up. Somehow, they thought that that would keep all the noise from escaping…

The entrance hall didn't seem like much of a hall now. The walls were black, but from the fire that had taken place a few years before, instead of from the curtains. There were long tables filled with cheap snacks and beers and whatever other alcoholic drinks the owners seemed to have created.

Alianna sat at one of the velvet benches – one of the only things that survived the burning flames and thought of her friends on the dance floor. She was suddenly stricken with envy at how stunning they were. Shana was beautiful with her short blonde hair and chocolate eyes, but she wasn't always the smartest when she was around alcohol. Though, she really couldn't help but envy her friend. She'd always been gorgeous, even when she was young, and as the two grew up together, Shana was never without a boyfriend. But, who could resists a curvy blonde?

And Regina. She was a tall redhead with muddy brown eyes, slightly not a curvy as Shana but just as beautiful. She had lived in New Jersey for most of her life but her mother had decided to visit her Germany to let Regina get to know her grandparents. A year or so later, they came back but apparently, her mother was sick of their town and instead had moved next door to Shana and the two had become best friends.

By middle school, all three had been good friends, but Regina had soon gone to college, being a few years older than the both of them.

They still kept up a good friendship and Regina had been the one that had given them the fake Ids to get into the party – not like anyone checked them.

The door to the dance floor opened and Alianna opened one eye, spotted Shana and got up, stretching. "What are you doing out here?" Shana asked, slightly slurring her words. It seemed like the alcohol was finally beginning to affect her.

"Trying to relax." She replied. There was no reason to yell anymore, the scorched doors worked well at keeping the noise in the hall to a minimum.

"Well, that's not-." The blonde stopped dead mid-sentence, her eyes suddenly straight past Alianna.

Alianna turned, following Shana's gaze. "Wha-?" She started but froze completely, seeing whom Shana was staring at.

A dark-haired man had entered the building. He wore a long black trench coat, hiding most of his body, but even that couldn't seem to hide his muscle. He was definitely well built, but not in the body-builder sort of way, however Alianna could almost sense a strange strength in him. Almost like he was stronger than he looked… Much stronger… He was very handsome, but the thing that got to her was his eyes. They were the strangest shade of icy blue and held such strong power it was almost overwhelming. Then he noticed them staring at him and he turned his head to look back at them.

Shana was the first to regain her composure and squealed, snapping Alianna back to the real world. "Oh my-… He is so hot!" She yelled, not bothering to keep her voice down.

Alianna looked away from the man, still shocked at how handsome the man was… And his eyes; they were unlike anything she had ever seen. It was almost as though they could see right into her soul…

"I call him!" Shana suddenly shouted, giggling uncontrollably.

"Alright…" Alianna said softly, looking back at the man but he was no longer paying them any attention. Instead, he was looking out the doors at the darkness as if spellbound by it.

Shana brushed right past her, walking towards the man. Alianna merely turned around and went back into the ballroom, looking around for Regina, or at least Shawn. After only a few seconds of looking, she found Shawn who was surrounded by a group of drunks; laughing about she was sure wasn't actually funny. "Hey!" She yelled to get his attention.

He turned to face her. One look at her and he seemed to deem her unworthy because he merely turned away from her. He always was a jerk, but a hot one at that, just another reason for Alianna to be jealous of her two best friends.

She began to open her mouth to snap at him but was cut off by Regina who came stomping over, practically out of nowhere. "There you are!" She shouted, pushing past a group of blondes that seemed to be on the verge of an orgy. Shawn whipped around, his eyes wide with surprise. "I have been looking for you everywhere! You were supposed to meet me out front! Were you with Kari again? I told you-!"

Alianna quickly backed away as Regina became more and more hysterical; it was best not to bother her when she got like this.

There weren't many other options of where to go now, at least not in the ballroom. And with Shana off flirting and Regina currently screaming her head off, she had no one to talk to either.

She sighed, brushing a lock of jet-black hair behind her ear before walking out into the entrance hall. Shana was no longer there and neither was that man. Not that it was a big surprise. There was always some new man in Shana's life but still, why would she just leave Alianna alone without a car nor a license and there was no way she could call her mother for help. That was definitely not an option.

Making one last round across the hall to make sure she hadn't missed anything, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed Shana's number. After the first four rings the blonde's familiar voice answered. "Hey!" Alianna was about to ask where she had gone, but Shana's voice cut her off not even a second later. "You've reached Shana! Leave a message!"

Alianna swore and hung up; looking around once more, as if the first hundred times she had weren't enough. Perhaps she could go for a quick walk to pass the time… Making up her mind quickly, she opened the front doors, welcoming the soft, warm breeze that rushed to greet her.

She contemplated looking for Shana by circling the building; she couldn't have gone too far. But before she could even get two feet she ran straight into someone, barely keeping her balance. For a second she felt angry, but when she saw whom she had run into it was replaced by something close to intimidation.

It was the man from before, she realized, looking up at him. He was tall, at least 6'1", whereas she was only 5'4". Icy blue eyes gazed down at her under straight brows, his strong jaw clenched with something like apprehension. Up close, she saw that his skin was unusually pale, but otherwise unflawed. Alianna suddenly had the impression that he was like a porcelain doll. A very hot porcelain doll, that is.

Realizing what she was thinking, she blushed and mentally slapped herself. Well, it wasn't like he could read her thoughts or anything… But as she looked up at him, for a fraction of a second, she thought she saw a glimmer of amusement in his eyes. As if he could actually hear the unspoken conflict within her. It suddenly seemed like nothing was impossible for him.

She opened her mouth to say something, maybe to apologize, she wasn't sure, but nothing came out. After what seemed to be hours, though it had to have only been a few seconds, he turned away from her, obviously bored. His steps were smooth and controlled and Alianna couldn't help but stare at his retreating form; the way he moved, his eyes, his pure… beauty was ethereal.

Then the light flicked on in her brain. He had been the last person she saw with Shana. Maybe he knew where she was… "Wait!" She shouted, running after him. He stopped and turned to look back at her, seemingly irritated that she was bothering him again. She stopped in front of him, amazed at how fast he could move. "That girl that you were with earlier… Did you happen to see where she went? See, she's my friend, Shana, and she's gone now, and she's kind of my ride home… I don't know if she talked to you or not… Um…" It was unnerving how intimidating he was and she almost lost her place. "Maybe you don't… Maybe she didn't… Um…" Heat rose in her cheeks as she realized how stupid she sounded when she babbled. "I'm sorry, I… I sure you probably don't know where she is…" Then she turned and began walking away but was stopped by his voice.

"I know where she is…" Her heart skipped a beat when he spoke and she turned around, her cheeks becoming redder with every word he said. His voice was as smooth as his movements and very masculine with a slight accent to it, though she couldn't place where it might have originated. She could barely think at all, actually.

She took a deep breath to calm herself and said softly, "Oh… Where?"

"I'll take you to her…" It was barely above a whisper and she felt a shiver run down her spine at the sheer power in his voice. She nodded and took a hesitant step towards him. For the first time he smiled, no, it was more of a smirk. He turned his back on her, stepping out of the light from the doors of the building. Alianna bit her lip and followed, her heart pounding with each step.


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