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Also, be sure to read through this entire chapter, because at the end of it, there's a sneak peak of my next major project, due to come up soon!

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The vicious storm pounded the side of the Marvel, one of the top rated cruise liners in the industry. The sky was dark with clouds swarming in from all sides with no light anywhere to be seen. The savage waves pounded the side of the boat; it was no match for Mother Nature's current demonstration of her wrath.

"All right, all of you in there! Come on, let's go!" cried a panicked staff member. "Everyone, get in the safety rooms right now!"

A swarm of adults, all over eighteen years old, crowded into one of several rooms that were closed but designed to protect them from the strong waves that could easily knock anyone inside to their feet.

"Get the children in there! Hurry!" yelled another cruise member as small bits of water started breaching the supposedly strong walls of the ship, splashing everyone hurrying around the inside of the boat.

All the emergency lights in the boat were on, illuminating the way to go for everyone. All the adults left their children behind as they were led into the safer rooms designed for children in case of an emergency like this.

The chaos inside was mind boggling. The captain of the ship was blaring over the static-filled loudspeaker, "Everyone is to remain calm! Report to the safety rooms and stay there until instructed otherwise!"

After making this announcement, the captain abandoned his post at the ship and headed for one of the safety rooms as well. He knew that he had no control over the ship in conditions like this; he would just have to wait for the ship to ride it out and hope he could find his way back soon enough.

It was a huge mess, but everyone was finally in the designated rooms, which felt more like giant metal boxes with loud crashing noises going on outside.

Once everyone was finally safe and sound in their dedicated rooms, the captain turned on the automatic locks so the doors wouldn't get blown open by the extreme force.

The adults were calm, for the most part. They all held their breath and slowly started to exhale, doing nothing but listening to the lightning outside and the waves rock the luxury cruise liner back and forth on the sea.

The same could not be said for the children. Their room was situated against a wall opposite the one with all the adults in it. The walls were built even stronger for the children to afford greater protection. Initially it was one giant room where all the people went to, but the screaming and terrified children made it an almost impossible task. To make the matter easier, the cruise liner staff decided to make a room specifically for the children so the task would be easier-a mistake the crew members would soon learn to regret.

In the children's room, the oldest one there appeared to be no older than sixteen. She did her best to calm down all the children, screaming for their parents. The second oldest, a fifteen year old boy, did his best to soothe the fears of the younger ones as well.

"Don't worry, it's only a storm. It'll be over before ya know it," he tried reminding them as he forced a smile.

Slowly, the older ones quieted down all the younger ones. While the two oldest helped, a brother and sister also played a part. However, they calmed each other down more than anyone else.

The adults were all quietly and slowly waiting out the storm. Little did they know that right outside a window, a massive wave with staggering potential was looming right before the ship.

In just a matter of moments, the wave crashed into the side of the ship. The crash blew open the entire wall to the adults' cabin, flooding the room with water.

The adults soon panicked more than the children did at any one point since the safety procedure started. They all ran to the door and struggled to open it, but the captain locking it made it impossible to get out.

The captain was the only one who could unlock it. He scrambled to get to the wall with the button mounted on it that only he could operate in an attempt to unlock the door. But it was too late.

The water had soon filled up the entire room. Since people could only swim, it made it all the harder for the captain to move around and try to unlock the door. The sound of the screaming and the waves was slowly drowned out by the sound of the water filling in their ears and hearing the gentle, yet deadly sounds of the water moving around them.

One by one, they all started to lose consciousness. Only moments later, all the adults were lifelessly floating in the flooded room.

Almost like the kids could sense what just happened, they all stared out of a small window in their cabin with looks of awe, sorrow and despair.

The brother and sister held one another tightly. The youngest kids just stood their silently; the two oldest ones, the fifteen year old boy and the sixteen year old girl, had perhaps the most scared looks of all.

Slowly, the entire room became eerily silent. The only sounds that could be heard were the waves crashing and the thunder cracking. Gradually, the room seemed to fill with darkness.

