A dark and stormy morning, I entered the church with all the other mourners, dressed in plain black, storm clouds passed and covered the church in a blanket of darkness. I pull the tall, weathered doors open and walk reverently down the center aisle. There you are in that casket, stiff and lifeless, never again to smile or laugh like you once did with me. I see your face, pale and peaceful. I know you are gone, but your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone. You were my everything; you captivated me and brought the only light I'd ever known. Now that you're gone, I'm left with the light you left behind. Your voice took away the pain and the sanity! I can't believe you left me! I thought I meant something to you but I guess death meant more didn't it? You wanted to be free of this prison, free of this nightmare. I thought I was doing something right. When you cried I wiped away all your tears, I held you in my arms and comforted you, I reassured you! When you screamed I comforted you, I held your hand through it all. The wounds in my heart bleed for you, they will never heal, this is something not even time can erase. Your memory will always hold dear in my heart. Though you are gone from this wretched earth, you will never be gone from me. This pain is too real, too much to endure. I've tried so hard to tell myself you're gone but you're still with me in my heart, forever dear. A part of me has died, never to walk this earth again! A life without you in it, without your smile, your voice, your presence, your love is too much to bear my immortal, and so I shall leave as well. I will not let my childish fears stop me from joining you my love. I leaned over, into the casket and pressed my warm lips against you cold, frozen, still ones, hot tears fell onto your lifeless face. "We'll be together again soon my love…" I whispered as my voice trailed off. I walked up the stairs to the alter, the other mourners stared at me but I pulled a shiny silver dagger out and rammed it through my heart. Blood spilled everywhere and I fell to the ground. People gathered around me and screamed "Call 911! Hurry!" I knew it was too late and hoped to die before the paramedics arrived. Through much pain, I crawled over to the casket, blood saturated the carpet. "I'll be with you soon my love," I whispered taking the others hand. I fell to the ground and coughed once. The casket fell to the ground, the other body tumbled out. Slowly, I took the other's hand in my own. "Together again my immortal…" I whispered as my eyes fluttered shut and I took my last breath.