My world feels so much bigger

With you on the other side of it

And I'm just so small

I just can't reach you anymore

Because even if we spread our arms

Wide in both directions

Fingertips would never touch

So why is it I am stretching myself thin

For you

Twisting myself in every way

To see you say I'm amazing

Even though I know I'm not

And I can't be there for you

And I can't be her

But I keep trying to figure out a way

For you to say to me

That I am worth more than less of


Which is what I feel like

When I am so far away from you

I know your heart is beating

But I can't feel your pulse

And mine is so shallow

Sometimes it's hard to remember I'm alive

And I'm trying to move on

And I'm trying to forget

Forgive myself for idiocy

Thinking I might have something

In my hands

But like always it was just a nice notion

A petty feeling

That has landed me another death

Of my heart

Which you so kindly resurrected

I should have said no

I could have said no

To those ink-stain blue

Eyes that stared into mine

Daring me to return the small smile

And believe that lives have happy endings

Forget about the world and its problems

And remember fantasies

I've been told my whole life

About love

But nights like that are so few

When I was thrown back into reality

Where you are down on earth

And I'm on the other side of the moon