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The sky was bright and clear, just as the calm after the storm always is. There was deep silence that filled the entire ship.

All the kids were still locked in their safety room to protect them. Due to the captain having drowned and him being the only one who could manually unlock the doors, none of the kids could get out. Eventually, after twelve long hours, the locks automatically unlocked themselves, in case something happened and the captain couldn't unlock them.

When the loud clicking sounds were heard coming from the door, all the sleeping kids suddenly woke up. There was a brief silence, then one of them got up and tried to open the door. He was the fifteen year old; the light reflected off his short, bleached colored hair, and his blue eyes almost seemed to sparkle with hope.

He pulled down on the handle, and to his surprise, it went all the way down. After pushing down the handle as far as he could, he pushed, and the door opened, revealing the way out.

"Hey guys, it's open," he said excitedly as he smiled back at the kids, as if they needed to be told that.

Everyone promptly got to their feet and ran out the door. They at first had to shield their eyes from the bright sunlight coming in through some of the windows after their eyes had adjusted to the dim light produced by the ship's generators in the small enclosed room.

The kids soon scattered all over the hallway, having elbow room for the first time in several hours. They looked around for a little bit, but soon became very concerned when they didn't see any adults around.

The sixteen year old girl-the oldest in the group-went up to the door that separated the hall from the room the adults sought protection in. She looked in through the window, and immediately her face sickened at the sight of seeing all the drowned adults in it. She let out a horrified gasp.

"What is it, Shannon?" the fifteen year old boy asked.

Shannon looked slowly back at the boy. Her heavy, long brown hair seemed to flutter with nervousness at what she just saw.

"You sure you want to know, Evan?" she asked in a typical teenaged girl voice.

Evan nodded his head, not expecting the answer he was about to get. When Shannon explained it to him, his face showed an obvious sickening. Many of the younger kids started crying.

"Wait a minute!" said a fourteen year old boy with thin brown hair. "That's the room all the adults were in, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, Dan," said his sister, who looked just like him, except for the obvious differences in gender. Her hair was the same color as Dan's, but it was much longer and silkier. But their eyes were the same shade of brown and had the same facial structure.

"It's going to be all right, Nikki," Dan said to his sister, as if she was the one who was looking and acting nervous.

Evan and Shannon, the two oldest of the group, stepped into the center of the group, and everyone else stood back a few feet, as if the two were expected to make some big announcement.

"All right, everyone," Evan said. "Shannon and I gotta take a leadership role with you, all right? We don't want to give you any trouble, and we don't want any of you giving us any trouble either, all right?"

"Hey! Why are you the boss?" Dan objected as he glared at Evan.

"Hey, it's not just me. It's Shannon, too."

Dan quickly backed off. He put his hands on his hips and looked at the floor.

"Evan's right," Shannon said. "All the adults are dead, so while this giant piece of steel is floating wherever we are, we're gonna have to stick together if we want to make it through this. Okay?"

Everyone let out a confident, yet murmured, "okay."

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Well, that's how the story opens. Reviews are always appreciated. And now, for the sneak peak at my next major project. But instead of telling it, I'm going to actually describe it. You'll see what I mean.

There is a lot of rain coming down from the night time sky. Looming over all the others is one tall building.

Standing in front of that building is a shadowy figure. He looks at the building menacingly, like he's waiting for something in it.

"The time for my revenge draws close…"

"I should actually thank you. You ruined my life, and because of it, the world was saved."

"If you move an INCH, I will kill you…"

"Four major countries…all on the brink of destruction."

"He can't SERIOUSLY think he's the good guy…"

The dark figure in the building sees somebody running inside. The dark figure pulls out a gun from his jacket and chases after the running figure inside the building.

The shadowed figure and the running figure are on the top of the building, the heavy rains not mattering to them at all. The dark figure pulls a gun out, but the running figure knocks it out of his hand.

The two figures get into a brawl. After a long while, one of them picks up the gun off the ground. The two figures quickly stand up.

The gun is fired, and someone's body falls over the side of the building.