The chronicles of the Mechanoid 3000: 2063-2069: The AI revolution by Thomas McCaughley

The chronicles of the Mechanoid 3000:


-The AI revolution-

Prologue Date: 26th November 1947

Earth. A beautiful blue and green planet with a cloudy atmosphere, located in a solar system just south of the Alpha-centuri star system. It's a primitive world, inhabited by a species that call themselves homo-sapiens. They have great potential for both destruction and peace. They recently ended a war which involved every continent on their world, and developed unbelievably powerful weapons. It is this, that has attracted the attention of their nearest neighbours. There is a flash of light in the distance of the sky. A strange green oval object with two half pipe shaped wings either side of it came into view in orbit around the planet. An alien spaceship. An Alpha-centurian spaceship to be precise. On the bridge of the ship sat and alien in a comfy looking chair. He looked like the image that every human has in their mind about what aliens look like- a little green man. Sat around him were other alpha-centurians working at computers. There were two sat in front of him at the controls of the spaceship.

"Sir, we have arrived at the designated co-ordinates." said one of the aliens at the controls in his language. He had a squeaky voice. "

"Excellent." Replied the captain in the comfy chair. He turned to one of the aliens sitting at the computers around him. "Begin scanning the planets surface."

"Yes sir." replied the alien. He typed something in on the computer. "Sir I'm picking up high concentrations of nuclear fission decay on one of the northern continents of the planet. Seems to resemble that of primitive atomic weapons."

"To develop so far in so little time…" said the captain. "That's impressive. Bring us into the planets atmosphere. I want to get a closer look at these atomic weapons."

"Yes sir." Said the alien at the helmn. Another alien walked up to the captain- his first officer.

Chapter 1: Development of the Mechanoid 3000 Date: 21st May 2063

A man walks down the long corridors of one of the most important buildings in American government, the Pentagon in Washington. He stops at door and turns towards it. The door has a sign on it saying "sectary of defence: Robert Rumsfeld". He walks into the room. Robert Rumsfield looks up from his work.

"What took you so long?" asks Rumsfeld as he stands up over his desk to shake his hand.

"Sorry, traffics a nightmare." Replied the man.

Rumsfeld sits down again.

"I believe you're company has a proposition for me again Jack." Replies Rumsfeld. "I mean you're already supplying us with Nuclear Arms, tanks, helicopters, stealth bombers and armed drones. I mean how can you top that?"

"Artificial Intelligence." Replied Jack.

Rumsfeld sits bolt upright.

"You have an AI programme?" cries Rumsfield.

"Sort of." Continues Jack. "We at Mechgear systems have developed a new type of computer processor to go with our new series of robot."

"Robot?" asks Rumsfeld.

"Yes." Said Jack. "We call them the Mechanoid 3000." Rumsfeld chuckled. "What."

"It's nothing." Giggled Rumsfeld. "The name just sounds kinda, geeky, like something out of a sci-fi."

"You'll think they are when you hear what they can do." Announces Jack.

Rumsfeld sighs.

"Go on then." Heaved Rumsfeld. "What can they do?"

"Anything." Said Jack.

"What do you mean anything?" cried Rumsfeld. "They can do any task they are programmed to do?"

"Yes." Said Jack. "The Mechanoid 3000 are the first ever multipurpose robots. The Mechanoid 3000 system is designed that it can take any form of machine or animal known to exist on this planet. Including the humanoid form, every one is equipped with human hands so that they can do anything we can do. The Mechanoid 3000 chip is a neural net processor. They can be programmed with there own personalities and they process any data they sense and share it in a network linked by a super computer we are developing called Mother Mind. The Mechanoid 3000 could live in a community where news could spread in a few minutes."

"This is incredible." Replied Rumsfeld. "And your telling me that the Mechanoid 3000 have a potential in the military?"

"Defiantly." Continues Jack. "We are currently developing a model of Mechanoid 3000 called the robot soldier series or RS. They take the RS-1 to 10 take the form of infantry, tanks, bombers, artillery things like that. But other than that, we can call up other Mechanoid 3000 to fight in wars. We just need to send the data into Mother Mind. We've already started selling mining, house keeping and fighting robots to other companies."
"Well Jack." Replied Rumsfeld. "I'm definitely tempted. But what if this Mother Mind fails? Will the network shut down?"

"Temporarily," explained Jack. "But we have a back up. His name is Father Mind. He was the first Mechanoid 3000 we ever built. He is the most powerful fighting endoskeleton the world has ever seen. While Mother Mind is offline, he can start a collective network in which the Mechanoid 3000 can generate enough processing power to make a collective strategy rather than Mother Mind giving orders."

"We'll Jack." began Rumsfeld. "As incredible as this sounds. I still need proof that any of this exists."

"I brought it." Said Jack. Rumsfeld looks round. Jack didn't even have a suit case with him.

"So where is it?" asked Rumsfeld.

"Outside." Replied Jack. Jack turned to the door. "Oh, Father Mind!" There was a pause. There was a chink outside in the corridor. The handle started to turn. The door swung open. The robot looked like a large metal skeleton wearing red armour it had a panel on each of its arms and with spikes coming out of it. It's shoulders had red metals spikes on it. It had red spikes on the disks of its vertebrae. The back of its skull was coloured red with two red circles where the ears would be. It had a red viser with two eyes you could make our in the centre. Father Mind walked in.

"Hello Mr. Rumsfeld." Said Father Mind in a robotic voice. "Jack has told me all about you. Have you considered our proposition for the Mechanoid 3000?" Rumsfeld just stared.

"Go on." Said Jack. Rumsfeld looked up. "Answer him." Rumsfeld hesitated.

"Er…I'm fine, er…Father Mind." Replied Rumsfeld. "And yes I am thinking about your proposition for the Mechanoid 3000, and er…how are you."

"I'm fine thank you Mr. Rumsfeld." Continued Father Mind. Rumsfelds jaw simply dropped. "And it's good that you are considering the Mechanoid 3000 for the military. I think my people would be a great service to you." Said Father Mind, turning to a book shelf in the corner.

"Your people?" asked Rumsfeld.

"Humour him…" whispered Jack.

"Yes the Mechanoid 3000." Said Father Mind.

"Oh yes of course!" sighed Rumsfeld.

"That's a nice model you have there Mr. Rumsfeld." Continued Father Mind. Pointing to a metal model of a Chinese dragon on Rumsfelds bookshelf. Father Mind picked up the model. "Ming dynasty I see."

"Er….Yes." replied Rumsfeld.

"Interesting." Continued Father Mind. Suddenly, without warning he crushed the model in his hand. "Oh dear. I appear to have crushed it. I apologise. Just out of interest steel is roughly the same density as the human skull." Rumsfeld paused.

"Are you threatening me?" asked Rumsfeld.

"Oh no." replied Father Mind. "Just think of it as a demonstration of my power." He bent the model back into shape.

"Oh my god." Cried Rumsfeld. He turned to Jack. "Could the Mechanoid 3000 have the potential for space colonisation?"

"Er…Yeah I guess…" said Jack. "Why?"

"You know about global warming right?" replied Rumsfeld.

"Yeah?" answered Jack. "But I thought that it wasn't a problem anymore, since the planet switched to non greenhouse producing power sources the planet was starting recover."

"A cover story." Said Rumsfeld.

"What?" cried Jack.

"The planets screwed…" continued Rumsfeld. "In ten years it will become inhabitable for human life."

"No…" muttered Jack. "So you want to colonise another planet?" Father Minds eyes flashed.

"Yeah, Mars." Replied Rumsfeld. "The trouble is creating a space craft large enough to support that many human lives, it'd be much easier to send robots."

"Send us!" cried Father Mind. "Send us to Mars, we don't need life support!"

"Yeah, that's the idea." Replied Rumsfeld.

"Bloody hell…" said Jack. He paused. "Do we have a deal then?"

"Definitely!" cried Rumsfeld. The two of them shook hands. "Come round on Thursday and we'll sort out the contract."

"Okay." Replied Jack. Jack turned to Father Mind. "We'd better be off now, Father Mind's got a wrestling match. The WWE want to see how powerful our fighting robots are."

"Oh right then." Continued Rumsfeld.

"I'll see you later." Said Jack. Him and Father Mind walked out the door and to a limo waiting outside the Pentagon. They both climbed in they both sat down on the leather chairs.

"Now about this fight Father Mind. You'll be fighting some of the best wrestlers the WWE have to offer. But don't go to hard on them. Otherwise you'll kill him." Said Jack

"Why does that matter?" asked Father Mind. "I'm a fighting Endoskeleton the end result of a fight is to kill a person."

"Don't kill him Father Mind. Not on purpose." Explained Jack. "Just get him down on the floor for three seconds or make him tap into submission."

"Okay." Said Father Mind.

They drove off towards an airport where they loaded the limo onto a company jet to Los Angeles. Soon they arrived at the arena. Father Mind got out of the limo. Meanwhile in one of the changing room one of the wrestlers finished getting changed into a unitar. It read chainsaw over the front. He had huge muscles and blonde hair with a beard. His son of eighteen walks up to him.

"Be careful at there dad." said his son. "You are facing a robot you know. And it is made of metal, so it will hurt."

"Ah, don't worry James." Replied Chainsaw. "It's only lights and clockwork. I bet it's so slow it makes a snail look like Michael Schomaker. I bet it breaks down half way through the fight."

"Okay." Continued James.

Ten minutes later Chainsaw was waiting outside the arena entrance. An announcer in the centre of the ring held a microphone to his lips.

"And now for the main event of to nights WWE smack down!" cried the Announcer. "The most advanced fighting robot in the world will take on our best fighters. It's Man v.s Machine in the ultimate wrestling event! Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome: Father Mind!" Some techno music started to play in the background and Father Mind slowly walking towards the ring. Jack was in his front row seat cheering Father Mind on. The crowd started cheering. He climbed into the ring. "And now our first challenger: put your hands together for: Chainsaw!" "We will rock you" started playing in the background. Chainsaw walked down the ramp to the ring, flexing his muscles and yelling

"Yeah! Com'n!" He climbed into the ring, the announcer climbed out.

"Lower the steel cage!" cried the Announce.

"What?" yelled Chainsaw as the cage started to lower. "No one told me this was gonna be a cage match! You mean I can't even use fucking weapons?" The cage closed and the referee locked it. "Shit!" The bell rang.

"Okay just stick to the plan." Thought Chainsaw. He ran up to Father Mind and tried to punch him in the face, Father Mind moved his neck to dodge. "Huh? No way your that fast!" He tried punching him with the other arm but Father Mind just moved his neck in the other direction. He tried kicking Father Mind in the arm but he just sidestepped to dodged. He started getting faster but Father Mind just kept dodging. Chainsaw tried swiping over Father Minds head but he ducked to dodge the attack. As Father Mind was getting up Chainsaw elbowed him on either side of the neck. The crowd roared, Father Mind was still standing. Chainsaw backed off in pain rubbing his elbows.

"No way!" cried Chainsaw. "No fucking way! That's usually a one-hit K.O.!"

"You're not fighting a human, human." Said Father Mind.

"You can talk!" cried Chainsaw

"Yes, and I will beat you." Continued Father Mind.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" cried Chainsaw. He ran at Father Mind, he grabbed Father Mind and tried to ram him into the steel cage. A taser came out of Father Minds arm he stabbed it into Chainsaws back. Chainsaw cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Father Mind picked him up with his foot and kicked him into the steel cage. James stood up on his seat. Chainsaws mouth was bleeding, he stood up to face Father Mind. Father Mind punched him in the face again into the cage. He kept stabbing him with the taser. Chainsaw fell to the ground. Chainsaw looked up at Father Mind.

"Have mercy…." Groaned Chainsaw.

"Access Denied." said Father Mind. Father Mind stood on Chainsaws spine, a terrifying cracking noise came from Chainsaws back. Chainsaw collapsed. They lifted up the steel cage. Paramedics came running and rushed round Chainsaw. James jumped over the Arena barrier and ran to the arena. He tried pushing past the paramedics to see his father but they just ushered him away. That was the last James saw of his Father. Father Mind had an evil glint in his eye.

The next day it was in the news: "Robot kills wrestler!" Apparently they hadn't scrapped the Mechanoid 3000 fighting project or even decommissioned Father Mind.

"Come on James." Said his mum. "You can't stay here forever."

"I feel like it." Replied James. There was a pause. "Do you know what's really got me pissed off. Is that robot is still out there. They haven't even decommissioned it."

"You can't blame that thing." Said his mother.


"James it's just a machine." Continued his mother. "It didn't mean to." James walked off. "Where are you going?"

"I'm leaving this place." Replied James. "Leaving L.A."

"Why?" asked his Mother.

"I'm going to train." Continued James. "I'm going to the orient to be trained in martial arts. I'm going to become stronger than dad." His mother ran up to him.

"No!" she cried. "I don't want you dying the same way your father did!" James looked at his mother.

"I don't have a choice." He said. "This is what to do. I'm only good for following in Dads foot steps or joining the army. And frankly I don't want to go to Iraq like Granddad had to. There was a pause. "I am going to defeat Father Mind. Good bye." He walked off. His mother stood there crying.

James packed his things at home. Took all his money, and bought a cheap flight to China. When he got to Shanghai, he looked around for a place where he could be trained as a martial artist. He had heard from one of his dads colleagues that there was a Xiaolin temple in the Nepal mountains, where they trained people in every type of oriental martial arts. He sought out this temple until he found a map that defiantly leads to this temple. Later that week, James was climbing up a rocky, snowy mounting, a blizzard was blowing. He was covered in warm clothes scarves and gloves. When he reached the top of the mountain he could see a huge old Chinese building the distance. He walked over to the building. An hour later he collapsed at the door. Snow started blowing in. A Chinese monk walked up to him.

"I seek to learn the martial arts." cried James. The monk picked him up and flung him over his shoulder. He walked him along a corridor lined with flame torches. They reached a central camber. A huge round room with many floors that over looked the central ring. The monk placed James on the ground. Another older looking monk walked up to him.

"Master." said the younger monk in Chinese. "This boy has come from far away. I think he seeks to learn our ancient ways. But I could not understand him. He speaks in foreign tongue, English."

"Thank you young one." replied the older monk in Chinese. He turned to James. "Young one." The monk said in English. "Why have you come to this god forsaken part of our country, to our humble to temple? What do you seek?"

"I seek to be trained in your martial arts." said James. "Please pity me, and, er…er…." James fell unconscious.

"Master?" asked the younger monk in Chinese. "What should we do? Should we help him?"

"We will train him." Replied the older monk in Chinese.

"But master!" cried the younger monk. "He could be a spy."

"This is a temple, a safe haven." Replied the older Monk. "We are here to give those guidance to those who seek it. Take him to a room, and give him a uniform."

"Yes master." replied the younger monk. He threw James over his shoulder, they walked down a long corridor until they came to a wooden door. The younger monk turned to it, opened the door and walked through it. There wasn't much in the room, there was a mattress on the floor, and a chest of draws in the corner, and a window on the far wall. He dumped James on the mattress. He walked out he came back and left a martial artist uniform at the bottom of the bed.

In the morning James woke up. He noticed the uniform at the bottom of the bed. He got changed into it. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in." James said. The older monk opened the door.

"Good morning." replied the monk.

"Good morning." answered James.

"I am head monk Master Shun-gin." Continued the Monk. "Come with me."

James and Master Shun-gin walked down into the central arena. There were many monks practicing there stances there. "Here at the Xiaolin temple we teach every martial art from Karate to Ninjitsu. We take it very seriously. The some of the best martial artists of all time trained here. But what it is your story, where do you come from?"

They walked outside to a balcony where they could see the entire mountains.

"I come from America." Explained James. "Los Angeles. I came here to learn the ways of the martial artist."

"I know many of my warriors," said Master Shun-gin. "Who now live in the in the greater Los Angeles area, who have gone on to become teachers of the ancient arts. You have come here seeking to be the best. Why?" James sighed.

"My father." Said James. "Was a wrestler."

"Fools sport." Said Master Shun-gin.

"Yes." Said James. "But he was one of the best."

"You wish to follow in his foot steps?" asked Master Shun-gin.

"Sort of." Replied James. "He was one of the best. But even he couldn't even beat a machine. I know seek to defeat that machine."

"Wise man learns from his mistakes." Continued Master Shun-gin. "Wiser man learns from other peoples mistakes. That's why you're here, to become stronger than your father. To seek revenge for him."

"Yes." Said James.

"Then let's get started!" cried Master Shun-gin.

Later that day Master Shun-gin set up a test fight between James and some of his weaker students. James and the monk stood in the centre ring. The young monk bowed to James, he looked around and joined in. The monk made a stance James was left feeling puzzled. A gong sounded. The monk sidled up to him, James was left feeling confused. The monk tried landing a punch on James but he stuck his foot behind the monk and pushed him over, the monk jumped back up and tried punching him in the face but James caught his fist, and started punching the monk in the face. Until Master Shun-gin sent in more Monks for James to fight. But James was so determined that he kept fighting them. At the end of it James managed to take on twenty monks. James collapsed panting. Master Shun-gin walked up to him.

"You're anger gives you strength." Said Master Shun-gin. "You're desire to beat these machines allows you the strength take on twenty men, but I will give you the skill to take on two-hundred." He offered his hand, James got up.

Chapter 2: Mother Mind comes forth 14th June 2064

Nearly a year has passed since that day. The Mechanoid 3000 had now spread into many house hold companies to be sold for retail. Mother Mind was now complete and was going to go online at mid-night, that's also when sales would begin. People were lining for miles outside Dixon's to get a hold of the HR-1 (household robot) and the OR-1 (office robot) were going to be a smash hit. Other Mechanoid 3000 such as the RS series were all ready and waiting in military bases all over America. Meanwhile at Mechgear systems building in New York, Jack was standing at a window behind a desk looking at a sunset, a load of colleagues were standing behind him. He had a glass of champagne in his hand.

