I'm sitting in Florida

(it's spring break)

and all I can think about

it the open Diet Coke

half drank

sitting beside my bed

at home

it's warm by now

and just sitting there


I could put it in the fridge

then drink it

or just poor it with ice

I can't seem to think about

the warm sun or how lucky I am

or the fact that there's blood

staining my computer

and the back of belt

which is why

there's blood in general

I wonder why

I left the Diet Coke open in the first place

I should've just drank it all

instead of wasting it

the mouse is red now

so is the space bar and the g,h,b,and n keys are too

I should probably get a band aide

or something

I'm trying (hard)

not to wake up my dad

he's right beside me

but drippings never seemed

that loud

and neither has my breath

which is kind of fast

my hands are shaking

I need caffeine

to calm me down

I wish I'd finished

that Diet Coke

that's all I can think about

the Diet Coke

it's just sitting there

between my lamp

and my knife

but I'm in Florida

and my wrist is bleeding

and the studs on my belt

have blood on it

from me

all me

I left the Diet Coke.

and that's all I can think

but my breath sounds fast

and my dad can't hear the dripping blood

and I can't remember


I forgot how to be


I really should call someone

about that

Diet Coke.