Liquid Copper

It's a dead world, it's a new world
it's a blue world and it's mine.
Shutter set on edge and disguised.
Prejudice trailing the tip of your tongue
Serpentine and yellow-green, those eyes and
looking through my mirrors, everything beyond.
It's a surreal day, a sleepless day
A I'm not really gonna work day, and so
I yawn to the winds of irresistibility and
take leave for just a little while.
Such an unfamiliar room, so suddenly.
I'm alone, and apparently, I've been sleeping longer
than I've ever even known, and
it makes me ache for that old home, old chair.
My mind swelling for a time unfinished and left behind.
The dollies up in cobwebs and sectioned off.
The time capsule buried and tapped, never to be dug up, it's gone.
The playhouse, trike, the tire swing.
Picnics and Dr. Suez, those old rhymes still greedy in my mind.
Sometimes it makes me feel a bit haunted,
So lost in a realm of my own memory, and I
can't find the slots left behind where they're supposed to fit.
Not a single one and so, it's a dream again,
I suppose, and apparently, of course, it's...
It's a world too, and yes,
It's copper and it's blue.
I'm always dreaming, it seems.