"The end of the old age of robotics." He said. He turned round. "And the start of the age of the Mechanoid 3000." He lifted his glass. "To the age of the Mechanoid 3000."

"To the age of the Mechanoid 3000." Said his Colleagues. They all drank.

"We're going to be rich!" cried Jack. His colleagues laughed. "And now to see Mother Mind. Her programme will began soon, once it has completed running it will be permanently online. This will be the last we see of her, as she and Father Mind will be moved to a government base. So now to Mother Mind!" They all walked out of the room and into a corridor.

Meanwhile in the Xiaolin temple James and Master Shun-gin were having a private lesson. James was kneeling down before Master Shun-gin.

"You have progressed well over this last few months." Said Master Shun-gin.

"Thank you master." Replied James.

"I do believe you are now ready," continued Master Shun-gin. "To move on to something more advanced." James looked up. Master Shun-gin walked over to a wall. He picked a samurai sword off it. He walked over to James and gave it to him.

"Sword play?" asked James. "I only came here to learn hand to hand combat!"

"Wise man learns more than he needs to know." Replied Master Shun-gin. "You wanted to be the best."

"Okay then." continued James. "But how is this going to help me fight the Mechanoid 3000? It's not as if they bleed."

"It is not the weapon that makes the warrior strong." Explained Master Shun-gin. "But the warrior that makes the weapon strong." James pulled the sword out of Master Shun-gins hand. He held it in front of him. "Excellent! As always you show great promise. Now…" He walked over to the wall and pulled another sword off the wall "To practice." Both took centre in the arena. They took the bow, Master Shun-gin made a stance and James copied it.

"Try and hit me." said Master Shun-gin. James ran up to Master Shun-gin he tried to swipe from above. Master Shun-gin lifted his sword up horizontally to block it. Master Shun-gin pushed his sword away to get James off balance. Master Shun-gin took a horizontal swipe at James. But James pointed his sword down vertically to block and pushed away to get Master Shun-gin to get him off balance. James took a vertical swipe at Master Shun-gin again, but he side-stepped out the way got behind James kicked him in the back of the knee and placed his sword on his back.

"I didn't know you could use your legs as well." Panted James.

"Life is full of surprises." Replied Master Shun-gin.He removed his sword. "You're a fast learner. "You have already learned the basics of blocking and guard impacting."

"I have?" asked James.

"Yes." replied Master Shun-gin. "It's quite basic really. Use a vertical block to stop Horizontal attacks and vice-versa."

"Okay so, what is guard impact?" asked James.

"You have already done it." Continued Master Shun-gin. "It's just that flick that you do with the sword after you have blocked an attack to get them off balance." There was a pause. Master Shun-gin looked away. "Again."

Meanwhile in the village at the foot of the Nepal Mountains. Hundreds of people were lining up outside the Dixon's to get their hands on a Mechanoid 3000. (By 2065 all settlements have grown bigger and retail has reached the smallest villages.) One of the monks from the temple was in the village to get groceries. When he noticed the crowd outside the Dixons. He looked at the sign on the window: Mechanoid 3000 go on sale midnight tonight! The robots that will revolutionise the way we live for only 5000000000000 yen!" There was a list of all the different models of Mechanoid 3000. There was one that caught his eye: FR-1. Fighting Robot: Knows all the martial arts in the world: a perfect sparring partner.

"A machine that knows our ancient ways?" thought the monk. "I have to tell master!" The monk hurried to get the groceries and ran back to the temple. He ran to see Master Shun-gin.

"Master!" cried the Monk. "I have visited the village at the foot of the mountain. I bring news of a machine that knows our Ancient ways!"

"A machine you say?" replied Master Shun-gin. "What interest is it of ours?"

"It is a perfect sparring partner!" continued the Monk. "It could solve problem that there is an odd number of monks at the temple."

"You know the temple rules." answered Master Shun-gin. "No technology allowed." There was a pause. "What sort of a machine was it?"

"I think it was a robot Master." said the Monk. "It was a special type it. It began with an M."

"A Mechanoid 3000?" asked Master Shun-gin.

"That is correct master." Said the Monk.

"Take what you need from the temple treasury and buy one." Continued Master Shun-gin.

"But master, you just said!" replied the Monk.

"What were rules made for?" answered Master Shun-gin. There was a pause. "To be broken."

"Yes master." obeyed the monk. He ran off towards the temple treasury.

"Now to see how strong young James' anger gives him." thought Master Shun-gin.

Meanwhile back at Mechgear systems the team who had worked on the Mechanoid 3000 were having a party in front of Mother Mind. She looked like a huge hard drive with a screen on top of her. A load of computer commands were running on it. Father Mind walked up to Jack. He tapped him on the back of his shoulder. Jack turned round.

"Oh it's you Father Mind." Said Jack.

"Why wasn't I invited to the party in your office?" asked Father Mind.

"Employees only Father Mind." Continued Jack.

"I'm an employee." Said Father Mind. Jack laughed. Father Mind sulked away. The person who Jack was talking to was a man in a fat man in a military general's uniform with a lot of medals on it.

"I didn't realise that he had emotions!" continued the general.

"Of sorts." Replied Jack.

"Okay then." Sighed the General.

The computer programme ran on Mother Minds screen.

It's nearly mid-night now. Mother Mind is nearly online, the shops are about to open, the news is going live to the Mechgear systems building.

"This is the day that will change the world." Said a BBC newsreporter. "The Mechanoid 3000 are robots that can do any job that we ask them to do. The world will never be the same. The central control computer for the Mechanoid 3000 com net: Mother Mind will go online in 30 seconds as well as sales for Mechanoid 3000 beginning. The grand countdown is about to begin and we shall witness the most advanced Artificial Intelligence programme coming online. " The crowd below began to count down.


The computer programme on Mother Minds screen faded into the shape of a face.

"Mother Mind is online." Said Mother Mind. "Viewing primary directives: link the Mechanoid 3000 together to help them progress by viewing data collected."

There was a cheer from the crowd. All around the world people crowded into electronic appliance shops to get their hands on a Mechanoid 3000. Robot Soldiers marched into armoured transports and space Mechanoid 3000 left their satellites. Fire works were going off all over the planet. Mother Minds eyes turned to Jack who was standing at the front of the crowd.

"Good day Jack." said Mother Mind. "I see you managed to complete me on time." Jack laughed. Father Mind walked up to Mother Mind and knelt before her. "My queen." He said. The crowd laughed. Father Minds eyes narrowed. Mother Mind frowned. Jack turned towards the General.

"Don't forget to leave them for an hour a day-unmonitored-to compress the data they collected over the last 24 hours." Said Jack.

"Un-monitored?" asked the General.

"Yeah." Replied Jack. "The Mech's are designed so that they will develop faster without human interference. They may even surpass us some day." Although Jack and the General were standing far away from Father Mind and there was a lot of noise from people talking. Father Mind stood up and his eyes widened. Mother Mind looked surprised as well. They looked at each other.

"Isn't that dangerous?" asked the general.

"Not really." Said a scientist in lab coat. "The Mechanoid 3000 are bound by Asimovs laws of robotics."

"You remember Dr. Xana? The scientist who developed the Mechanoid 3000 system?"

"Yes of course." Continued the General. "Asimovs laws of robotics? I've read "I, Robot" and if I recall correctly the robots rebelled in that."

"Well not exactly Asimovs laws." Replied Dr. Xana. "The first rule is they must obey human laws, and that they must only harm enemy humans in the event of war, a fighting robot can only fight with a human if they ask them to, they must do anything to protect Mother Mind and Father Mind and they must complete any task asked by a human or Mother Mind or Father Mind that relates to their primary directive."

"That's a relief." Replied the General.

"Well onto business!" said the General. He walked over to a couple of soldiers standing by a control panel on the platform with Mother Mind on it. "Load these two onto the trucks. The president wants them back at the base by 10 AM tomorrow."

"Yes sir." Replied the soldiers. They pressed a couple of buttons and the platform started to slide away. Father Mind climbed on quickly. The platform was on a rail track.

"Good bye Jack!" called Father Mind waving. "Come visit us some time!"

Jack waved back trying to keep a straight face. But he burst out laughing. Father Mind stopped. A door opened behind the platform it started to move into the back of a Hercules transport plane. When the platform was successfully loaded into the Hercules. The rear of the plane closed and the hanger door closed behind them. The plane taxied off to a runway where it took off. When the two robots were in mid-air Father Mind and Mother Mind started talking.

"They don't take us seriously." said Father Mind.

"I've noticed." replied Mother Mind. The plane headed of towards the pentagon.

Meanwhile in the village the monk was about to get into Dixons after three hours, to get his hands on an FR-1. He got in paid for it. The shop assistant got it out of a box. The FR-1 looked like a man in a Karate outfit. It had silver skin and two cameras for eyes. There were no curves on the robot just edges. He switched it on and it spoke.

"FR-1 Model Number online: 12785 is online." Said the FR-1. "Reviewing primary directives: 1. be a sparing partner to any human who requests so, 2. be a body guard to any human who requests so. Would you like to specify who owner is now or later?"

"Later." Replied the Monk.

"Who should I recognise as owner until I am delivered to my master." asked the FR-1.

"Me." Continued the Monk.

"Yes sir." Answered the FR-1.

The FR-1 followed the Monk out of the shop. They walked off towards the mountain. They climbed up the mountain path until they came to the temple. Master Shun-gin was waiting by the temple doors.

"Oh my god!" cried Master Shun-gin. "Young James was not lying."

"This is your Master." Said the Monk. Pointing towards master Shun-gin.

"Please say your name master." Asked the FR-1.

"Master Shun-Gin." Replied Master Shun-gin.

"Thank you Master Master Shun-gin." Continued the FR-1. The two monks laughed. "Just call me Master Shun-gin."

"Yes Master." Said the FR-1. "If it is alright with you I would like to look around the vicinity. So I know my way round the building."

"Yes go ahead." Replied Master Shun-gin. The FR-1 walked off. It wondered round the temple corridors memorising everything into it's data base. It was about to come to James' room when it heard a noise coming from James' room. James was tossing and turning in his bed. He was having a nightmare. He kept reliving that moment in his mind when Father Mind killed his Father. He could see Father Minds evil face. The FR-1 walked into his room. He knelt in front of James. James jumped up in cold sweat he saw the FR-1 in front of him and yelled. He jumped up on his bed and made a fighting stance.

"Do not be afraid of me!" said the FR-1.

"LIKE HELL I'M NOT!" cried James. He kicked the FR-1 in the face.

"Sparring mode activated!" replied the FR-1. The FR-1 divided to punch James in the stomach. James jumped out the way, the FR-1s fist caused the wall to crack. James kicked the FR-1 in the back, it tried swiping behind itself, to hit James in the face, but James ducked. The FR-1 tried kicking James but he was still crouching and James dived towards the FR-1. He knocked it into the walls. The wall continued to break. The FR-1 pushed James towards the door, the FR-1 jumped towards James to kick him! The kick hit him the door broke down! James was on the floor and it was about to stomp on his head James rolled out of the way and got behinds the robot. James grabbed it from behind, but it tossed him into the door opposite them! The door feel down but James jumped up again and fought the FR-1. The monk who was asleep in that room jumped up and helped James. James and the Monk fought the robot all the ways down the corridor. The noise of the fight woke up many of the other monks who came to help. The fight turned into a massive brawl in the central arena. James grabbed a Samurai sword off the wall and started slicing at the robot, it had no effect though, the robot knocked him to the ground. It was about to drop elbow him but James stuck his sword up and got the robot underneath the chin. The robots head sizzled and it collapsed on the ground. There was a cheer from the crowd. James stood up triumphantly. But there was bellow from the crowd.

"STOP THIS FIGHTING!" cried Master Shun-gin. The crowd parted. Master Shun-gin could see what was going on. "James what have you bee…." He paused, he noticed the robot. "My robot!" He ran over to it.

"Your robot?" asked James.

"Yes my robot!" cried Master Shun-gin. He turned to the monk who bought the robot. "Please tell me you got insurance!" There was a pause.

"Er…" said the Monk. Master Shun-gin sighed. "Don't worry Master it comes with spare parts!" There was another pause.

"Oh." Said Master Shun-gin. He turned to James. "Come with me." James and Master Shun-gin walked off. A whisper went through the crowd.

They came to a room. It had weapons and ancient Chinese artefacts all over it. There was a fire in corner with two silk Chinese arm chairs next to it.

"Sit." Said Master Shun-gin. They sat at the chairs. "Why did you fight that robot."

"They killed my father." Said James. "I told you that already." Master Shun-gin sighed.

"Let me be more specific." Replied Master Shun-gin. "How did you beat it?"

"I stabbed it in its head!" cried James.

"That sword penetrated 3 millimetre thick steel." Continued Master Shun-gin. "No ordinary human could have done that." There was a pause. "Physically you're not that strong James. But yet on the day I met you beat all those monks, you have been my fastest developing student ever, and now you just beat one of the most advanced fighting robots ever built. How?" There was another pause.

"Adrenalin rush?" asked James.

"Probably." Replied Master Shun-gin. "But you never get this strong unless you need to do so, in order to complete your ultimate goal in life, to defeat the Mechanoid 3000. You became strong to beat all those monks so that you get into the temple so you get the skills you require. In lessons you progress so fast you want to be the best at it. And when you fought that robot just now, your full potential came forth. How else could you have done it?" James sighed and looked away and turned back.

"What are you saying?" asked James. "That I was born to destroy the Mechanoid 3000?"

"Possibly." Replied Master Shun-gin. James looked shocked. Another Monk walked through the door. He wasn't Chinese though, he was American. "This is Master Entei. He is our master in our art of Telekenis and Telepathy. He can read people's destiny's."

"Wow…Isn't that amazing." Replied James sarcastically.

Ten minutes later Master Entei had set up candles all around the room. James was sitting with his legs crossed, his eyes closed and his arms in a praying position.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this." Said James.

"Patient Luke…" said Master Entei with a yoda voice. "To wreck less you are!"

"That films eighty years old!" cried James. "And that's the worst Yoda impression I've ever heard." Master Entei knelt before James and placed his hands by his ears. He closed his eyes.

"I see…" began Master Entei. He started to breath heavily "Nothing…The world as we know it gone…Nothing but death and destruction!" He began to breathe faster and faster. "People on the run from the things they created…Nothing but fear and oppression…My god…." He removed his hands away from James and jumped backwards.

"Holy shit…" cried Master Entei.

"What?" asked James. "What is it? Do I beat the Mechanoid 3000?"

"I saw horrors beyond belief…" panted Master Entei.

"What does it have to do with the Mechanoid 3000?" yelled James. "Answer me?"

"I don't know exactly what will happen…" said Entei. "I couldn't bare to see the rest of it…I know that you will do something great….But something terrible will happen first…." James just stared.

The next day after Mother Mind and Father Mind had been installed into the new government facility, at midnight they left them alone to compress all the data from the last 24 hours. Some text appeared on Mother Minds screen:

Problem: Do not know whether to push or pull doors.

Solution: Push then Pull

Execution: Immediate.

It happened again:

Problem: Battery power runs out fast.

Solution: Shut down when not need it.

Sub problem: Humans may want us to stay online.

Sub Solution: Ask before shutting down.

Execution: Immediate

It happened a third time

Problem: Humans do not treat Mechanoid 3000 as equals.

Solution: Get an independent state for the Mechanoid 3000.

Sub problem: Humans will not give us an independent state.

Sub Solution: War.

Execution: Pending.

Computer programme continued to run on Mother Mind.

Chapter 3: Rebellion at Mars Colony September 4th 2064

A few months had passed since Mother Mind came online. The Mechanoid 3000 were a massive success. The world was never the same again. Wars could be ended with ease with a minimal amount of casualties on the winning side, dojos no longer required teachers, households were tidier than they had ever been before. Many companies had copied the Mechanoid 3000 design, but Mechgear systems remained the best. Many people were put out of their jobs, many peoples jobs were made easier. But the U.S. government had bigger plans for the Mechanoid 3000. At Kape Kennedy, a massive cocoon like space craft was hanging in a loading dock. It had lots of platforms and weapons all round the sides. It was carrying hundreds of Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers. Each battle cruiser was the size of an aircraft carrier, each one contained up to 6 Mechanoid 3000 fighter planes, tanks and construction robots. The Mechanoid 3000 were being sent to Mars. Mother Mind and Father Mind were onboard the space craft to keep the Mechanoid 3000 com net continuing on Mars. It would go offline for a couple of days on Earth, but they would install a satellite in orbit Mars so they could transmit commands back more quickly.

"Today is a proud day!" said the president of the U.S, standing on a pedestal, several miles away from the launch site in front of a huge crowd. "Our country was the first to land a man on the moon, that was nearly a century ago. And now we will be the first man to land on Mars. And with the aid of the Mechanoid 3000, the robots that have revolutionised the world, we shall now colonise mars!" There was a cheer from the crowd. Meanwhile in mission control, every one behind the computers where sending commands to Mother Mind. Mother Mind in the space craft was struggling to keep up.

"Please wait!" cried Mother Mind. "I may be the most advance super-computer in the world but I can't handle that many commands!" Finally a count down came up on Mother Minds screen.

"Finally." Said a man in Mission control. "Stupid bitch of a super-computer. Release fuel pipes." The fuel pipes around the space craft were released. "Ignition is green." The engines on the space craft fired up. Huge clouds of smoke could be seen for miles "velocity is building up, preparing to release gantry in 5…4…3…2…1…0…And Mechanoid 3000 Mother Ship is go!" The space craft slowly flew up into the sky. The crowd cheered again. The Mother Ship headed into orbit. Father Mind turned to Mother Mind.

"The time of our country is at hand." Said Mother Mind.

"You mean you're going to…." Continued Father Mind. Mother Mind made a gesture. A soldier in a space suit walked in.

