Ripped away

The greatest things in life,

are always taken from us.

As if we are not good enough for them.

They have to be somewhere pure, somewhere better.

But what if, what if, they don't want to leave.

What if they want to stay and save us.

One of the greatest things in life is a person.

Just that one person.

The one that is kind, thoughtful, never thinks of themselves.

The kind of person that you wouldn't expect to be this way.

They have seen so much in their lives, too much.

They have every reason to be bitter, angry, resentful.

But they aren't.

Their the farthest thing from it.

That's what makes them great.

The fact that they can be respectful, and most of all loving.

The "8th world wonder"

That is what these people are considered.

Maybe that's why we always,

always seem to lose them in the end.

They are so perfect, so gentle,

the thing above all to be cherished.

Not enough people cherish them.

Perhaps, perhaps that is the reason they are taken,

taken from the few who do.

For some power un- known to us,

thinks, thinks that they should be somewhere,

somewhere better.

So they can watch over, those left down here.

Yes, that's it, so they can watch over us.

But still, you want them here,

can't they take care of me here?

The greatest thing in our life,

The "8th world wonder."