Author's Note

Ok, I can't write this story anymore. Every time I try, I realize how much it sucks and I just want to change every last thing in it. So that's what I'm doing. I wrote the first two chapters of the rewrite and renamed it Crave. It's kinda sorta the same story, just written A LOT better, with some different ideas and a different beginning. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with it, but I just can't write this crap anymore. I tried and tried and tried but I just wanted to do it over. Hopefully you aren't all super pissed at me. I promise Crave will be a lot better. And hopefully I'll update it often since I love new projects. The first two chapters should be up either today or tomorrow once I read them over.

Thank you all for being such lovely readers and writing so many amazing reviews. If my story didn't suck so much, they would have kept me going. I hope to have as many (or more) reviews for Crave as I did for this one.

Thank you all again,

Sahara (a.k.a Moonlitpromise)