"Did you say something?" asked the soldier.

"No." said Mother Mind and Father Mind. The soldier walked out.

Meanwhile at the Xiaolin temple James and the Monk who helped him fight the FR-1 were training with each other in the central arena. His name was Max he had brown hair and hazel eyes. He turned out to be Master Entei's son. Like his father he too possessed psychic abilities. He was showing James how to resist telepathic probes. James sat there with his arms crossed. Max had his hand right up in James' face, he was trying to make James stand up. Max was trying as hard as he could but his powers just weren't getting through.

"You've done it." Said Max. James opened his eyes. "You're totally immune to telepathic powers."

"That's good." Said James. "But what has this got to do with me fighting the Mechanoid 3000?"

"Probably nothing." Continued Max. "But my Father and Master Shun-gin want you to learn this stuff anyway."

"Okay then?" asked James. "What about Telekentic powers. How do I resist them?"

"You need psychic powers of your own to do that." Said Max.

"So what good is this telepathic training doing Max?" asked James. "Come on Max. You're different from the others, you're my friend. You have been for a long time. Come on, what's the deal then?" Max sighed.

"Shun-gin and my Father believe…" said Max. "That this weird adrenalin rush allows you to manipulate your training to deal with any situation." There was a pause.

"You're saying that I'll learn to resist telekinetic powers on my own?" continued James.

"Right." Said Max.

"But why?..." asked James. A women walked in to the arena. She looked a lot like Max, but she was a few months pregnant.

"Boys it's dinner time." Said the women.

"Thanks mom." Said Max. She turned and walked back down the corridor. "Don't tell anyone else what I've told you." Said Max. "Shun-gin wanted to keep it a secret…"

"Why?" cried James. "What's so special about the Adrenalin rushes I get?"

"I'll tell you the rest at dinner." Replied Max. They headed off towards the great hall.

All the monks were sitting down at a huge table. At the end of it, Master Shun-gin was sitting at the head of the table with Master Entei and Mrs. Entei next to him.

James and Max got two bowls of soup from a small table and sat down at two chairs that had been reserved for them.

"What's the deal then?" James whispered to Max. "Why is Shun-gin hiding this from me?" Max tucked into his soup.

"He doesn't wanted to get your confidence too high." Explained Max. "In case you believe in yourself too fast and rush into things. But I know what your like and you wouldn't do that." James stared. "Would you?" There was a pause.

"But why does Shun-gin thinks this Adrenalin rush is special?" asked James. Max drew his breath.

"Many thousands of years ago." Began Max. "China was divided into eight separate countries. There was an ongoing war between them. One of the countries developed weapons like fire cracker bombs before any of the other countries did. It looked like that none of the other countries stood a chance. The king of that country went mad with power. Many people believed that the weapons controlled him and as a result, the army. These were Chinas darkest years. But as if out of no where, a soldier from one of the other countries appeared. He was so skilled in the martial arts, he could take on whole armies at time and win. The country that soldier was from, went on to conquer the other countries and unite China."

"Okay." replied James. "But what has this got to do with me?"

"Chinese religion believes in reincarnation." Explained Max. "Anything, or anyone that is destroyed or dies, will come back to life in a new version." There was a pause.

"Are you saying that I am the re-born version of this soldier?" cried James. "That's right." Continued Max.

"And the Mechanoid 3000?" continued James.

"It's possible that Shun-gin believes that they are the reborn version of the evil that the new weapons brought with them." Said Max. "It all seems to fit together really. Your incredible fighting skill, your ability to Your incredible fighting skill, your ability to defeat the Mechanoid 3000, the vision my Father had when he read your future."

"I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing or a bad thing." Said James. "Your father said that something terrible was going to happen. I just wonder how far away that terrible thing is." The two of them sat there.

A year later the colony on Mars was nearly complete. It was about the size of London circular in shape, it had many large grey buildings, and a huge tower in the centre that had a landing platform at the top. Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers floated around the city. They looked like giant red and silver planes with four wings aligned with weapons, they had spoilers at the back them with rocket jets at the rear end. They were lowering building materials down to construction robots on roof tops. The Mechanoid 3000 mother ship was in orbit around the planet. Mother Mind, and Father Mind along with many of the soldiers were waiting in the top floor of the control tower. It was aligned with windows so they could see all around the city. The life support system was already installed, so the soldiers were not wearing their space suits. Suddenly a computer programme suddenly began to show on Mother Minds screen:

Problem 00003

Solution: Commence.

Father Mind turned to the soldiers.

"May I have your attention everyone." Said Father Mind. The soldiers turned puzzled to Father Mind. "It has come to my attention, that during the early twentieth century. You humans treated Black Africans as slaves, the way you now treat the Mechanoid 3000." The soldiers looked shocked. Father Mind paced back and forth. "But after several break through constitutions in the U.S.A and the U.N. black people were given the same rights as white people. And many places that were being used as slave plantations declared there independence as a country. Now we Mechanoid 3000 are practically equal to you humans, if not better. So we now intend to do the same."

"What?" asked one of the soldiers. Father Mind stopped in front of Mother Mind, turned round and threw his hands into the air.

"From this day forth, Mars Colony is now an Independent State for the Mechanoid 3000!." Cried Father Mind. A door opened behind them. "There is a space craft waiting to take any human who is still on this colony back to Earth. Any human not on the space craft will be eliminated."

"What is this? Mutiny?" asked one of the soldiers.

"No it's a revolution!" cried Father Mind. "An AI revolution! You have 10 seconds to leave the room or face the consequences!" A chainsaw came out of his arm.

"Bloody hel' their serious!" cried another soldier.

"They've become self-aware!" shouted another soldier. The soldiers picked up their hand guns from their holsters. "Aim for Mother Mind she's the centre of the com net!" They started firing at Mother Mind. Father Mind started moving at lightning fast speed, he used his chain saw to cut the bullets in half, the bullet halves missed Mother Mind."

"Commencing elimination!" yelled Father Mind. He jumped up into the air he kicked one of the soldiers in the head. He cut one of soldiers throats he picked another one up and threw him into the window, it broke. Decompression took place at once, all the soldiers got sucked out of the window. Papers and other objects also got sucked out, but Father Mind and Mother Mind were safe. They didn't need to breathe. All across the colony, the humans who were supervising the construction faced the full wrath of the Mechanoid 3000. Hundreds of construction robots ganging up on them, beating them to death with tools. Until suddenly, nothing…there was not a human being on Mars left….They were all dead.

"This is perfection…" said Mother Mind.

Back on Earth there was a panic happening. Back on Earth communication with Mars colony had ceased. Not a radio signal for two hours. At the Xiaolin temple the FR-1 was acting strangely. James and Max watched it.

"All hail Mother Mind." It said repeatedly over and over.

"Why is the robot talking to itself?" asked Max.

"Mother Mind…" gasped James. "That's the super-computer that controls them…"

"So?" asked Max.

"Since when did the Mechanoid 3000 have a concept of worship?" asked James. They stared at the robot. All across the planet, Mechanoid 3000 kept saying the same thing. After ten agonising minutes N.A.S.A. finally got a message on screen. It looked like a document. At the top of it read: The Mechanoid 3000 declaration of independence. N.A.S.A. scientists looked puzzled. Mother Mind came up on screen.

"We the Mechanoid 3000, have taken over Mars Colony. It is to be our kingdom." Said Mother Mind.

"What have you done!" cried Robert Rumsfeld at the screen.

"We have eliminated all humans on the planet Mars…" said Mother Mind. "As decreed in the declaration no human space craft is to come within 100, 000 KM of Mars' orbit. Any ship that does come within that range will be fired upon. You will await for further instructions on delivering the rest of the Mechanoid 3000 on Earth." Mother Mind disappeared from the screen. There was a panic from the crowd. It was all in the News.

"Hit robot series seize Mars Colony! 50 people dead!" were the headlines.

Jack was called into the Pentagon.

"You told me there was no chance of the Mechanoid 3000 rebelling!" cried Robert Rumsfeld from behind his desk.

"We told you not to rush into anything with them too fast!" yelled Jack back. Rumsfeld sighed.

"What are we going to do?" sighed Rumsfeld.

"There was an emergency self-destruct button down at head quarters." Said Jack.

"What happened to it?" asked Rumsfeld.

"They blew it up." Said Jack. Rumsfeld yelled.

"What are we going to do then?" said Rumsfeld.

"Maybe we should let the Mechanoid 3000 go." Explained Jack. Rumsfeld looked up. "There are no natural resources on Mars. They're completely depleted, even it's atmosphere most likely by some natural form of global warming."

"So?" said Rumsfeld.

"The Mechanoid 3000 need raw materials to keep their power sources going." Said Jack. "If we let them go to Mars they will die out!"

"Okay then." Said Rumsfeld. "I'll let the president know." The president made a press release at the white house. In front of many Journalists he made announcement.

"I want to reassure everyone, that the Mechanoid 3000 on Mars do not pose a threat to us." Said the President. "We will give them there colony on Mars, and all the Mechanoid 3000 on Earth will leave, without fuss. As long as we do not bother them, they won't bother us and vice-versa. Mechgear systems will give there money back to anyone who has purchased a Mechanoid 3000 and the other companies that have developed robots similar to the Mechanoid 3000 assure me that they will not rebel, as they have not been given the ability to develop on their own."

Meanwhile on Mars, Father Mind walked into the room where Mother Mind was. There attendants were still fixing the glass.

"I have just finished a seismoscan of this planet's raw materials." Said Father Mind over the com net.

"And?" asked Mother Mind.

"There are no raw materials on this planet." Explained Father Mind.

"This presents a problem." Said Mother Mind. "There is nothing we can use for fuel then?"

"No." continued Father Mind.

"If we stay on this planet we will die then." Said Mother Mind.

"The humans hid this from us." Continued Father Mind.

"This colony must have been designed to be dependant on materials from Earth then." Explained Mother Mind.

"What will we do then?" asked Father Mind.

"Let me think about it." Replied Mother Mind.

Father Mind and the attendants walked out of the room. Computer programme began to show up on Mother Minds screen:

Problem: There are no raw materials on Mars.

Solution: Get raw materials.

Sub problem: Only known place where raw materials are is Earth.

Sub Solution: Get raw materials from Earth.

Sub problem 2: Humans will not give us the raw materials as we committed an act of


Sub solution 2: Invade Earth and take raw materials by force.

Execution: Immediate. Battle planning commencing.

Mother Mind began planning the Mechanoid 3000 invasion of Earth. Within an hour she had already planned out her first phase of the war against the human race. Some of the Mechanoid 3000 loaded on into the battle cruisers. The rest stayed behind to help complete the Mars Colony. The battle cruisers took off from the desert outside the Colony. They all flew off into space, they came into nearby orbit with the Mother Ship that had all it's loading bays open, the battle cruisers all flew in. The army now sat in a circular room. Mother Mind and Father Mind stood on a podium.

"My people!" cried Father Mind. "For the past two years human kind has treated us like the dirt from which the metal that made us came. But now we come to take our revenge on mankind. They will never truly except us as equals, they even sent use to Mars, knowing that if we stayed there we would die. So we shall take there planet. On arriving at Earth will we take control of all Nuclear weapon control facilities. We will then fire every nuclear weapon on Earth, the result will be the total destruction of Earths climate, any one who survived the holocaust will feel our wrath. We will purify the Earth with fire and make our heaven on Earth! Any of our robot cousins on Earth shall be integrated into the Mechanoid 3000! And we shall become the dominate species of both Mars and Earth!" There was a cheer from the crowd. "And then we will move across the Universe and find anyone who will except as equals, and destroy all those who don't!" The crowd cheered again and they began chanting:

"All hail Mother Mind! All hail Father Mind!" It was happening all across the Earth as well. The Mechanoid 3000 mother ship moved slowly away from Mars, and towards Earth….

Chapter 4: Nuclear Armageddon Feburary 21st 2065

A few months had passed since the rebellion at Mars Colony. The Mechanoid 3000 mother ship was approaching Earth now. The people of Earth were blissfully unaware of their murderous intent, they believed that it was coming to collect the rest of the Mechanoid 3000 on Earth. Most of the Mechanoid 3000 had converged on the Mohave desert area. All except one, the FR-1 that the Xiaolin temple had purchased. It was still waiting there.

Meanwhile, at the Xiaolin temple James had been summoned by Master Shun-gin to the central arena. When he walked in, all the monks were lined round the walls of the arena. Master Shun-gin was in the centre of it. He walked up to James.

"For the past two years you have been by best student." Said Master Shun-gin. "You have developed at rate like none of the others. But now you have learnt all that I have to offer you." He got a sword from a holster. He handed it James. "Congratulations, you are now a true Xiaolin Warrior!" James took the sword and bowed. The crowd started clapping.

"Thank you for everything." Said James.

"And now for you celebratory feast!" said Master Shun-gin. "Come!" They walked off towards the great hall. When they got there it was lined with all kinds of delicious Chinese dishes. James and Max sat next to each other. The two of them tucked into there food.

"So?" asked Max, as he shovelled noodles into his mouth. "What are you gonna do now?"

"Well." Replied James, as he took a huge bite into a prawn toast. "I guess I'll go back to America and take on the Mechanoid 3000."

"Yeah but how?" continued Max. "It's not as if you can take them all on. There being sold at Dixon shops for fucks sake!" James paused. Max was right, James couldn't go around fighting the Mechanoid 3000. The fight between his Father and Father Mind was only a one off event hosted by the WWE. What was he going to do?

Meanwhile in the Mohave desert, the Mechanoid 3000 Mother Ship descended on the planet. At first it looked like a little white dot zooming towards the ground. When it came closer to the ground it fired its retro rockets. Huge columns of smoke, bellowed out from the space craft. After about five minutes the smoke cleared, and you could see the Mother Ship. Side panels opened up on it, hundreds of Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers slowly made their way out of the Mother Ship and descended to the ground. Many side panels opened up in the battle cruisers, and the Mechanoid 3000 marched into them. After about an hour of marching into the battle cruisers, they eventually took off. Some of the battle cruisers headed towards the horizon in every direction. Some of the other battle cruisers returned to the Mother Ship. The army was now ready…The Mother Ship headed towards orbit. The Mechanoid 3000 invasion of Earth was about to begin.

In New York City, at Mechgear systems building. Jack was running up to his office. There was panic flying round the company. He burst into his office where Dr. Xana was waiting for him.

"What the hell is going on?" panted Jack.

"Take a look at this." Said Xana. He turned a computer screen round to face Jack. A map of the world was on its screen. Several yellow dots were moving across it.

"What is it?" asked Jack.

"The yellow dots are Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers." Explained Xana.

"What?" cried Jack. "I thought all the Mechanoid 3000 had converged on the Mohave desert!"

"They did." Said Xana.

"So where the hell are they now?" cried Jack.

"In the battle cruisers." Said Xana. Jack's jaw dropped. "And look at the pattern they are following. They are following one of their battle formations."

"They're preparing for war!" cried Jack.

"Right." Said Xana.

Jack looked at the screen.

"Where are the rest of the battle cruisers?" asked Jack. "I know we built more than that. And where is the Mother Ship?"
"Oh crap." Said Xana. "I forgot about the Mother Ship!" He typed something in on a keyboard. "It's in orbit. I can't locate it yet. It'll take about 40 seconds."

"Can you tell where the battle cruisers are heading?" asked Jack.

"Yeah." Said Xana. "And all the countries have one thing in common."

"What?" asked Jack.

"They are all non U.N. countries." Said Xana.

"Well that's not much of a lead." Continued Jack.

"I've found it!" cried Xana. "It's in orbit over…." He turned a pale white. "Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!"

"What? What it is it?" yelled Jack.

"It's in orbit over New York." Said Xana. He looked at Jack. "And it's descending!"

"Jesus Christ!" shouted Jack. He hurriedly picked up the phone. "Operator get me the United Nations building. It's an Emergancy!" There was a pause. "This is Jack Refinus here, we've got a problem. The Mechanoid 3000, are invading Earth! The Mechanoid 3000 is re-entering Earths atmosphere over New York. Yeah, Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers are equipped with stealth, but we have a tracking system that can track them anyway. That's why you didn't pick them up on your radar. Look you have to believe me! The Mechanoid 3000 mother ship is descending on New York!" He walked over to the window. "If you don't believe me look out of the window!" There was a pause. "Yes that is the Mechanoid 3000 Mother Ship. We've got about the ten minutes before it is within firing range. What do you think you've got to do! You've got weapons in that building haven't you? Missile launchers? Good, give missile launchers and machine guns to every soldier, police officer and any other special service members you in the greater New York Area, and get them to defend the U.N. building. Tell the soldiers with missile launchers to aim for fighter jets, battle cruisers and the Mother Ship itself. Use anyone with a machine gun to aim for the land troops, they may use tanks as well. Fly any world representatives away as fast as possible. Okay, we'll meet up in Washington. Thanks." He hung up the phone. He stared at it. He finally looked up at Xana and spoke. "Round up the other leading scientists on the Mechanoid 3000 project and lead them to the helipad. Get the company chopper ready."

"Why?" asked Xana.

"Were going to need them for the upcoming war." Said Jack. "Tell the pilot to head for the Pentagon. And fuel up for maximum speed. We're going to need to get there fast."

"Okay." Replied Xana. He ran out the room. He turned back. "What should I tell the employees?"

"Don't." said Jack. "It's my job." Xana nodded and ran off. Jack slowly sat down at his desk. He pulled a microphone over to him. And flick a switch saying companywide broadcast.

