and then i saw You –giggling- with Your senior friends.

and the lights were staring at me in the hall and i pulled You over to me and i asked -

'why are You so testy?'

nd You said 'testy?'

and i shrugged and walked with You with Your friends who were dialing 666 on the crayola blue and banana yellow lockers.

'so immature' You complained -

but You joined them. 66616661666 all down the hallway with glaring white walls and bright lights. (maybe it was a premonition- a joke on what was to come.)

then the bell rang and You ducked into your classroom without looking back at me and i returned to the library to continue my attack on the schools spyware. and i hacked into hotmail and sent You an email which You didn't return .

but i wasn't expecting you to (lie.)

and hours later i sit next to You in our fifth period class and i miss You. You are right next to me, nodding off because i am boring You and i miss You. and i need You. but i also need to break up with You

because i love You but i can not do it.

sobeamanandsaveme or makeupYourmind..