Remorse of the Art

The paintbrush carefully fills in the last details
A glazed effect is added to the image
File – Save
And another one done

I look at the picture, pleased with my work
Something else to express my love, my life
Another way to vent my feelings
An image, never to touch paper

No one will see this
No one would understand
More ridicule, more hatred
My life is bad enough as it is

They think it wrong
They think it impossible
They think it disgusting
Am I wasting my talent?

The few that would accept me
They are the ones unlike me
They are salacious, not me
They are horrid, not me

One more graphic, expressing my passion
One more picture, captivating my personality
One more painting, showing my love

Delete file? Yes.

One more portrait, lost forever


Special thanks to Anna Murphy, for the inspiration for this poem. R&R.