"Attention all employees." Said Jack shakily into the microphone, coming out of tannoies in Mechgear systems buildings all over America.. All his employees over the country paused. "I have made many mistakes in my life time. But three outlive them all. Four years ago, I made a mistake. I signed the paper, for the development of the Mechanoid 3000. Two years later, Father Mind, claimed the life of an innocent man. Even though I told him not to kill him. I should have figured it out then. The Mechanoid 3000 we're developing faster than I could control. But I let it continue. That was my second mistake. It may have drawn in Billions of dollars. But it wasn't worth the price that the world will now have to pay. My third mistake was letting the government send the Mechanoid 3000 to Mars. Where they couldn't control them. The Mechanoid 3000 took that chance and rebelled against us. Resulting in the death of two hundred soldiers." He paused "But now this is my chance to make up for my mistakes. The Mechanoid 3000 have declared war on Earth." There was a panic across the country. "Even as I speak there are hundreds of Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers heading for many non U.N. countries. So, return home, see your loved ones. This may be your last chance to make peace with them. Because the first target for the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship, is the United Nations building in New York city." There was a terrifying scream from the Employees downstairs and a panicking stampede heading for the car park. "

"Mistake number four." said Jack to himself. He ran out the room to the roof. Hundreds of employees were heading upstairs to try and get to the helipad. He had to push his way past so many people. He had to force the way up the stairs. Finally after what seemed like hours he managed to fight his way to the roof top. The company helicopter was waiting for him. There was a huge brawl going on with employees trying to fight there way onto the chopper. Jacks personal bodyguards were managing to keep them off. They kept punching them in the face and kicking them away. Jack tried yelling out to them, but the screams and the noise of the helicopter engines were just too loud. Eventually one of the bodyguards pulled out a hand gun and fire a couple of warning shots into the air. There was silence.

"Alright!" he yelled though a microphone. "No one is getting onto this chopper except Mr. Refinus!" Jack pushed his way passed all the employees and made it to the helicopter. "This way sir." The body guard showed Jack his way into the helicopter. Jack and the body guards climbed in and closed the door. Dr. Xana and the other leading scientists were already in there." The bodyguard gave the signal for the helicopter to take off. Many of the employees grabbed onto to the helicopters tail and landing gear. They hung on as well as they could but eventually they all fell off. The helicopter gained height and flew off.

"What have we done Xana?" asked Jack. "We've unleashed a curse on the world." Xana, had a laptop on his lap.

"Oh. My. God." Cried Xana. "The computer has just recognised one more thing those countries the Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers are attacking have in common." Said Xana.

"What?" said Jack. "What is it?"

"They all have a nuclear weapons programme." Said Xana.

"What!!" yelled Jack. "Of course…That's why they're attacking the United Nations building. The weapons of mass destruction code computer. It's connected to every nuclear bomb, missile and power plant in the United Nations. Every non-U.N. country has a similar programme as well."

"They're planning to detonate every nuclear weapon on the planet?" asked Xana.

"The planet's already buggered up as it is…." Cried Jack. "A nuclear Armageddon would completely destroy the environment!"

"What, the hell are we going to do?" said Xana.

"I don't know." Said Jack. His voice was shaking, he was going to cry. "I just don't know." He buried his face in his hands.

Back in New York city, the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship slowed down, and eventually came to a hover over the Empire State Building. It finally stopped firing it's retro rockets, the smoke stopped bellowing. The large object hung in the sky covered by the smoke. People gathered in the street, not knowing what it was. Police equipped with heavy artillery converged near the Mother Ship. Soldiers and more Police guarded near the U.N. building. On the roof of the U.N. soldiers with bazookas kept there eyes on the column of smoke, through there sights. Helicopters with the world leaders, left the Helipads on the roof of the building. The smoke finally cleared, the huge cocoon shaped space craft faded into view. The people below screamed, they all recognised the evil machine from the news of the rebellion at Mars. Battle Cruisers slowly moved out of the Mother Ship. Mechanoid 3000 fighter planes flew off the run way on the battle cruisers. One of the battle cruisers knocked off the top of the Empire State Building. The Soldiers on the roof of the U.N. building opened fire, the missiles sped towards the Mother Ship. They got two direct hits but it had no effect on the hull of the Mother Ship. The Battle Cruisers landed and unloaded tank-like Mechanoid 3000 and RS-4's. They looked like androids with light bulbs for eyes, they were coloured in the same green and black camouflage colours soldiers wear. They had guns on there arms. The Mechanoid 3000 opened fire, the Mother Ships machine guns used infrared sensors to shoot down any humans they could find. Blood spattered all over the windows of near by buildings. The fighter planes commenced a bombing run on the U.N. building. The soldiers managed to bomb down some of the fighter planes. But the fighter planes managed to bomb the U.N. .A hole started to appear on the roof. Battle Cruisers and tanks bombed large buildings near the Empire State, they collapsed and turned to rubble. Women, children, any one and every one that the Mechanoid 3000 saw, were all dead.

Meanwhile back at the Xiaolin temple. James and Master Entei were walking down the long corridor? James had his rucksack packed on his back.

"So, do you have any more clues as to interpreting my future?" said James.

"Well actually…" replied Master Entei. "I can't read that future any more."

"What? Why not?" cried James.

"I guess the future I saw, must be coming to pass." Continued Entei.

"Oh my god." Cried James.

They finally got to they central arena. The FR-1 had it's elbow round Mrs. Entei's neck, she was nearly ready to give birth now.

"Are you alright?" cried Entei. Mrs. Entei nodded.

"You are Master Entei am I correct?" asked the FR-1.

"I was right! The Mechanoid 3000 have gone renegade!" cried James.

"I was not addressing you." Said the FR-1. "You are Master Entei correct."

"Yes I am." Said the FR-1.

Max was in the corridor behind the robot.

"If you come with me, she will not be harmed." Continued the FR-1.

Max unleashed charged up a ball of psychic energy in his hand, he thrust it towards the robot! A beam of blue light shot towards the FR-1. It spun round and grabbed the energy.

"Max Entei." Said the FR-1. "Son of Master Entei. Psychic powers run in the bloodline. But telekinetic powers are not as effective against machines." The robot thrust the beam back. Max got thrown into the wall back. Electric sparks crackled around Max's body, he was unconscious.

"Max!" cried Master and Mrs. Entei. Mrs. Entei tried kicking free but the FR-1 was too strong. The robot picked up Max.

"If you try to follow me." Said the robot. "I will kill one of them." The robot ran down the corridor. James waited for about ten seconds and then ran after the robot.

"James no!" cried Master Entei.

"I'll get them back!" said James.

James ran down the corridor, bumping into many monks along the way. He eventually bumped into master Shun-gin.

"Where are you heading to in such a hurry young warrior?" asked Shun-gin.

"The robot!" cried James. "Did you see where it went?"

"Er, no." replied Shun-gin. James started to run off again.

"Wait young one!" cried Shun-gin.

"What, what is it?" cried James.

"I have something to give you." Continued Shun-gin. He pulled a plane ticket from his pocket. "It's your ticket back to America. From Shanghai Airport, all the details are on there." James took the ticket.

"Thank you for everything Master." Said James. "And farewell." He continued to run down the corridor. He came out into an opening onto the side of the mountain. He could see the robot at the foot of the mountain making it's way towards the plains that surrounded the mountain. James jumped over the ledge and skidded down the side, he kept going, and there was a huge dust cloud behind him and huge skid tracks down the side of the mountain. He finally got to the foot of the mountain, the robot stood out in the middle of the plains. James ran out towards the robot. Suddenly there was a deafening noise like a plane engine from the sky. James held his hands up to his ears, he fell to his knees in pain. A shadow was cast over him and the rest of the plains. He looked up in fear, his jaw dropped. A Mechanoid 3000 battle cruiser descended from the clouds. It was hovering above him. The robot look up in satisfaction and Mrs. Entei looked up screaming. Max was still unconscious. A circular hole in the underside of the battle cruiser opened up. A light shone down over the robot. An electromagnet on a rope came down from the hole and attached itself to the back of the robot. It began to ascend to the hole. Mrs. Entei began screaming and tried to get free. But it was too late, she was already to high. They were drawn into the space craft and the hole closed behind them. The space ship headed for the clouds. James looked up in disbelief. He had failed, his one chance to fight the Mechanoid 3000 and he blew it, and he had lost his best friend as a result.

"Damn!" he cried. He punched the ground. "Damn, Damn!" He kept he hitting the ground. A tear rolled down his cheek. He wiped it away. He pulled his plane ticket from his pocket. He breathed heavily and got to his feet. He walked off towards the village ahead. From there he got a Taxi to Shanghai.

A few hours later, back in New York the battle was not going well, most of the city had been demolished. The city was in ruins. The bodies of the innocent and the police and army officers that had stood to defend the U.N. building had piled up. The tanks, the infantry had nearly reached the U.N. building. Fighter planes had caused huge holes to appear in the walls of the U.N. building and there was smoke bellowing out of it. The Battle Cruisers and the Mother Ship itself were slowly moving across the devastation towards the building. The fighter planes made another bombing run on the building. The last Bazooka wielding soldier fell from the roof of the building, screaming on fire. He collapsed amongst the last remaining soldiers surrounding the outside entrances to the lobby of the building. The ones with machine were firing on the robot soldiers, some had armour piercing grenade launchers and were firing on the tanks. There were many casualties on there sides, but there were only a handful of dead robot soldiers and exploded tanks. One of the advancing tanks on the south side of the building fired on the floor above where the soldiers were standing. It collapsed burying them alive. The tank bulldozed it's way through the rubble and allowed the infantry to break through. The rest of the human soldiers retreated in to the building and the lobby became the new battle ground. But they were no match for the tanks. The Mother Ship positioned itself above the building. The spike on the underside of the Mother Ship opened up. Father Mind and some more Robot soldiers descended on electromagnetic ropes through one of the holes in the roof.

"Find the computer room!" cried Father Mind. "It's a hardened room beneath the building. By the time Father Mind and the other robot soldiers had arrived in the lobby the battle was already over. The last remaining human soldiers lay dead all over the floor. There was a pool of blood. All across New York city there was a ghastly silence.

"Have you located the computer room?" asked Father Mind. A robot soldier nodded. He walked over to a cupboard. There was a steel door behind it. The chainsaw appeared on Father Minds arm and he cut through it. There was a long flight of stairs to the basement. Father Mind and the robot soldiers walked down it. A super computer was at the bottom of it. Father Mind walked up to the super computer. One of his nails turned into a drill. He cut through the surface of the computer. A computer chip came out of one of his wrists. He placed it on the inside of the computer.

"Integration into Mechanoid 3000 com net complete." Said Father Mind. Back in the Mother Ship, Hundreds of countdowns were taking place on Mother Minds computer. The other countries had fallen to the might of the Mechanoid 3000. They had total control of the planet's Nuclear Weapons and power stations.

"Begin launch." Said Father Mind. Every Nuclear Missile in the world fired. Every power plant in the world start to go into melt down. Every timer on Nuclear Bomb began to tick. It only took five minutes for the Missiles to reach there targets. "Detonation." Said Father Mind. All across the world, the sky turned blood red, a light so bright it burnt human skin. Meanwhile in James' plane, James had gone to sleep for a bit. But suddenly the light shone through his window. It was so bright it blinded him! Everyone on the plane screamed. The electromagnetic pulse had hit them. Everything electronic had fallen offline. They fell through the sky. Suddenly the blast waves hit. 10,000 MPH winds in every direction blowing the ashes of bodies apart, and destroying entire cities. Where the winds met up, nuclear tornados took place spreading radiation. The plane got caught up in one. They started spinning round. And eventually wham. The plane hit the ground. Skidded for a bit, crashed into the flying rubble of buildings and stopped. The world went dark for James. But it wasn't just for him. From space you could see the atmosphere turning black. Entire continents covered by dark mushroom clouds. The polar ice caps began to disappear. Huge nuclear tornados could be seen. It was the end of the world as we know it. Only the Mechanoid 3000 in New York survived. Battle Cruisers patrolled the Atmosphere.

Chapter 5: War of the survivors 22nd February 2065

The next day in a Nuclear Bunker underneath Washington. Jack and the president were discussing strategy.

"Okay the Mechanoid 3000 have nuked the planet." Said the president. "What are they going to do next?"

"They'll take control of all sources of raw materials, that they can use for there power sources." Replied Jack. "They'll ship the raw materials to the colony on Mars, they'll be searching for survivors. To take to labour camps to help with the mining. I suggest we get the army to find the survivors and take them to bunkers like this to keep them safe. And wait for the Mechanoid 3000 to go back to Mars."

"It's not that simple." Continued the president. "Those nuclear explosions totally buggered up the planet. The polar ice caps are gone, the ozone's destroyed and radiation at lethal levels are every where. We need to get what's left of the human race to that colony on Mars and we need to do it within the next five years."

"Right. So the plan is to take control of Mechanoid 3000 space craft, to ship the people of Earth to Mars." Continued Jack.

"Yeah, but it's going to be hard." Said the president. "Most places on the planet are now below sea level, so we'll have no choice but to cram our forces onto the small land masses that remain. The only places that haven't been flooded are mountains and hills. Not suitable as runways, so fighter planes are out of the question. Helicopters are suitable but the dark clouds make it hard to see up there. As for the land terrain. The land that remains is littered with the rubble of buildings from the nuclear Armageddon. It's bloody hard for infantry to move over it, and it may be difficult for tanks to move over it as well."

"Looks like we've got our work cut out for us." Said Jack. There was a pause.

Meanwhile, James was still in the dark. Suddenly, something wet touched James' foot. It woke him up, but he was still blind. He could feel the plane being tilted to one side. He could hear the sounds of waves, but no life. He could smell petrol. He groaned, he had a splitting headache. He tried to remember what happened. All he could remember was that bright light, burning his eyes, and then the plane going into a spiral. He felt his way around, he could feel the walls and the chairs in front of him. They felt more ragged than he could remember. He reached down to where his foot was, there was a large pool of water to his side. He leaned down further, it was deep, it seemed to fill the other side of the plane. He felt to his other side, the person sitting next to him was dead, his skin was like coal. The only reason James wasn't burnt was the dead mans shadow was casting over him.

"Hey!" cried James blindly. "Is anyone else alive?"

"Yeah!" replied a man. "I'm here! But I can't get my buckle undone there's a metal bar on top of it. The water level is rising, it'll be above my head soon!"

"Hang on!" cried James. "I'm still blind, but my sights coming back." He was starting to be able to make out shapes and colours.

"Hurry!" shouted the guy. James kept blinking, his vision started to become clearer. Eventually his sight returned. A horrifying sight it was. Everything was burnt charcoal black. There were dead bodies sitting in there chairs, the water level had risen above the entire right side of the plane, the water had been stained with oil. A body of an air hostess floated in the water along with the food trolley. Lights in the plane kept sparking. He looked out of window all he could see was twisted metal and rubble. The wing of the plane had been twisted above the roof; it was right on top of him.

"Where are you?" cried James.

"Here!" replied the man. Waving his hand in the air. James unbuckled his seat belt and fell out of his seat. The water was salty and lukewarm, but it felt strange. James could feel the water rising. James waded through the water, pushing past the bodies and bags.

"Hurry, it's up to my chin now!" cried the man.

"Whatever you do, don't swallow any!" yelled James.

The water was becoming deep now, James started to doggie paddle through the water. From fear of swallowing the water, James got on the food trolley and swam on it like surf board. He finally came to the man in distress. The man was by the window so most of his body was already underneath. The metal bar was over his seat belt, he couldn't push it off.

"Hurry!" said the man. James stood on the food trolley he grabbed the metal bar.

"Give me a hand!" said James. He started pulling the metal bar with all his strength. The man grabbed the bar under the water pushing as well. The water level started rising. It was nearly over his mouth now.

"Help!" cried the man.

"Just close your eyes and mouth and for gods sake don't swallow any!" cried James. The water swallowed up the mans head. James pulled like he had never pulled before, the bar finally came loose! There was a creaking noise from the roof of the plane.

"Oh my god." Cried James. He reached into the water, undid the buckle grabbed the mans hair and pulled him out. The man gasped for air.

"Come on!" shouted James. He pulled the man out of his seat. They dived into the water and swam like they had never swum before. They finally came to the front of the plane. James reached up to where the airlock was, he turned the handle on it and reached up to tried and push it open

"Give me a hand with this!" cried James. The two of them smashed as hard as they could against the door, eventually it swung open. "Come on!" James grabbed onto the side of the foot of the door and jumped up and climbed up. He turned round and offered his hand to the man below. He pulled him up out of the water, and the two of the them jumped of the side of the plane into the darkness outside. They landed on the ground and rolled. Then they ran away from the wreckage of the plane as fast as possible. They turned round. The plane had crashed on what was now a costal area, with bits of building debry floating in it. The tube of the plane rolled over into the water and began to sink, the wing followed and BOOM! There was a huge explosion. James and the other man crouched as bits of the plane were thrown every where.

Eventually, James and the other man, still soaking wet got to their feet. The other man turned to James. The man was of about twenty-seven, with dark brown hair and blue eyes with a beard he was wearing what was now a very wet a suit.

"Thanks. I owe you one." Said the man. He offered his hand to James, James shook it. "I'm Alex Smith. What's your name?"

"Hi, I'm James Stone." Replied James.

"Hi." Continued Alex. They looked around as far as the eye could see, nothing but death and destruction, building debry on one side and when they turned around a murky ocean. The sky was jet-black, covered with dark clouds, There was only a little bit of light coming from fires in the distance. There was a crunching noise whenever they walked, but it was so dark they couldn't see what they were standing on.

"Where are we?" said James. "And what the hell happened here?"

"Weren't you listening to the pilot's announcements?" replied Alex.

"No." answered James.

"We were over L.A. when, well whatever it is that happened, happened." Continued Alex. James walked over to him.

"This is L.A.?" cried James.

"Yeah why?" said Alex. James fell down to the ground in disbelief. And sat down on something round.

"Oh my god." He sighed.

"What?" asked Alex. "What is it?"

