Lyrics are from a super fabulous song by Eurythmics – I saved the world again today (this song also reminds me of Holden…is that sad?)

Monday finds you like a bomb
That's been left there ticking there too long
You're bleeding
Some days there's nothing left to learn
From the point of no return
You're leaving

Hey hey I saved the world today
Everybody's happy now
The bad things gone away
And everybody's happy now
The good thing's here to stay
Please let it stay

There's a million mouths to feed
And I've got everything I need
I'm breathing
And there's a hurting thing inside
But I've got everything to hide
I'm grieving

It's hard to be intimidated by a man in pointed boots and really tight drainpipe jeans. The other one however, in his all black suit and sunglasses, he's managing it quite well – but that could just be because he is the leader of the underworld council. That's always an easy way to make a lasting impression.

Adam Jackson Hoshiki on the other hand, looks like, well…something that has crawled right from the pages of NME and sat himself at the bottom of my bed. His pale porcelain face is surrounded messy black hair and these bright green eyes that are surrounded with smudgy eyeliner and glitter. He's gorgeous in an odd sort if way, with a feminine charm. But he is, breathtaking really. His tight red t-shirt, that's slightly hidden beneath a black leather jacket, is shaped to his slender figure and his black jeans look almost painted on they are so tight. He has a pair of pointed boots on his feet and a studded belt hangs off his slender waist. His pale, feminine hands end in blunt red painted nails.

I finally tear my eyes away from him and sit up slowly, running my hand through my tangled red hair.

"Gentlemen," I speak finally, trying very hard to keep my voice steady. I'm not scared, far from it. I don't get scared; I'm simply curious and unsure as to why these two powerful vampires have decided to visit me. "What can I do for you?" I ask, moving to get out of bed before I realise I'm not dressed.

"I'm glad we found you, your friend wasn't exactly forthcoming on your whereabouts," Hoshiki says smoothly, removing his glasses and glancing around my room cynically. I tense slightly, realising this must be the man Amy spoke of. I could feel my wings growing slightly out of my back so I settle for stretching and clambering out of bed.

"I'm sure you will forgive my attire, but it is night time," I mutter and pull on my ripped tattered jeans. I walk calmly out of the room showing the two of them into the living room. They sit down and Adam smiles, tilting his head slightly as his eyes travel over my bare chest. His eyes focus on my tattoo of a phoenix for a fleeting second before he lights a cigarette calmly. He offers me one and I take it, turning to look at Hoshiki as he clears his throat.

"I do apologise for our sudden arrival, but I have an urgent job for you Mr May," He says, smirking on the word mister. I don't comment, but I'm slowly growing angrier. Up himself son of a gun, just because he's got a bit of power thinks he can speak to me like that? "As you know I announced my heir, Adam here and as I'm sure you have heard not everyone is happy, my other offspring, a few upstart werewolves," Adam exhales slowly, the smoke furling around his face as I turn to look at him.

"I don't possibly know why," he murmurs, brushing some invisible dirt of his pants. I watch his hand slide up his thigh. Oh my god. "Up themselves twats they are," He laughs, his accent portraying his London heritage and I blink.

"That's why I need you. You're going to be helping him…remove a few inconvenient people. I've picked you because you are good, and not biased, you'll work for anyone. Your also damn trustworthy I'm told but I also trust the large sum of money will help. We'll need to work out the finer facts; Adam may need to stay with you, which is why the arrangements must be finalised. The deaths must not in any way link back to him. Recently politics has become a lot more…dirty. But I must ask you, are you willing to take this job?" He slides a cheque towards me as I stub out my cigarette.

"For that much, I'd kill my own mother," I say lightly, staring at all the zeros. I don't specify that after the two days I've just spent with her, I'd probably do that for free. I hold out my hand, "You have a deal Mr Hoshiki. Contact me tomorrow night with your contract,"

He smiles baring his fangs and I feel my wings twitch with nerves. Not that I'm scared of him, just I have a bad feeling about this job. I squish down my gut reaction and nod.

"Till tomorrow," He says standing and leaving, Adam strutting behind.

I sink down onto the sofa as the flat door clicks.

This really feels like a bad fucking idea.

I'm perfectly aware that by taking on this job, my life is about to be a lot more…nocturnal.

I sit down, and light another cigarette, staring at the amount in front of me. I feel like I've just sold my soul, and I don't even know what this job will entail. But something tells me that not agreeing to the job would have caused a hell of a lot more trouble than accepting it. Plus anything that lets me spend a bit more time with someone as sexy as Adam, well, it's a definite bonus.

