Lyrics are "Remember When It Rained" by Josh Groban.

Remember when it rained.
Felt the ground and looked up high
And called your name.
Remember when it rained.
In the darkness I remain.

It rained again last night, not that it matters. Remember how I used to act when the water fell from the sky? How excited, how enthralled…

How naïve.

The rain never heals anything, no matter what Momma told me.


Whenever it rains, I see you again. How you stood that final time. How you nearly smiled, though it quickly fell from your face. How you reached out to touch me and pulled away. How you walked towards her and didn't look back, even though I gave you everything I ever had—

I gave you everything. And it was never enough.

And when it rains, I still remember how that felt.

How it still feels.

It burns. Aches. So deep inside, I can never find it and cast it away. So deep inside, no pain-killer is enough, because the pain isn't physical, anyway.

Momma said rain heals. Is nature's own medication. But not for me.

Not for me.


You were my first. And somehow, that just exacerbates things, makes it all worse. Because I gave you parts of myself no one ever had before, and you still tossed me aside like a used toy.

A used condom.


But I know I'm worth more than that, even if no one's ever told me so, except for Momma—and she doesn't count. She doesn't.

And, lord, that hurts even worse.


You never asked my forgiveness. Sometimes, I think you doubt you need it. It's like you don't realize what you've done, what you did to me. The pain you caused.

The pain you still cause.

I see you with her and it burns, because she's everything I'm not, can't be—everything you want.

Like I want you.

Need you.

I need you, and you cast me aside like a used condom and went on your merry way.

Damn you.


I gave you everything I ever had, more than I've ever given anyone else. If this is how love feels… but you seem so happy. So joyful with her. Like you never were with me.

You're happy.

You're happy with her, and I feel… empty. Cold.


I feel used.

Damn you.


And it's raining again.