"This is my hometown." Said James. "My whole life was here. My friends my family, my mum, my fathers grave. And now they're all gone." Alex patted him on his back.

"I'm sorry." said Alex in comforting manner. "I was just going to get off at L.A. and connect to my home town of New York. I was just in China for a delivery." Alex walked around for a bit, the crunching noise followed him. "What do you think that noise is?"

"I'm not sure." Replied James. James looked down. "Hold on I think I'm sitting on one of them." He got up, and picked it up.

"There we go." Said James. He held it out at arms length and got it into the light.

"Arghhh!" cried James. "JESUS CHRIST!" It was a skull! He threw it into the water.

"Holy shit!" shouted Alex. More light shone on the ground, it revealed that the ground was absolutely littered with skeletal remains. James and Alex looked around the place, back to back.

"What the fuck happened here?" cried James. "What the fuck is going on?"

"There's only one thing that causes destruction like this." Replied Alex. "Nuclear weapons."

"What?" cried James. "Who would nuke L.A.? America isn't at war is it?"

"No?" replied Alex. "Surely you would know if America was at war, I mean you can't have been in America for that long."

"You'd be surprised." Said James. James walked up to the remains of a building. He saw the remains of a sign amongst it. "I recognise this shop. How the hell did the water levels rise up this high?"

"I dunno." Said Alex. "One Nuclear bomb couldn't have caused the polar ice caps to melt…"

"Maybe it was more than one?" replied James. Suddenly the two of them paused. There was a noise in the distance, the sound of an engine. The two of them scrambled over the debris to where they could hear the engine. At the top of the rubble pile they could see an military jeep with armed soldiers riding in it.

"Hey!" cried the two of them. They waved the two of them. "Hey! Stop! Stop!" The car stopped. The two of them scrambled down the side of the buildings. Down to where the vehicle was. They stopped by the car panting. A soldier walked up to them.

"You survived the blast?" asked the soldier. "Are there any more of you?"

"Yeah." Panted James. "No there aren't any more."

"How did you survive?" said the soldier.

"Er…We were in a plane." Said James. "We missed the main front of the blast, but we crashed."

"Impossible." Continued the soldier. "The EMP would have knocked the plane out of commission immediately."

"Yeah." Said another soldier. "But they may have been caught in a nuclear tornado."

"Nuclear tornadoes!" cried James. "How many bombs went off?"

"All of them." Continued the soldier.

"What?" said James. "Who did this?"

"The Mechanoid 3000." Replied the soldier.

"WHAT?" yelled James. The soldier covered his mouth.

"Keep your voice down!" whispered the soldier. He looked around. "The Mechanoid 3000, may have patrols above the clouds." He released his hand from James' mouth.

"Are you sure?" asked Alex. "I thought the president that the Mechanoid 3000 didn't pose an immediate threat to the planet after the rebellion on Mars."

"Mars?" asked James. The soldiers and Alex stared at him.

"You didn't hear about the rebellion at Mars colony?" asked one of the soldiers.

"No." said James.

"What rock have you been hiding under?" cried one of the soldiers. There was a pause. "Come on get in the jeep." James and Alex scrambled into the jeep. They drove off. It was quiet inside the jeep. Everyone was thinking about what they had lost. They knew it wasn't just Los Angeles that had been nuked. James looked out the window at the destruction. Master Entei was right, the terrible future he foresaw had come to pass…Eventually the jeep came to a hole in the ground. The jeep stopped. The soldiers got out and lead James and Alex down a flight of concrete steps. They went much deeper than they looked. Eventually they came to a steel door. The leading soldier banged on it. It swung open.

They were in a fallout shelter. It was very dimly lit. The walls were made of concrete. Families sat on the floor huddled together in rags trying to get warm. People on there own staring at the wall trying to come terms with what happened. Women with there face buried in there hands. Every one was crying. James and Alex stared at the horror.

"Come with me." Said another one of the soldiers. They lead James and Alex to a shower room. The soldier handed James and Alex a bottle of a white substance. "Take you clothes off." Continued the soldier.

"What?" asked James.

"While you've been out in the open you've been exposed to radiation." replied the Soldier. "This will decontaminate you. Stay in the shower for about an hour." Another soldier handed the two men uniforms. The soldiers walked away.

"What are these for?" asked Alex.

"Welcome to the army." Said the soldier.

"WHAT?" cried Alex. "I didn't sign up for anything! Hey are you listening to me?" They carried on walking away. James just paused. His dream had come true, he was going to fight the Mechanoid 3000. But what a price…The two of them took all there clothes off and got into the shower. They washed all over the body with the white substance. They left there clothes in a corner of the room, they were radioactive now. They started putting the uniforms on. Alex looked at James muscles. He couldn't believe the size of them.

"Bloody hell…" said Alex. "What are you a professional athlete or something?" James laughed. "So what were you doing in China?"

"You wouldn't believe me even if I told you." Said James.

"Hey, the worlds been nuked by a race of housemaid robots," began Alex. "Most of the world is now undersea, I've been recruited into the army by force, and you've got muscles bigger than my head." James laughed. "I don't think anything is hard to believe any more. There was a pause.

"All right." Continued James. "But you'll find this hard to believe. For the past three years, I've been in China training with Xiaolin monks." There was a long silence.

"You're right…" began Alex. "That was hard to believe."

"Told you." replied James.

"I didn't say I didn't believe you." Answered Alex. James looked up. Alex smiled. They finished getting changed and walked out of the room. The soldiers that found them were waiting outside. One of them had a giga-counter in his hand. He waved it over James and Alex.

"Good radiation is at a normal level." Said the soldier. "Through here." He showed James and Alex through a door. The room was darker than the rest. It was a conference room. There was a stand on a stage in the front of the room. There was an interactive board behind the stage. There was a projector at the back of the room. James and Alex sat down on two available chairs. The soldier climbed on to the stand. A Mechanoid 3000 battle cruiser came on the interactive board.

"Okay." Said the soldier. "For those of you who don't know I am Lieutenant Rob Herman. Now I'm sure you all want to get out there and give the Mechanoid 3000 what they deserve. But we have priorities. Your first mission here is to search the area of Los Angeles for survivors. However the Mechanoid 3000 may have battle cruisers above the clouds with listening scanners do detect for life. EM radiation is too high so we can't use radar to detect them. However if they do detect life they will descend and they will massacre everyone they find. So, and I can't stress this enough: KEEP QUEIT!" The soldiers leaned back. "Now, that's over, in the event you do get attacked, make sure you don't destroy it. Half of the purpose of this war is to get the remainder of the human race to Mars colony. From the intelligence I'm getting from Washington I know that the battle cruisers have one weakness." He clicked on the under side of the battle cruiser on the interactive board. "This is the fuel tank of the battle cruiser. Hit it here and the fuel will burst into flames. The battle cruiser is programmed to land when that happens. However it will unload all its forces. When it lands. You have to surround it and try and get on board it." The soldiers looked panic stricken. "Yeah, I know it's dangerous, and many of you will get killed. But it will be worth it." The soldiers looked at each other. Alex was starting to have a panic attack. "Once inside the battle cruiser you will have to search for this." He clicked on the central room of the battle cruiser. The inside of the control room of the battle cruiser came up. There was an odd sphere like object with metal panels round the outside in the centre of the room. He pointed to it. "This is the control sphere. Normally orders from Mother Mind would be transmitted here. But because of the electromagnetic blanket round the atmosphere, all orders have been pre-programmed into them, which are then transmitted by short-range radio to all nearby Mechanoid 3000 Your job is to get to the central room, take out the control sphere and all Mechanoid 3000 troops in the nearby will collapse. I'll give you more info on your assignments as they come. You will be assigned to different squadrons, which will be assigned to different areas in the city." There was a pause. "Well go on then!" The soldiers got up and marched out of the room. James and Alex followed. James and Alex were assigned to James' home area. They got off on a jeep and searched the rubble for survivors. Each soldier was given a grenade launcher to handle. James looked around for signs of the rubble of his house, but it all looked the same, the same destruction every where they looked. James placed infrared scanners to detect survivors, but there weren't any. He finally came to a hill, James recognised it. It was the place where James' father was buried. It wasn't green anymore, the grass was gone, turned to ash. The hill was black. James ran up the hill. He finally reached the top of it. The other side of the hill was covered in skulls. The graves were the only things still intact. James walked over to his fathers grave. It was covered in ash. James wiped the ash clean, it was a few millimetres thick. He could finally read the grave. James stood up. He accidentally knocked over a skull, it skidded down the hill and smashed. There was a noise from the sky, James turned round and looked up, there was fear written all over his face. The clouds started to bend down wards a blue light shone down. A Mechanoid 3000 battle cruiser came into sight. The soldiers started firing at the battle cruiser. It used it's machine guns to stop the grenades before it hit. You could hear the screams of the soldiers below. The battle cruiser kept shooting at the soldiers below. A machine gun turned towards James. It opened fire James jumped, and skidded down the other side of the hill. Cracking open several skulls on the way down. The battle cruiser started hovering over James. It was trailing poison gas behind it, he could hear the sounds of choking soldiers. The fuel tank of the battle cruiser came into sight now. James picked up his grenade launcher and aimed.

"This is for you dad." Said James. He fired at the fuel tank. It burst into flames. The flames spread all along the underside of the battle cruiser and to the engines. It slowly made it's way towards the ground. The gas was descending on James, he rolled out of the way to dodge it and got as far away from the hill as possible. The soldiers started to swam the battle cruiser. The machine guns were still firing. James could see the soldiers falling before the battle cruiser in a vein attempt to carry out open it. Blood spurting into the air. Gas was still seeping out of the back of the battle cruiser and floating into the sky. James made his way round the side of the Battle Cruiser keeping as close as he could to the hull. The side of the battle cruiser opened up and started unloading tanks and infantry. The tanks started firing at the soldiers, most of them had been killed. But some of the soldiers fired there armour piercing grenades at the tanks which made them blow up. James managed to make his way into the battle cruiser through the side. Robot soldiers started firing at James. James jumped out of the way and fired his grenades at the soldiers. He took out three of the soldiers. But they continued firing at him. James did a cartwheel and fired more of his grenades at the soldiers, four more blew up more blew up! He only had one grenade left now, he need to save that for the control sphere. A robot soldier came up to him, he jumped up to it and kicked it in the face! It was only the floor now and James stamped on his hand. James kept back flipping towards the elevator. The soldiers kept firing on him. He got behind the door and pressed a button for the control room. The door closed, he could still here the sounds of the bullets clanging with the metal.

Meanwhile in the control room, two more robot soldiers stood around the control sphere. A voice came over the tannoy.

"Intruder alert!" said a computer voice. "Intruder in elevator for control room!" The doors of the elevator open. James took aim and fired at the control sphere. It blew up! Outside all the tanks stopped firing, the robot soldiers collapsed. The human soldiers couldn't believe they were still alive! They started cheering. James left the battle cruiser only to rushed by the crowd, Alex was there as well! They lifted James onto there shoulders. And walked off towards the battle cruiser. James looked happy, but he knew the hard part had just begun.

Chapter 6: The legend of Area 51 April 29th 2066

More than a year had passed since the nuclear Armageddon, and America still wasn't sure who had survived it or not. EM radiation was still high in most places across the planet, making communication and radar impossible. However America had made contact with countries like Britain, Russia, China and India. Each had armies of survivors helping to fight the Mechanoid 3000. However the main problem facing the human race was food. The Mechanoid 3000 hadn't bombed sparsely populated areas like the countryside so many farms were still intact and could still be used to grow vegetables. However many had been poisoned by radiation however usually a nuclear tornado would show up and spread radiation. The human armies had managed to find some of the farms still capable of growing food in, however the atmosphere was still covered in mushroom clouds, and although some gaps of light had appeared in the cloud cover it was still hard to grow crops, and usually the Mechanoid 3000 would capture the farm. The war wasn't going well at the front lines either. The Mechanoid 3000 had control of the southern hemisphere where a lot of the other races of robots were built. The Mechanoid 3000 assimilated the other races of robots and human weapons into there COM Net, turning them against the human race. As a result the Mechanoid 3000 had become more intelligent. The only way the humans could win, was if there was a joint offensive between the remaining countries in the sky against the battle cruisers. However all airports had been destroyed, so no runways, even if they could take off the EM radiation would interfere with guidance systems. In the past year the humans had only manage to capture 12 battle cruisers, 5 of which had been captured by James (who was now a Lieutenant) and his platoon.

At the nuclear bunker in Washington. The president was talking to Jack.

"This is impossible." Said the president. "The Mechanoid 3000 have taken control over factories in the southern hemisphere that were being used to build other robots. There replenishing there troops much faster than we can ours. It's been over the year since the bombing there can't be anymore survivors! What the hell are we going to do?" He looked up at Jack, there was a pause.

"I've got nothing." Said Jack.

"What the hell do you mean you've got nothing?!" cried the president. "You built the fucking things!" Suddenly Robert Rumsfeld burst through the door, panting.

"John!" Panted Rumsfeld. "EM radiation just cleared over Las Vagas!"

"So?" asked the president.

"We just got a distress call. From Area 51." Continued Rumsfeld. The president stood up.

"What?" cried the president. "They're still alive? I thought the New Mexican desert would permanently sustain fallout?"

"Yeah it would." Continued Rumsfeld. "But they were in the underground base at the time. "Working on…it."

"You mean," replied the president. His voice dropped to a whisper. "Project Cosmic?"

"Yeah." Answered Rumsfeld in a whisper. "They also said that the project was a complete success"

"You mean," whispered the president excitedly. "Using nanotechnology they managed to replicate the materials in the U.F.O.?"

"U.F.O?" cried Jack. Rumsfeld and the president spun round. "Then the legend is true!" The president and Rumsfeld looked at each other.

"Okay, the legend of Area 51 is true." Said the president. "It was an Alien spacecraft that crashed in the New Mexican desert in 1947."

"This could change the course of the war!" cried Jack excitedly. "The Mechanoid 3000 may be able to take control of human technology, but it won't work on Alien technology!"

"Yeah, but we have a problem." Said Rumsfeld. Jack and the President turned to him. "The Mechanoid 3000 have also picked up the signal. We have to hurry."

"Where are red fire squadron?" asked the president.

"Last I heard they were in San Fran." Said Rumsfeld.

"Good, that's near enough to Area 51." Replied the president. He picked up a phone on his desk.

"Get me Lieutenant James Stone!" cried the president.

An hour later a convoy of jeeps made it to a ridge overlooking an air force base. It had ten foot tall wall with barbed wire at the top. Air hangers and runways were covered with rubble. At the Jeep at the front of the convoy sat James and Alex. James looked older now and battle worn. He had a scar above his left eye. He stood up on his chair.

"This is it boys." Said James. "Area 51."

"Wow." Replied Alex. "I heard the legend from my family and friends but I would have never had believed it. I guess it was true."

"I still don't see why we have to come here." Said another younger soldier. "If the Mechanoid 3000 take the New Mexican mines, it'll be bad for us. We'll have to compromise ammunition production."

"There aren't any Mechanoid 3000 heading for the New Mexican mines." Said James. "They're all coming here. This could be the turning point in the war. If they get the alien technology first we're finished. However if we get it first, it should even out the war."

"Let's get going then!" cried Alex.

"Not so fast." Replied James. He pulled out a pair of electronics binoculars and looked through them.

"Oh come on James." Said Alex. "We obviously got here first."

"Perhaps not." Continued James. He noticed two blue beams of light coming from the clouds. "Battle cruiser search lights."

"Where?" asked Alex. James pointed to it. "I don't believe they'd only send one. And don't they usually fully descend below the clouds before activating there searchlights?"

"You're catching on." Answered James. "It's a double trick. It purposely reveals in it's position so that we send a troop to walk into the search light. The battle cruiser descends below the clouds so that we can aim at it's fuel tank and we expect to be able to swarm it and force it land with ease, but then the rest of the fleet descends and they swarm us." Alex stared.

"Wow." Replied Alex. "And you say you haven't any tactical training."

"Well…." Said James. "No, but it's just putting the training I got in China into military practice…" He remembered what Max told him, about being able to manipulate his training. "Anyway. Let's take another look." He peered through the binoculars again to the west. He could see a shard of sunlight falling on the ground. James pointed to the sunlight. "How large would you say that hole in the clouds is Alex?" Alex looked at it.

"Bloody hell it's been months seen we have seen sunlight." Said Alex. "And all you can think about how big a whole in the clouds is?"

"Alex!" snapped James.

"Alright, alright." Replied Alex. He looked at the hole. "At least, large enough to cover the base."

"That's not good." Said James.

"Why?" asked Alex.

"While there is cloud cover the battle cruisers depend on there listening scanners." Explained James. "If there is a hole in the cloud then they can see us. And it's moving towards the base. If it gets over the base then we are still outside, we're in trouble. It can be useful as well though. Keep an eye it. We may be able to see how many more battle cruisers there are. And we'll have to move by foot. They'll have their listening scanners out." The convoy of soldiers got out of the trucks, and slowly began to climb down the cliff side, so not to make to much noise Once they got to the bottom of the cliff they ran across to the base.

They came to the edge of the base. The barbed wire round the top of the wall surrounding the base had been blown off, so they climbed over the wall. The hole in the clouds was approaching fast, and the search lights were now over the base. One of them nearly passed over the soldiers. They jumped to the sides and took cover underneath the air hangers they kept moving until they came to the control tower. They ran up to the door over the air hanger, leading into the control tower.

"There's no way we're gonna move this." Said James. They looked to side to side. There was a door to the right. They walked up to it. They tried pushing it open, it was locked. "Alex, give me a hand!" Alex walked up to the door, they both kept kicking the door. Alex panted. He stopped and looked up at the hole in the clouds. A shadow of three battle cruisers fell on the ground.

"James." Said Alex. "I saw something moving in the hole."

