I would die to here you say

"I love you"

I would kneel at your pale feet

And slit my unworthy throat

And bleed out on the ground surrounding you

If you would once more say

"I love you"

I would sit at your ghostly side

And slash my veiny wrists

And rid myself of the blood

That would do anything to

Hear you once more say

"I love you"

I would call you just to hear your voice once more

before I Pop all the pills I have stashed away

And I would vomit myself to death

And you would hear me and believe me

When I say I would do everything to hear you say

"I love you"

I would starve myself to death (again)

Only to faint in your pallid arms

And I would whisper with my broken voice

"Please I need to hear you say-"

"I love you"

I would steal my despised fathers 9mm

and look your firey ice colored eyes

as my brains leaked out of a mushroom

hole in the back of my head –and-

my last words would be

"I love you"

does this make me pathetic?