I curse, these are bad thoughts, sure he's pretty, but he's the vampire heir to the council and if I'm honest he seems to be just a pretty face if you get my drift.

I inhale deeply and watch the sun as it begins to cast orange beams across my face. The light is soft and warm, casting a pale pink edge to the clouds.

But I've never really been into that whole staring at the sun rise shit to be honest, so I pull the curtains shut and head back into my room to get some more sleep.

I wake up a few hours later, my head pounding and my body aching. I sigh, heaving myself up from my warm bed and wandering into the bathroom and take a tablet and I'm good to go for the morning. Well afternoon as it appears to be now.

Amy has a cup of coffee on the counter for me and I sip it, the bitter liquid burning down my throat. I sit next to her and scratch the tattoo behind my ear. A few years ago I had a brief thing with a tattoo artist, so the reason I have the goddamn things decorating my body is because I got them free.

A phoenix on my chest, over my heart, the outline of a star behind my ear and oddly enough a faerie on my hand, that was for Amy really. She wanted it, but wimped out, so I did it for her.

Better than getting her name tattooed on me, I always thought that was just…weird.

"I think I should finish him, you know?" Amy speaks and I grunt to show her I'm listening. "He's just not really my type, I mean, I think I love him, but how can I be sure he's the one?"

That right there is the reason why Amy gets through more boyfriends in a year than ordinary people do in their lives.

"Amy, how do you know he isn't the one if you finish him?" I ask her smoothly, raising an eyebrow at her and she frowns. I smile at her, she's obviously really thinking this through.

"No," she stays stubbornly, beckoning over my traitorous cat that jumps into her lap without a glance at me, and starts purring. I narrow my eyes at it and it looks smug as she rubs its ears. "When you meet the one, you just know it, and you have to do anything to be with them, even if it's stupid or puts you in danger you just have to. I don't have that with him..." she looks at me, a soft smile on her face and a silence falls across us, broken by the sound of Mittens gentle purr and the noise from the road. I run the words through my head.

"You have to do anything to be with them…you just know it,"

"You talk some bullshit Amy. That romantic shit, one true love and all that, it's for Disney and Hollywood." I say into the silence and she jumps, pouting at me. I raise my eyebrow and she rolls her eyes, flicking the TV on, the usual sounds of daytime TV chattering into the room.

"You know that deep down, you want all that Holden. No mans an island and all that. Every single living thing on this earth just wants someone to spend eternity with. What would make you any different?" She asks casually, and I frown, not used to the deep philosophical Amy and open my mouth to say this when she cuts me off, "You're the same as every other man out there Holden, you're just a reluctant romantic. You just need to meet someone who will open your eyes it,"

She stretches causing Mittens to jump off her knee and slink off to find food. Stupid cat – couldn't even defend me and stupid Amy – talking like I actually need someone in my life. I'm pretty damn happy right now thanks, I don't need anybody.

"Oh my god! No! I'm missing Pokemon!" Amy cries suddenly, and with that the atmosphere is gone, and she's scrabbling around as I stand up and announce that I'll be at the office.

I pride myself on my detective skills, I really do. But when absolutely no-one knows anything about someone, I resort to desperate measures.

I Google them.

That's why I now find myself sat in front of a screen filled with lists of websites following the search of "Adam Jackson Hoshiki."

Well if I'm going to be employed to kill this guy's enemies, I want to at least know who they could be.

The first article I click on comes up with little to help

"Young man killed in fatal fall.

Adam Jackson Hoshiki, aged 24, was climbing with his friends up a particularly difficult face found in the Pennines. He fell over 24 feet before landing in the river below to be swept away down stream. His body was found three days later, brutally battered. DNA tests confirmed it was the young man…

Next Page"

I sigh; perhaps it was in those three days he was turned into a vampire. It would make sense. I glance at the date on the article – 1972.

Very young for a vampire.

I continue to flick through the pages of different websites, all of which give the same story. I'm surprised how far back these back catalogues of articles go. I keep searching, coming across a new piece of information – along with a picture of two young boys, one un-mistakably Adam from the feminine face.