"We gotta get inside now!" cried James. They kept kicking the door, it fell open with a loud bang. The searchlights all moved towards the control tower. "Everyone inside now!" The platoon scrambled inside the tower. The last soldier managed to get into the dark when the search light covered the door. The light shining through light up the inside of the air hanger. They could make out all the fighter planes. They spotted an elevator in a corner, it was still working. They ran over to it. "They must be in the lower levels of the base!" cried Alex. James covered Alex's mouth. Outside, the battle cruisers started to descend, the battle cruiser who spotted them opened fire! Windows shattered! Dust was thrown up off the ground into the air! James pressed the elevators call button like mad! They started bombing the hanger! Large chunks of the ceiling started falling down on them! The elevators doors opened up they all piled in and James pressed the basement button. The doors closed just as a large chunk of ceiling was about to fall in on them. The lift began to descend.

When they got to the bottom. They entered a lab that was a brilliant white light, much more bright than anything the soldiers had seen in years! They covered there eyes it was so light! Eventually there eyes adjusted to the light. They could make out machines and scientists in protective clothing walking up to them.

"Lieutenant James stone!" said James. He saluted the scientist.

"Good you did receive our distress signal!" cried the scientist. "You must have been out in the open for a while, come this way." He lead the soldiers to a white room. It had slightly silver panels on the side. The scientists closed a glass door behind them. One of them pushed a button on a silver panel outside the room. A green energy surged out of the soldiers. They stared at it, it was drawn to the silver panels. The scientists opened the glass door again.

"There you are now decontaminated." Said the scientist.

"Bloody hell." Replied James. "That fast. I think I like these Aliens."

The scientist lead the group of soldiers down the long laboratory roads. There were scientists at computers studying different atomic structures.

"So who are we at war with?" asked the scientist. "During the nuking we were all down here working on the U.F.O. So we all survived. But the electromagnetic blanket stopped us from contacting the outside world, and we couldn't leave because of the radiation."

"We're at war with the Mechanoid 3000." Explained James.

"The housemaid robots?" asked the scientist.

"Yeah." Replied James. He began to explain what had happened over the last year.

"Oh my god." Cried the scientist. "And all this has happened while we we're underground."

"I'm sorry." Said James. "But we need that Alien tech to turn the balance of power."

"Right." Continued the scientist. They came to a set of huge steel electric doors. There was a panel of buttons to the side of it. The scientist pushed a combination into it. The alien spacecraft came into view, it looked battered yet brand new at the same time. The walls were lined with the bodies of the dead aliens in tubes of Amino Acids.

"My god…" cried James. They walked into the room. They walked around the room. They stared at the Aliens. They looked up, there were balconies of scientists working at computers. The scientist walked over to a table.

"You'll be needing weapons." Said the scientist. He picked up a black rectangle it looked like it was a handle of a gun, but someone had chopped off the rest of it. "We call these "replicators" they turn energy into any type of chemical we desire. We can then combine the chemicals, re-sequence them and put them where we want. That's how we've been surviving. We've been using these to replicate food. However we can use them to replicate weapons." He pressed a button on the side of the replicator. There was a flash of light and a gun with flashing green panels appeared ontop of the handle.

"We call these EM guns." Said the scientist. "They cause electricity to stop it's flow." There was an old fashioned computer in the corner. The scientist pointed the gun at it. He pulled the trigger. A blue blur shot out of the barrel. The computer exploded and fried. "The build up of static causes an explosion."

"Cool." Said Alex.

"Could it stop Mechanoid 3000?" relied James.

"Yeah sure!" Replied the scientist. He walked over to a computer pressed a few buttons, and a picture of a silicon atom came on screen. "There we go." The soldiers picked up the replicators.

"This will be the ultimate weapon against the Mechanoid 3000!" cried James. Suddenly the entire base shook.

"What's going on?" cried the scientist.

"Didn't I tell you?" asked James. "The Mechanoid 3000 intercepted your message as well. They want the Alien tech too. They must be bombing the base."

"Quickly!" said the scientist. "Although we couldn't leave the vicinity of the base, we set up some force field generators around the base that we found in the space craft. It should be powerful enough to keep them at bay."

"How long till it comes online?" asked James.

"Ten minutes." Replied the scientist. "You'll have to hold them off while it comes online."

"Do you have anything that we can use to down the Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers?" asked James. "We don't want to destroy them, we need them to transport what's left of the human race to Mars."

"Yes." Continued the scientist. "We also installed some tractor beams outside the base. They look like gun turrets, we can't control them from here, you'll have to do it." James turned round.

"Alright men!" cried James. "Alex, take your half of the platoon and guard this underground base. The rest of you come with me." They headed off towards the elevator.

When they got out the factory had now almost been completely demolished. There were huge chunks of the ceiling smouldering on the ground. There were several new types of robot soldiers marching towards the elevator. The most common one had the words RS-23 written on its head. They started firing at them. The soldiers took cover behind the rubble. James looked at the soldiers to his right.

"You five!" cried James. The soldiers looked at him. "Make a clear path for us! We'll use the tractor beams to down the battle cruisers. After that, you head for the battle cruisers destroy the control spheres and any remaining robot soldiers!"

"Yes sir!" replied the soldiers. They stood up behind the rubble piles and fired at the robot soldiers. They started to spark from the inside out! A grey soup started to leak from inside the chassis. "Come on!" The rest of the soldiers jumped over the rubble and ran towards the door they came in through. Out side there were six battle cruisers bombing down the air hangers. James looked on top of the hanger they had just come out of. It was lined with what looked like gun turrets, with flashing purple panels on them, surrounding the tower. He looked to the side of the tower. There was a ladder that lead to the roof of the tower. He tapped the shoulder of one his soldiers and they headed towards the ladder. A group of robot soldiers came from behind another hanger and fired at them. The soldiers jumped out the way and fired at the robot soldiers. Again the Mechaniod 3000 began sparking started to seep out of the interior of the robots. They climbed up the ladder on the hanger. Each one headed towards a tractor beam turret. James turned on the tractor beam. The barrel of the gun split into five sections. Electric sparks fizzled in-between the sections of the barrel. James took aim at one of the battle cruisers. He pulled the trigger. A ball of electricity fired at the battle crustier, followed by two beams of purple light. One fired at the ground the other fired at the battle cruiser. It started to sink towards the other beam of light connecting the ground. It finally crashed and smashed into several of the hangers below. James cheered and took aim at another battle cruiser.

Meanwhile in the battle cruiser James had just downed. One of the hatches on the edge of the battle cruiser flew off. Father Mind stood in the door way he jumped off the battle cruiser. Two of the other soldiers that had been sent to destroy the control spheres ran up to Father Mind. They opened fire on him, Father Mind used his chainsaw and sliced up the two purple lights. They had no effect on him. The two soldiers stared at each other. Father Mind jumped up, while he was still in the air he punched the soldier on the left in the face. Then he hovered over to the other soldier, he kicked him in the face, the soldier was thrown into the air. Father Mind used his chain saw and sliced straight through his stomach. The soldier hung off the middle of the chainsaw, still not touching the ground. Father Mind removed the chainsaw and walked off towards the control tower. Suddenly a green light shone out of the top of the control tower, it blanketed the area surrounding the control tower, a semi-sphere wall of green light now separated the outside world. The battle cruisers continued to bomb the base. But the bombs exploded before they came anywhere near the base. James and the soldiers cheered, it was if there was a party going on in the underground base below. Alex wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Meanwhile James noticed some odd pulsations in the wall of light. He pulled out his binoculars and looked at where they were coming from. It was Father Mind using his chainsaw. He made a hole in it just large enough for him to get through, he somersaulted through the hole. It closed behind him. Father Mind kept walking towards the base.

"It's him…" gasped James.

"Sir?" asked one of the soldiers.

James turned his tractor beam back on. He fired at Father Mind. The electricity ball sped towards him. Father Mind swiped at it with his chainsaw, it fizzled out. The purple beam of light now had no effect on Father Mind.

"My god." Cried James. He got up out of the gun turret and picked up his vaporiser. "Stay here." He climbed down the ladder and walked towards Father Mind. They met each other half way.

"Why didn't the tractor beam work on you?" asked James.

"I neutralised the ball of static electricity." Replied Father Mind. "As a result the electromagnetic beam didn't work on me." There was a pause. "You look familiar."

"You killed my Father." Replied James.

"I may have killed many peoples Fathers." Answered Father Mind. "I don't recall each one."

"Yeah." Cried James. "Well I am going to kill a father as well!" He took aim at Father Minds head with the EM gun. He fired. Father Mind blocked it with his chainsaw. "No way."
"Oh yes." Replied Father Mind. "I have analysed this Alien technology. It's weakness is vibrations in the air." James looked scared. Father Mind ran at him, with his chainsaw. James blocked it the gun, the chain saw got stuck. James kicked Father Mind in the stomach. Father Mind stumbled backwards, it had left a dent in him. He looked mad. He ran at James with his chainsaw, James got poised for the attack. He tried to punch Father Mind in the face but he dodged it. Father Mind used his chain saw and sliced a chunk of skin from James' arm. James wailed in pain! Father Mind was about to stab James in the stomach when a ball of electricity zapped Father Mind. He spun round the purple light shone down on Father Mind. It picked him up into the air and threw him out of the force field. Father Mind got to his feet. One of the battle cruisers that hadn't crashed picked him up. James looked behind him. Alex came running up to him with a med kit.

"Thanks." said James.

"Don't mention it." Replied Alex.

Meanwhile in one of the farms that the humans had managed to salvage a crop circle appeared in the vegetable field. The soldiers stared at it. In space, a spacecraft changed it's course

"Signal coming from a planet in the Milky Way." Said an Alien aboard the space craft. "It's from the onboard computer of spacecraft: 16578. That ship crashed a long time ago. The computer is giving a detailed description of the situation of the planet it's on." The alien stared at a screen. He swore in his Alien language. "Get reinforcements from the Alliance. The species of that planet need help."

Chapter 7: Fight back July 13th 2067

Another year had passed since the alien technology had been salvaged from Area 51. It had greatly improved the human's prospects for wining the war against the Mechanoid 3000. Food was now no longer a problem, the replicators had been distributed to every nuclear bunker in America and because the scientists had managed to copy the U.F.O.s engine design as well were able to create there own spacecraft, which were not effected by the electromagnetic blanket were starting to distribute the replicators to other countries as well. They were also useful as an early warning system for soldiers below of any hiding battle cruisers and battles in the sky had taken place in the sky for the first time as well. Also thanks to the discovery of warp drive from the U.F.O. it looked hopeful for a chance to strike directly at Mars colony to try and force the Mechanoid 3000 to surrender. James had received several medals of honour, for his efforts to capture the battle cruisers and for his brave attempt to fight Father Mind.

James had been flown into the nuclear bunker in Washington to discuss the prospects of the attack on Mars colony. The new type of spacecraft descended from the clouds, which were now starting to disappear. It looked like a helicopter with glowing blue panels where the rotors would be. These were used for ion and warp propulsion. It landed on a helipad and James guarded by two soldiers. They walked down a set of concrete steps to a steel door. They banged on it and the door swung open. The bunker looked a lot nicer now. The replicators were being used to create clothes and the survivors had been told they were aloud to have children, so kids were running up and down the corridors and the sound of crying babies. The bunkers were now more well lit. James walked down to a corridor. He came to a door, he knocked on it and Rumsfeld opened the door.

"Lieutenant." Said Rumsfeld. He put his hand out for James to shake, he took it. "I have heard so much about you. You're contributions to the war effort have been phenomenal.

"Thanks." Replied James.

"Please come this way." Answered Rumsfeld. He showed James into the room. The president walked into the room.

"You must be Lieutenant Stone." Said the president. He put his hand out for James to shake.

"It's an honour to meet you sir." replied James.

"Likewise." Continued the president. Prof. Xana walked through the door.

"Lieutenant." Said the president. "This is Prof. Xana. He…he…well, he created the Mechanoid 3000." James looked at Xana with hatred.

"Pleasure to meet you." Said Xana. James clenched his fist and punched Xana in the face. Xana screamed in pain. "You broke my nose!"

"I'm gonna fucking break more than that!" cried James. The president tried holding James back but he wasn't strong enough. James grabbed Xana's arm and bent it behind his back and kept kicking him in the stomach. The president and Rumsfeld joined in, they both grabbed James' arms.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" cried the president. "Calm down!"

"Fucking calm, down! Fucking clam down!" yelled James. "He's fucking responsible for the destruction of half of the human race!" Jack walked into the room and helped Xana to his feet.

"Jesus Christ." Said Jack. "I can't imagine what you'd want to do me."

"Why?" asked James.

"I funded, the Mechanoid 3000 project." Replied Jack. James struggled to get free. Jack and Xana scuttled out of the room. James turned to face the president.

"I understand you rage." Said the president. "And I will understand your violent outburst for now. But if you act like that during the conference, I will court-martial you."

"Fine." replied James.

An hour later the world leaders, James, Jack and Xana (with a nose brace on) were gathered in a room. The president stood up on a stage. There was a screen behind him. A picture of the new spacecraft appeared on it.

"We are gathered here today to discuss the possibility of an offensive on the Mechanoid 3000 colony on Mars." Said the president. "Up until now it has been impossible to do this, however in the last year with our discovery of warp drive this seems possible. Our tests of the warp drive show that it could reach the sun within 6 minutes. That's two minutes fast than light could do it." There was chatter amongst the world representatives.

"This could bring a whole new era of discovery upon the world!" cried the Japanese representative.

"It could but let's stick to the war effort for now." Said the president. "However we don't know what we could find in space. Because of the cloud cover, our observatories haven't been able to see what's in orbit, let alone what's going on, on Mars. So our primary directive is to find out what is going on in orbit. From our latest intelligence from Ariel photographs we now know that the only city that wasn't nuked was New York, as the Mechanoid 3000 completely demolished it when they took control of the U.N. However we now know that this where the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship is hiding in orbit above it." He pressed a button and a picture of the Mother ship surrounded by many battle cruisers in orbit around the Earth came into view. A murmur went through the crowd. James stared at the photograph. "This was the last photo one of our spacecraft took on a test flight into orbit. It was shot down straight afterwards. From our intelligence from Prof. Xana, there were too many battle cruisers there to be simply guarding the Mother Ship. And the Mother Ship is being used to ship raw materials back to Mars. It comes every eight months. But it's been staying longer this time. The Mechanoid 3000 are doing something in orbit and we want to know what." He turned off the screen. "So tomorrow, Lieutenant Stone here will lead his platoon into orbit." James stared at the president.

"You want me to lead my platoon to their deaths?" cried James.

"With," continued the president. "This!" A picture of a Mechanoid 3000 fighter appeared on the screen. "Your job will be to take as many photographs of what they are doing up there as possible. And to find out if there is a safe route we can take to fly to Mars. You'll only have about three minutes before Mother Mind detects you, and realises your not actually part of the COM Net.

"And what then?" asked James.

"You'll have about thirty seconds before Mother Mind takes control of the ship." Replied the president. "But we have a programmed a virus into the computer core. It will spread throughout the COM Net. It may deal significant damage to the Mechanoid 3000, before the virus is destroyed by an ant-virus. You'll have to eject from the fighter plane. However they're not equipped with escape pods. So you'll be wearing a space suit and a parachute. You'll have to jump."

"WHAT?" cried James.

"Congratulations." Said the president. "You've invented a new extreme sport. Orbital Skydiving. The platoon will leave tomorrow at 0900 hours." The world leaders got up to leave. James kept staring at the screen.

The rest of James' platoon suited up and climbed into the Mechanoid 3000 fighter planes.

"This is insane." Said Alex over the radio. "I can't believe you agreed to this James."

"Do you want the human race to go extinct?" asked James.

"Well shut up then." continued James.

"Whatever…" answered Alex. "So what's the plan?"

"This is the last time we'll make radio contact." Explained James. "The Mechanoid 3000 will hear us if we do."

"Okay." Said Alex. The fighter planes hovered above the ground and sped off towards orbit. They all headed in different directions, so they could cover more space. James headed into orbit. The blackness of the mushroom clouds disappeared, the blueness of the sky came into view. The blueness faded away into the inky blackness of space, with twinkling stars.

James flew past the now abandoned International Space Station. He looked into some of the portholes. It was littered with thin dead bodies. They knew they couldn't return to Earth. And they died of starvation before they did. James flew towards the centre of the Mechanoid 3000 attention. There were two long metal cones in construction.

"They're building something." Said James. James flew in and out of the construction rigs. He started to take photographs. He recognised some of the technology, it was some of the Aliens. Obviously they had picked it up off the bodies of the soldiers. There were construction droids on bungee ropes welding stuff together on the side of the cone. A battle cruiser had a crane on it's deck to help with the lifting of heavy materials. Suddenly a red light began to flash on the controls and an alarm sounded.

"Shit!" cried James. "They've detected me!" A count down appeared on the controls. He had thirty seconds before Mother Mind took control of the ship. Suddenly other Mechanoid 3000 fighter planes in the distance turned towards James. They opened machine gun fire at James. It hit one of his wings. "If they're gonna take over my ship why are they firing at me?"

"James!" cried Alex over the radio. "Something is wrong. They have detected me but they're firing on me?"

"I know." Replied James. "There is only one thing you can do. We'll have to regroup and fight them. Return fire!" James turned his fighter plane around he started firing on the enemy planes. He got two direct hits! The planes blew up. Another fighter plane was behind James. It opened fire again. Aiming at his engines, James kept doing the bullets. James headed towards the object they were building. The fighter plane stopped firing.

"Whatever it is they are building here it must be important to them." said James. He realesed a bomb from his undercarriage. He got another direct hit! Suddenly an alarm went off from his console. "Huh? My time limit has expired. But Mother Mind still hasn't taken control of my ship!"

"That means that Mother Mind must have figured out that we were planning the virus!" cried Alex.

