Hazel Eyes

I am typing on this keyboard.
Punching out words
(oh words, words WORDS!)
like a master pianist on her keys.

Swift and fast and true
my fingers fly-
writing the passion that I
feel when your hazel eyes
rest on me.

Oh hazel eyes,
blow my mind-
to help me reach those stars
I cannot find-
that I just can't find.

Who would care
for the blue the brown the black the gray?
I want rainbows and sparkles smiling back at me all the time

Oh but it hurts-oh it hurts
to look in such distant eyes
seeing the prizethat lies behind me.

Fingers still racing-
my head is flowing to the rhythm of my hands.
How they ache to flee
and touch your faceā€¦

Yet I know you don't see me behind your eyelids-
those carefully guarded eyes.

The lashes more like spears.