"Sacred Heart Private Grammar School Est. 1912

The only two people to ever receive the prestigious Scholarship to the school

Adam Jackson – 1960

Alfred Litchens – 1958"

I narrowed my eyes at the name – Alfred Litchens. Why did that sound so familiar? I shook my head and scanned through the rest of the information. The rest of it just talked about the high quality of education and the ridiculous cost and expectations.

To be honest, I'd never heard of Adam Jackson being that smart, but apparently he was. I pause, my eyes going back to the name. When had he added the Hoshiki to his name, a sign that he was a fledgling of Hoshiki? It was obviously around 1972 from the article. I made sure I'd noted this down, along with the details from the school website. The rest of my searches gave me nothing and I felt my mobile vibrate in my pocket as I decided to take drastic action.

"Hello," I mutter, rubbing my eyes, noticing the darkness that was falling around me.

"The fittest guy ever just called for you! Why didn't you tell me about him? I nearly fainted when I opened the door, he was just so sexy! Just leaning against the door frame looking moodier than you!" Amy babbles loudly and I frown slightly at her onslaught.

"What fit guy?" I ask, wrinkling my nose in confusion.

"This fit guy," says a familiar voice in front of me. I look up and see Adam Jackson Hoshiki himself watching me carefully from the seat across from me.

"I'll call you back Amy," I say quietly, swiftly saving the information and closing my laptop. I ignore her squeals and innuendos from down the phone and hang up, turning to meet his forceful emerald gaze.

"I feel special, knowing your room mate thinks I'm sexy," he smirks and I scowl,

"She said fit not sexy," I point out coldly and he laughs, a soft gentle sound that's completely at odds to his low sexy cockney drawl.

And I'm not having very, very bad thoughts about that voice.

"Its okay don't get jealous baby, she's sweet, but personally, I'd rather have you," He purrs, leaning forward and watching my face carefully.

I stare back icily and he smirks again.

I want to punch that smirk and kiss it equally at the same time…

Did I really just think that?

"You're a hard man to track down, I'll give you that," He continues, sitting back, breaking my gaze and causing me to snort.

"Naturally, in this job you get enemies," I point out, making my voice sound the tiniest bit patronizing.

"Naturally in any job you get enemies, which are the reasons why we came to see you. You agree to it? Marking the targets, getting them away from their security, killing them. All without letting anyone know it links to me. It will be difficult." He states matter of factly and it's my turn to smirk.

"I love a challenge."

I watch him carefully as he smiles sexily at the man behind the bar. He tries to hand him money but the barman shrugs and tells him it's on the house. Adam winks and walks towards me, smiling confidently. I roll my eyes and except the drink he hands me.

"So, why isn't the big guy here with the contract?" I ask, watching Adam check out the man who's just walked in. I've come to realise that Adam is very much gay in the short half an hour I've known him. I feel a strange feeling in my stomach as he catches the guy's eye and winks.

I want to hit him so much right now.

"Oh, we were worried in case you would chicken out. Guess we had you wrong huh? So I came to make sure that if any…persuasion was needed, I could be there to give it," He states, and my jaw drops a little and he shrugs, "You gotta do what you gotta do. We have half an hour before Hoshiki will turn up at yours, till then why don't you stop pouting and drink?"

"I was not pouting," I argue, quickly pulling my face into something that probably resembles a pissed off puppy. I can't really pull off moody. Not like Adam can.

"You were,"

"I wasn't"

"You were,"

"I wasn't!"

"You were times infinity plus one," he smirks, and I blink at him,

"What are you five?"

"No, but don't feel embarrassed that I'm not the same age as you," He quips and I turn from pissed off puppy to slightly put out dog.

"Oh, fuck you," I snap, watching as his eyes slide back to the man who's now leaning on the bar and trying to catch his eye. I feel a tug at my stomach again, but its soon replaced with something else as Adam fixes his gaze on me, his smirk dancing on his lips. He leans right into my ear, so that his breath licks the sensitive part of my ear and I resist the urge to shiver.

"I've been waiting for you to offer, but maybe darling it should be fuck you,"

I roll my eyes and snort, "Please, firstly I don't have sex with my clients, and secondly you could never get me,"

He raises an eyebrow at this and meets my steely gaze with an equally determined one of his own.

"I don't think I'm going to really be playing the client role in our relationship…more business associate, and you didn't say you wouldn't have sex with them. And as for your second point – we'll see shall we because I can get anyone," he says smugly and then waltzes over to the bar.

I feel my face burn as I watch him flirt with the guy standing there, and wonder just how true those words of his were.

Arrogant bastard.

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