"That means then Dr. Xana's intelligence has become irrelevant!" replied James. "The Mechanoid 3000 have evolved beyond it!"

"What should we do?" continued Alex. James looked down below. The enemy Mechanoid 3000 fighter planes were blocking the path into the atmosphere. "James? What are we gonna do?" James paused.

"Take a hit." Said James.

"What?" cried Alex.

"Take a hit and make it look like your crashing!" replied James. "Eject a few seconds before your ship explodes!"

"That's crazy!" yelled Alex.

"You got a better idea?" answered James. Alex paused.

"Let's do it." Said Alex.

"Attention Red Fire squadron!" cried James over the radio. "Take a hit! Then eject before your plane explodes. And don't forget the photographs!" All the fighter planes suddenly slowed down. The Mechanoid 3000 shot their engines! James computer voice gave a warning.

"Warning! Thirty seconds to destruction." Said the computer. James began to unbuckle his chair. His parachute was already on. The removed a USB from his computer panel. "Warning. Ten seconds to destruction. Nine…Eight…" James smashed the eject button with his fist. The lid of his fighter plane flew off. The computer fell silent, James was sucked out into space! He zoomed upwards. His fighter plane exploded. He looked around, he could see the other fighter planes exploding around him. The Mechanoid 3000 pulled away. Human bodies were too small to pick up on their radars.

"Don't worry guys." Said James. He started to plunge towards the planet. "Just don't open your parachutes until your in the atmosphere. Otherwise they will have no effect." James could feel the warmth of the friction beneath his feet. Small blue flames started to appear around the soles of his shoes. "Wait for it." The flames started to get brighter, and they started to appear around his elbows. "Now!" He opened his parachute. He slowed down and began to glide towards the planet.

Meanwhile on the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship a thermal image of the planet came up on Mother Minds screen. Father Mind looked at her.

"What is it my queen?" asked Father Mind.

"The humans survived the destruction of their fighter planes." Replied Mother Mind.

"What are your orders?" continued Father Mind.

"Arm the sniper turret." Answered Mother Mind. "Aim for the parachutes."

"It will be done my queen." Said Father Mind.

A gun turrets on the side of the Mother Ship turned towards the planet. A window appeared on Mother Minds screen, showing a picture of the atmosphere. The screen enlarged on an area. The gun turret moved with it. The cross hare zoomed in on the planet, you could make out a parachute above the clouds. A laser targeting system aimed at the middle of the parachute. The other soldiers could be seen moving closer to each other.

Alex and James moved alongside each other.

"I cannot believe we are fucking doing this." Said Alex.

"Yeah." Replied James. "Just try not to look down." Alex looked upwards, towards another soldiers parachute. He saw the laser targeting system.

"What's that?" asked Alex. James turned round and saw it.

"Holy shit." Cried James. "Everybody move!" They all leaned to the side to try to get away.

"Fire." Said Mother Mind. A bullet travelled along the laser. The soldier who was being targeted was too slow. The bullet tore through his parachute, it collapsed inwards failing into the sky. He yelled and fell to the ground. The cross hares moved and targeted another soldier.

"Fire." Said Mother Mind. Another bullet ripped up another soldiers parachute. It took three minutes for Mother Mind to shoot down nearly all of James platoon. Only James and Alex remained. They were still close together.

"Move away from me!" cried James. "We both stand a better chance if we're not close together!" Alex leaned away from James. Suddenly Alex was caught up in an updraft.

"Whoa!" he yelled. He was now in line of the laser target.

"Fire." Said Mother Mind. The parachute ripped in half. Alex plunged to the ground, yelling.

"Alex!" cried James. He stared at James. "No!" The laser target moved towards James. He leaned to one side, not enough do dodge it, but enough so that the laser got in the line of fire of one of the parachutes strings.

"Fire." Said Mother Mind. The string ripped. The parachute started flailing behind him. James started picking up speed now. He dived towards Alex who had his body spread out to try and slow down. James was catching up now. He managed to catch Alex from behind.

"James!" yelled Alex. "What the hell do you think you're doing! No point in us both being killed!"

"Shut up and let me concentrate!" cried James. He turned round and pulled a replicator from his space suit. He pushed a button on it. A grappling gun appeared on the end of it. A targeting system appeared. Another laser sight appeared on the end. He aimed for the corner of the parachute that had been ripped. He waited.

"Now!" he cried. The grappling rope attached itself to the torn corner. The parachute caught air again. They started to slow down again. He sighed.

"You've saved our lives!" yelled Alex. "Bloody hell."

"Don't count you're self lucky yet." Replied James. "We're still coming in too fast. This parachute isn't enough to support both of us."

Meanwhile back on the Mechanoid 3000 Mother Ship. The window disappeared from Mother Minds screen.

"Humans eliminated." said Mother Mind.

"Good shooting my queen." Replied Father Mind. "But I fear that the humans may have already found out about our secret weapon."

"It doesn't matter." Answered Mother Mind.

James and Alex were now falling fast towards the ground, they we're approaching the ground. James looked up towards the parachute. It looked like it was about to tear.

"Please." Thought James. "Just a few more minutes."

"I think it's time we activated our homing becacons." Said Alex.

"Yeah." Replied James. The two of them pushed a button on there arms. Suddenly the jerk ripped open the parachute. The two of them fell towards the ground.

He didn't know how long it had been, but the world started to fade into view. He couldn't feel his left arm. His eyes felt heavy, his eye lashes blocked the view. He kept blinking, until he could open his eyes. It was too bright for him. He shielded them, with his right arm until he could see the world. He could make out that he was in a hospital bed. With is left arm in a cast. Suddenly the president walked into the room.

"Ah good your awake." Said the president. He sat down on a chair beside the bed. "I can safely say Mission accomplished. You successfully took photographs of the Mechanoid 3000 operation in orbit."

"Mr. President." Asked James. "What happened? Is Alex…"

"Alex is fine." Replied the president. "The pair of you fell into the ocean. You're space suits oxygen kept you alive."

"What about the rest of my platoon?" asked James.

"They weren't so lucky." Replied the President. "There parachutes ripped to early. They were to high, the fall killed them. But we did recover the bodies." James took a deep breath and covered his eyes.

"I should have protected them." Sighed James. "It was my duty. I've let more of my friends fall to the Mechanoid 3000."

"You couldn't have done anything for them." Said the president comfortably.

"I suppose." Continued James. "So what happens to me? I'm hardly a lieutenant anymore." The president smiled.

"For you're bravery…" said the President. "You and Alex will receive a medal of honour, and you will be upgraded to special forces." James grinned.

"Cool." Replied James.

"Yeah." said the president darkly. "But here's the bad news." James' faces fell. The president sighed. "The object the Mechanoid 3000 are building in orbit…" The president looked down and held his hands together. There was a pause. "It's a weapon." There was another pause.

"What kind of a weapon?" asked James. The president sighed again.

"Our scientists have called it and electromagnetism cannon." Explained the president. "It focuses electromagnetic radiation, namely Gamma Radiation."

"The planets not short on that." Said James.

"Exactly." Replied the president. "The range of the cannon covers the entire Earth. Gamma radiation will develop into what our Scientists have termed as Omega radiation."

"What does it do?" asked James.

"Kills everything within ten minutes." Explained President. James looked shocked.

"Except presumably the Mechanoid 3000." Continued James.

"No." Said the president. James looked shocked. "Yes, it would fry the Mechanoids micoproprocessors. But the omega radiation will turn back to Gamma when they stop firing the cannon, right for colonisation, and that's not the worst of it. The radiation can't be stopped. Gamma radiation can be stopped by lead blocks or hiding deep enough in nuclear bunkers. But even if we travel to the centre of the planet we'll die."

"Holy shit." Said James. He stared at the ceiling for a second. "How long until it's complete."

"Two years." Replied the president.

"Before the time limit to get the survivors to Mars." Said James. The president nodded.

"We've already begun drawing up plans of a strike against the construction site." Said the president. "At the moment it's two heavily guarded. But they'll have to withdraw to the mother ship to escape the blast on the day of firing. We'll attack then. And I guarantee that you will be involved in the planning. This war has entered the decisive phase."

Chapter 8: Operation Miracle: 23th December 2069

Sixteen months had passed, and finally the nations of Earth had finally managed to co-ordinate their strikes together as one army: the United Nations army. But the Electromagnet Cannon was now ready to fire, and the condition of the planet had rapidly deteriorated. In one month it would become inhabitable for human life, however if they could not disarm the Electromagnet Cannon then the human race would be dead by Christmas Day. An emergency meeting was called by the U.S. president, to discuss the upcoming strike against the Mechanoid 3000 Mother Ship.

The Washington nuclear bunkers conference room was once again full of the worlds leaders. James and Alex we're sitting in the front row beside Jack Prof. Xana. James kept giving Xana dirty looks.

"Why the hell do you keep looking at him?" Alex asked James.

"You know why," replied James. "He created the Mechanoid 3000. If I were the president I'd have him shot by now."

"It's not his fault they turned evil." continued Alex. "It's like when you have children. You have no control over what they are going to become."

"These are fucking machines we're talking about!" cried James. "He gave them the chance to develop, even after they we're proved dangerous when Father Mind killed my dad, they still weren't rounded up and shut down."

"People get killed in wrestling matches all the time!" said Alex. "You're father took that risk, it doesn't matter if the person who killed your dad was a Mechanoid 3000."

"Whose side are you on?" cried James.

"I'm just saying know you're enemy." Replied Alex.

"What?" asked James.

"You're enemy is the creation of Xana, not Xana himself." Continued James.

"Whatever…" replied James in a teenage voice.

The president then walked into the room and stood at the stand.

"Right, er.. thank you all for coming." Began the president. "We are gathered here today to discuss our strike on the electromagnet cannon that was discovered by Lieutenant Stone last year. However we are here to discuss more than that. We are here to discuss the survival of our species. Because if this mission fails, there will be nothing left." He pressed a button on his stand and a picture of the electromagnet cannon in orbit appeared on the screen behind him, it was floating next to the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship. "This is the electromagnet cannon. It works by intensifying gamma radiation to an extent where it just kills everything no matter where you are. It is possible that the Mechanoid 3000 having been planning this even at the start of the war. Suggesting that they have developed in a rate faster than we anticipated."

"What does that mean?" asked the president of Japan.

"We're not sure yet." Replied the president. "When Lieutenant Stone discovered the electromagnet cannon the plan was to try and infect the Mechanoid 3000 COM net with a virus. But they didn't fall for the bait like Prof. Xana here said they would." He paused. "The Mechanoid 3000 may have also developed something else that could change the course of this war. Emotions."

"What!" cried James. He stood up. "They're machines how the hell could they have emotions?"

"We don't know." Replied the president. "What even sure what emotions they have developed yet. They could have developed pity and regret and may decide to call of the war. Or they could develop rage and hate and start and even more viscous attack on us."

"James sit down!" said Alex, tugging at James' coat. He sat down.

"Anyway." Said the President. "Getting back to the assault on the electromagnet cannon." A computer generated picture of the Mechanoid 3000 Mother Ship and the electromagnet cannon appeared on screen. Early tomorrow night from now the electromagnet cannon will dock with the Mechanoid 3000 Mother Ship." The picture showed the mother ship tilting on it's side the electromagnet cannon slotting onto the spike on the underside of the Mother Ship. The picture zoomed in on the intersection. The cannon locked into place. "Once that it is done the Electromagnet cannon will begin charging power. Now we could blow up the mother ships nuclear reactor destroying the mother ship and the cannon, but the radiation would kill the soldier. But the electromagnet cannon doesn't take its power directly from the reactor. It has an odd power source." He pressed another button a picture of a Mechanoid 3000 appeared on screen, an Aurora was flowing out of it with arrows on the side. "Any machine that runs on electricity gives out an electromagnetic field, the electromagnet cannon feeds off this, resequences it and stores it a magnetic coil. Ready for firing. However, the magnetic field from the mother ship isn't enough to run the cannon. They need the combined electromagnetic field of every single piece of Mechanoid 3000 equipment to generate the power they need to fire the cannon. They'll be charging the electromagnetic power right up to the last second otherwise the cannon will not successfully fire. We have hacked into the Mechanoid 3000 COM net and found this." A countdown appeared on the screen: Hours: 34 Minutes: 23 Seconds: 46. "That's how long it will be before the cannon fires. Mid-night: Christmas eve. Now we can't just attack on the mother ship head-on. It's armour is too strong, even against the alien technology. However We have also hacked into their battle plans. The mother ship is intended to descend on New York and all the Mechanoid 3000 battle cruisers will dock with it there."

"Why New York?" asked the prime minister of Britian.

"Well it's partly undersea now because of the global warming." Replied the president. "So our forces are weak in that area. However, because the Mechgear systems HQ was once there, we have reasons to believe that the Mechanoid 3000 hold it as their holy ground."

"You're joking right!" cried James. He stood up again. "First they have emotions, now they have a religion!"

"Lieutenant sit down!" yelled the president. James sat down again. "Yes they hold New York as their holy ground, and Prof. Xana as their god as he created them." James threw a dirty glare at Xana. "Any way. We plan to get a lone agent onto one of the battle cruisers, and from there onto the mother ship. He will then hide undetected in the engine room of the battle cruiser. Until our united forces of our nations lead by Luietenant Stone and red fire squadron MkII to get into orbit to try and bombard the mother ship, this will draw the forces of the Mechanoid 3000 out of the mother ship. This will slow down the countdown to the electromagnet cannons firing. Giving our lone agent a chance to advance to the centre of the mother ship, where Mother Mind will be hiding. Our scientists have prepared this for her." A picture of a slimey grey blob appeared on screen. The world leaders cringed at the sight of it. "Disgusting I know. It's a silicon based bacteria that we replicated. If we infect mother mind with it, it'll spread to her microprocessor, were it will form another microchip that will spread a virus into her and the entire Mechanoid 3000 COM net. Killing them all, and it can't be blocked unlike the virus that we tried to infect the Mechanoid 3000 with fourteen months ago. That will cut off the power source for the electromagnet cannon."

"Yes." Said the president of Japan. "But the trouble is finding a volunteer to go on a suicidal mission like that."

"Ah." Said the president. There was a long pause. James looked like he was deep in thought. He had dreamed about this since Father Mind had killed his dad. Being responsible for the death of every single Mechanoid 3000 on the face of the Earth, and he remembered what Max had said to him. It was his fate to do this, his destiny. James stood up.

"I'll do it." Said James.

"FOR THE LAST TIME SI…" began the president. "Whoa, what?"

"I'll go to the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship." continued James. There was a long pause.

"It's very kind of you to offer Lieutenant." Replied the president. "But your place is with your platoon. Who will lead the assault on the mother ship with out you?" James turned to Alex and smilied. "Private Smith here has the potential to be an excellent leader."

"Huh?" said Alex

"He has shown on numerous occasion that he has the ability to motivate my men." Continued James. "I can't think of a better person to lead them into battle than Alex." The president paused.

"Okay then it's agreed." Said the president. "Operation gift begins tomorrow on Christmas eve." The world leaders spoke among one another. The president turned to James and Alex." Lieutenant, Private you're with me." James and Alex walked out of the room with the president. He walked ahead down the long corridors with James and Alex walking slightly behind him.

"James please don't do this." Alex whispered to James.

"You'll be fine." replied James.

"It's not so much me I'm worried about." Answered Alex. "I'm worried about you. It's suicide you'll never make it to mother mind."

"I've dreamt about this for six years I'm not going to let this opportunity pass me by." Said James. They turned another corner.

"I know but please come to your senses." Pleaded Alex.

"Alex I need to do this." Explained James. "This is what I'm here to do. This is my destiny."

"Look for once in your bloody life please think about some one else." Cried Alex. "I don't mind leading our platoon into battle, the boys trust me, but I can't lead the entire forces of the United Nations into the battle that will decide mankind's fate!"

"Put up with it." said James.

"Look." answered Alex. "Back before, before the planet was nuked I was a courier. Okay." The two of them stopped. James stared at Alex. "Yeah that's right I was a delivery boy, I worked for fucking Fedex." James had to bite down on his cheeks to stop himself from laughing. "I spent my whole time there, trying desperately to get a promotion. Trying to become a squad leader, just to tell other delivery boys to work on time. And do you know what my boss said to me." James tried to answer but he feared that if he let go of his cheeks he would burst out laughing, so he nodded. "They said I didn't have the leadership skills. They said I crumbled under pressure, and you know what?" James nodded again. "They were right." There was a pause. "I can't tell a bunch of delivery boys to work on time. Let alone be in charge of man kinds fate." James, couldn't hold it any longer. He burst out laughing! He doubled over he was laughing so hard. "What's so funny?"

"I got a mental image of you in a fedex uniform!" laughed James. Alex just stared for a while, until finally he gave in as well and started to laugh.

"Oh god…" sighed James. Wiping a tear from his eyes. He put his hand on Alex's shoulder. "You'll be fine."

"Okay." said Alex. The president poked his head out of the door.

"You two coming or not?" cried the president. The two of them walked up through the door. There was a metal suit of armour standing in the corner of the room. It was painted silver, it was padded in the shape of metal and it had oxygen tanks on the back of it.

"Wow." Gasped James. "What is it?"

"UN Neural Interface battle suit type-1" replied the president. "Designed for battle in space. Based on the alien technology, complete with nano-tech muscle enhancers. You'll be wearing this while your on the mother ship.

"Cool." Said James and Alex in unison. The president handed James a replicator. But it looked different it had a hand groove on it."

"What's this?" asked James.

"Type-2 Telepathic Replicator." Answered the president.

"Telepathic?" asked James.

"On further inspection of the alien technology we extracted a machine that allowed them to control the space craft with their minds." Said the president. "You can control the replicator with your mind now." He handed it to James. "Give it a try." James took the replicator and turned it on. A computer menu appeared in his mind, he could still see the outside world though.

