I am kneeling, once again before my porcelain king.

But, this time, it is not food I choke on.

It is your lies!

I gag on the lies that you told me

The words that made me love you.

The gaze that held me hypnotized

As, unknowingly,

I fell into my own aliceinwonderlandhole.

And I am choking on this bile

This potion of deceiving Looks and Smiles and Eyes

So Blue They Made(make) me scream my enraptured obsession.

And I am gagging my disgust and disbelief

How could you have lied to me?

Ohgod I am horrified

Ohgod I am terrified

Ohgod I want to die

Please save me from your lies.

I am trapped in a web of horror covered with dark creamy chocolate.

I am so helpless!

I don't understand how I could have trusted you with my soul.