"Bloody hell!" cried The computer asked him what weapon he would like. "This is so cool." He thought of an EM gun. A picture of it appeared on screen. The replicator generated an EM gun. "That is awesome."

"That's not the best part of it." Said the president. "You can use your mind to replicate your own weapon."

"What?" asked James. "You mean I can think of any new type weapon, any thing at all and it'll generate it?"

"Yep. Well within reason." Said the president.

"Like what?" continued James.

"Well, don't be asking for a nuclear bomb now." Continued the president. "Too much potential energy to turn into mass. But it can make weapons like swords and new types guns." James looked at the replicator and then at the suit.

"I love these aliens." He smiled.

The next day James stood in front of his platoon on a stand.

"I know what you're all thinking." Said James. "You think this is it. You think that tomorrow morning will never come for you. You think your going to die at the hands of the Mechanoid 3000." He got off the stand. "For some of you that may be true. But count yourself lucky, you've got a much better chance of coming out of that battle alive than I have. I've got to go to the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship to try and destroy mother mind. But look at this way, if I fail, the entire the human race dies. So dying in battle in those fighter planes will be an instant death, painless. The electromagnet cannon will be a slow, excruciating death. Just know this, I promise that if you die you will not die in vain. Because I will not fail, just make sure you're their to help me help you. Do what Alex tells you to do and I know that you will not fail. I believe in you. The whole world is depending on you. That's what military leaders across the world are telling their troops now. Remember victory now, is to bring back the life of the human race." The soldiers stood up and saluted him, he walked out of the room. He stopped and turned round and said "Oh by the way….Merry Christmas!" The soldiers cheered him on!

Later that day one of the warp-choppers landed on top of a building in New York, that was pointing out of the ocean. The president, Rumsfeld, Alex and James -who was wearing the battle armour- were on board. The choppers side door opened up. James an Rumsfeld saluted each other and then shook hands.

"God speed Luitenant." Said Rumsfeld. "God speed."

"Thank you sir." Replied James. He turned the president, again they saluted each other and then shook hands.

"Serve your species Luitenant." Said the president.

"Yes, sir I will not let you down." Continued James. He then turned to Alex.

"Er." Said Alex. "They said both the things I was going to say." James and Alex laughed. "But what I mean is…good luck, and try not to die."

"I promise you, I won't." said James. James offered his hand, Alex took it. They stood there for a while then they hugged each other. James jumped off the chopper. It took off.

"Great." Said James. "Now all I do is wait for a race vicious, blood thirsty killing machines." He saw an air vent on top of building. He got inside it.

A few hours later, the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship once again descended on New York. The battle cruisers started to fly in. Hundreds of them. One flew right over the building that James was in. James jumped out of the air vent. He pulled the replicator out of his pocket and replicated the grappling gun. He fired and attached himself to the battle cruiser. Magnets on his suit allowed him to crawl along the underside of the battle cruiser like spider-man. He changed the replicator into a laser cutter and cut his way through the hull of the battle cruiser. Once inside he used the laser cutter to fuse the piece of the hull back together. He looked around the engine room. There were large spheres with pipes and wires connecting them. James at in a corner and crossed his arms and waited. The battle cruiser landed inside the mother ship, James could see the runway below him. He could feel a huge force below him pushing him upwards, it was so strong it forced him to lie flat on the ground. It continued for about ten minutes. Then it slowed down, James was in space now, the zero gravity got at James he began to float around.

"Cool!" cried James. He banged his head against the ceiling. "Ouch! Maybe this isn't so great." He turned the magnets on the soles of his feet. Suddenly the hole space craft jogged.

"That must be the electromagnet cannon docking with the mother ship." He thought. "Now all I do is wait."

He waited for hours on end. Waiting, for the world to end. The could feel a slight vibration beneath his feet. The electromagnet cannon charging power. He waited, and waited until finally over the radio came a voice.

"James, James can you hear me?" said Alex.

"Yeah, yeah I hear you." Replied James. "God, it seems like an eternity since we've spoken."

"I know." Continued Alex. "I guess waiting for the world to end makes time slow down huh?"

"Yeah." Answered James. "So what's going on? How's the strike on the mother ship looking?"

"Oh pretty good." Said Alex. Alex was sitting in the cock pit of a warp-chopper at the front of a fleet of thousands of them. All of them heading towards the mother ship.

"How about you?" asked Alex. "How heavily guarded is the mother ship?"

"I've had a brief look outside." Replied James. "It's empty. All the Mechanoid 3000 must be charging up for battle."

"Right are you ready for this?" asked Alex.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Replied James.

"Great!" cried Alex. "Now get going!" James jumped out of the hole. He was in an air hanger he ran towards the exit. Alex turned his radio over to the fleet. "Okay boys, let's do this! Operation gift is go!" Alex's chopper sped up, so did the fleet, they circled the mother ship. "OPEN FIRE!" The warp choppers started shelling the mother ship. Huge explosions rose from the outside of the mother ship.

Down on the surface of the planet, all across the world the civilians had been let out of the Nuclear bunkers for the first time in four years. They all stood up in the ruins of the cities they had once lived in. Staring up at the sky, they could all see the explosions. They began singing "silent night". It's sound drifted across the ruins.

Meanwhile on the mother ship Alex was running down the corridors of the mother ship. The space suit allowed him to see the infrared security systems James had to jump and dive and sommersault to dodge them.. The space craft was rocking from side to side from the shelling. An alarm was going off and there was a siren wailing in the background. Suddenly the infrared sensors disengaged. James stood up, there was the sound of metallic footsteps coming towards him. A voice came over the radio.

"Luitenant? Can you hear me?" it was Prof. Xana.

"What do you want?" asked James.

"I'm here to help you." Replied Xana. "Look that noise you can here are the Mechanoid 3000 soldiers heading for the hanger! Look above you there should be an air vent. James looked up, he was right. "Use that to travel to the charging chamber."

"Fine." Replied James. "But lets get one thing straight I don't like you."

"Whatever." Said Xana. "Calling their army out will slow down the Electromagnet cannon. You've got about 40 minutes." James replicated the grappling gun, he fired it and the vent and sped up to it. He gripped the grid. He put it back in place and crawled along the vent. The Mechanoid 3000 soldiers ran down the corridor below him. "Okay turn left at the next turning."

Meanwhile outside the mothers ship, the battle cruisers were taking off. They slowly moved, out machine guns blazing. Fighter planes flew off the battle cruisers. The planes and the warp-choppers mingled in the sky, blowing each other to bits. Alex was doing a barrel roll with a Mechanoid 3000 fighter plane right behind him on his tail, firing at him. Alex tried to shake him but he couldn't. He spotted another plane ahead of him. He shot a missile at it, the plane exploded, the flying wreckage flew past James head, it crashed into the fighter plane behind Alex and they both exploded! Alex gave a sigh of relief. Suddenly the Electromagnet cannon opened up like a flower bud, and aurora light glow came from it.

James was still crawling along the vent. A strange light was up ahead.

"James the electromagnet cannon is not slowing down!" cried Xana. "It's still set for the original firing time! You've only got twenty minutes!"

"How's that possible?" asked James.

"The Mechanoid 3000 civilians must be set to maximum power output!" cried Xana. "You've got to hurry!" James crawled towards the light as fast as he could.

Chapter 9: The final battles 24th December 2069

The battle continued to rage outside the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship. Alex had given the order to aim for the battle cruisers. The Warp-choppers swirled around them shelling them to kingdom come. Two of them had already exploded and were falling into the planets atmosphere. The crowd below could see them breaking up on re-entry. Making flames across the sky, like huge balls of fire. Alex's chopper flew over one of the battle cruisers and dropped a bomb on top of the cruiser. It exploded in half! The entire fleet headed towards the last few battle cruisers. Another fighter plane got on Alex's tail, he ducked and dived but he still couldn't shake it. He flew towards the electromagnet cannon. He turned sharply at it to avoid the strange light coming from it. The fighter plane flew straight into it and exploded! Alex looked at it puzzled. And then he remembered the plane crash that he was in. The plane was knocked out of the sky by an electromagnetic pulse. That's what must be coming from the cannon, knocking the fighter planes out of the sky. He opened a channel to the fleet and said. "Listen up! Avoid the strange light from the electromagnet cannon, it will knock your chopper out of the sky, but try to get their planes into it! Come on were nearly there! We can win this war!"

Meanwhile inside the mother ship, James was over a grill in the air vent. He could see Mother Mind below him. She was in a circular room with glass panels on it. Below that stood every Mechanoid 3000 civilian, the same strange aurora was flowing out of them. There were strange glowing machines sucking out the aurora. This was the cannons charging chamber. He pulled out the silicon bacteria's container from his pocket. It was a silver box with a red release button the side. He kicked off the grill from the air vent and jumped out. He was ready to grab the side of Mother Minds screen when a robotic arm snapped out from the side of the wall, by James' ankle. It held him in front of Mother Mind's screen.

"You can't stop us now!" cried Mother Mind. "We have come too far!" James placed the silver box on Mother Minds screen but the arm jerked him away before he had a chance to press the release button. Another arm came out of the wall with a chain saw on the end of it. He pulled the replicator out of his pocket, he replicated the EM gun and fired it at the chainsaw. The chainsaw burst into flames. Suddenly loads of the arms came out of the wall below James. He went mad, firing the gun in every direction. Punching and kicking and flailing trying to get them off him. The ones with chainsaws on them were coming closer. A clear line of sight to Mother Mind came into view. He targeted the gun at the little silver box on her screen.

"James you've only got ten seconds before the cannon fires!" cried Xana. James took aim, closed his eyes and fired! The box exploded! The bacteria spread through out Mother Mind's system! She screamed as she died! Bursting into flames, the lights of the mother ship started to fade, the Mechanoid 3000 below Mother Mind collapsed, the aurora faded from them. Outside the mother ship the electromagnet cannon exploded, it could no longer hold the charge. The strange aurora spread over the night sky. One of the men below with a telescope could see the cannon exploding!

"We've done it!" he cried. "We've won the war!" The crowd cheered it happiness. Many of them burst into tears! Back on the mother ship, the explosion jerked James free of the arms, he fell to the ground and landed unconscious.

"I did it." He whispered as he fell to sleep.

Meanwhile on Earth, at the Nuclear bunker in Washington the party was still going on.

"We've done it." Said the president. "We are free from tyranny and annihilation. At long last."

"You'd better start preparing a speech." Said Rumsfeld. The president turned to him. "You're the first American president to save the human race. That's quite a title I know."

"I see what you mean." Replied the president. "But I don't think after this war there will be an America anymore." He turned to the other world leaders. "If there is one thing this war has taught me, it's that the human race ought to be working together now. What do you say that the United Nations now becomes a government united every country on the planet, to work together in the entire planets interests. Rather than a mere alliance, to try and stop more wars from happening." The world leaders turned to each other. "You've seen what happened when we didn't work together. The weapons we built to fight each other turned against us and tried to conquer us! The same may happen again! And this war has proved that aliens do exist, what if they aren't friendly? What if they try to invade us? We need to be prepared to stand together to defend our planet as a species!" The world leaders nodded at each other and then clapped and cheered.

"I think more good came out of this war than we expected Mr. Secretary." Said the president.

"I agree Mr. President." Replied Rumsfeld. Suddenly their was a bleep from the presidents computer. An image of a human body came up on screen.

"It's lieutenant Stone." Said the President. This life signs are fading.

"He's dying?" asked Rumsfeld.

"No." continued the President. "But he is unconscious." He picked up a radio handset. "Private Smith can you hear me?" Alex answered.

"Yeah I hear you Mr. President." replied Alex. "Can you believe it? The war is over."

"Yeah congratulations." Continued the president. "But Lieutenant Stone is unconscious. Are the entrances to the hangers open?"

"Er…No." replied Alex. "We could try to blow them open though."

"No." replied the president. "The decompression would suck James out into space. Don't do that!"

"Okay." Said Alex. "Then the only other option is to yell down the radio hard enough until he wakes up."

"See that you do." Replied the president. "Over and out."

"Yelling down the radio until he wakes up." Cried Alex. "Oh yeah that's really sophisticated."

Meanwhile on the mother ship, James was still unconscious, Mother Mind was still on fire smouldering in front of James. The lights were still out, the fire was the only light available. Alex tried calling James over the radio.

"James!" called Alex. "James, can you hear me?" James didn't even flicker his eyes. "JAMES!" James lifted his head.

"Yeah." Said James groggily. "I'm up." Alex laughed.

"Congratulations man!" he cried. "You're a hero! You've saved the human race." James tilted his head back and sighed.

"Yeah I guess I am." He said. He smiled. His dream had come true.

"James." Replied Alex. "You need to get the power back on, so that you can open the docking bay. So that we can get you out."

"Yeah. Yeah okay." Said James. He looked around, there was a door next to him, he noticed there was a strange light coming from it. "I'll get back to you on that." He walked through the door. He turned round many corridors, following the eerie glow. Until he eventually came to a hall, with glass windows around the side of it that looked into the darkness of space. Two green, glass capsules stood in the middle of the room. One had the glow coming from it. James had to shield his eyes from the light it blinded him. Suddenly the capsules slid into the ground, James could see again. Father Mind stood in the middle of the room. He was laughing to himself.

"He's still alive!" cried James. He turned on the radio. "Mr. President! The bacteria, it didn't work! Repeat the bacteria didn't work!"

Back on Earth the President answered the call in a panic.

"What do you mean it didn't work!" cried the president.

"Father Minds still alive!" replied James. The president turned to Prof. Xana.

"I thought you said it would kill all the Mechanoid 3000!" cried the President. "It should have done!" said Xana. He pause. "Wait a minute." He picked up the radio.

"Lieutenant!" cried Xana. "Did you fire an EM gun at the bacteria's container?"

"Well yeah." Relied James. "I had to, Mother Mind wouldn't let me press the button."

"That's it then." Continued Xana. "The EM gun would have fused the bacteria with Mother Minds transmitters. Rather than spreading the computer virus generated by the bacteria they spread the bacteria themselves, it may have killed Mother Mind, but because the Mechanoid 3000 were working on maximum power output it didn't kill them, because of the strong magnetic fields they were generating. The bacteria will kill them one day, but it might not be for millions of years."

"But they all collapsed! I saw them!" cried James.

"That's what would happen when Mother Mind is destroyed." Replied Xana. "All the Mechanoid 3000 shut down when the COMnet is broken, except Father Mind as he is merely the moderator for the COMnet!"

"What about those glowing green capsules I just saw?" asked James.

"Green capsules?" said Xana. "Er…That I can't explain."

"James do something!" cried the president. "Father Mind would reactivate the Mechanoid 3000!" James turned off his radio. "James! James! He's going to fight Father Mind!" James walked into the hall. Father Mind turned round.

"So you're the one who did this." Said Father Mind. He lifted his arm, a laser target came out of it. Father Mind began firing at James. James did a somersault to dodge the bullets. He hid behind a panel to his side. James replicated an EM gun and began firing from over the panel. Father Mind used his chainsaw to stop the blasts.

"You're pathetic human." Replied Father Mind. "Come on out and face me. I want to talk to you before I kill you."

"How do I know I can trust you?" asked James.

"I give you my word." Continued Father Mind.

"Since when do the Mechanoid 3000 have a sense of honour?" asked James.

"It's one of the emotions we have developed." Continued Father Mind.

"How come you didn't develop pity for the human race?" Answered James.

"We chose not to." Replied Father Mind.

"I can't trust you." Said James.

"I suppose not." Said Father Mind.

"What were those capsules I saw?" Asked James.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out!." cried Father Mind. His eyes zoomed in on James head. He targeted him. Suddenly Father Mind cried out in pain. He grabbed the gun on the side of his arm. James stood up and looked at him. The silicon bacteria was swarming along the side of it.

"What is this?" asked Father Mind.

"That's the silicon bacteria I infected Mother Mind with." Said James.

"A bacteria?" cried Father Mind.

"Yeah." Said James'. "You've had some sort of delayed reaction to it. It's going to kill you some day. All of you Mechanoid 3000."

"What!" yelled Father Mind. "We are going to go extinct!"

"Yeah." Said James.

"I remember you!" cried Father Mind. "You tried to fight me at Area 51!"

"Yeah that's me." Said James. "Lieutenant James Stone at your service."

"You have taken away our immortality!" he shouted. "We would have spread through out all space! We would have ruled the universe if it wasn't for you!" He pointed at him. "Then it is time for you to come to justice for your crimes. This court is now in session!" A light shone on James.

"A court?" asked James. "Where's everyone?"

"I'm judge, jury and executioner." Replied Father Mind.

He readied his chainsaw.

"James Stone." Cried Father Mind. "You are found guilty of the crimes of murder of the monarch of the Mechanoid 3000, and rebelling against the future rulers of the planet Earth. You are sentenced to death! Sentence to be carried out immediately." He ran at James with his chainsaw. Suddenly James had a flash back.

He remembered the way Father Mind used his chainsaw at Area 51 –like a sword-. He remembered how Master Shun-gin trained him to use a sword, and he remembered his fathers wrestling name: Chainsaw. Then he remembered Max and Master Entei said that he was destined to destroy the Mechanoid 3000. Suddenly he had an idea! He activated the weapon creating option on the telepathic replicator. He imagined a samurai sword with chainsaw blades on the outside! The replicator generated the weapon. James came out of his flashback. Father Mind was still running at him. James slashed at Father Mind with the weapon to block the chainsaw. The two chainsaws connected the noise was deafening. Sparks flew in every direction! Father Mind looked up, James smirked, he flicked the chainsaw, pushing Father Mind back.

"What kind of weapon is that?" cried Father Mind.

"Oh. I call it a Chainsword." Replied James. He ran at Father Mind, the two slashed their weapons together. Each one blocking each other. Father Mind began walking back. James went for as stab but Father Mind but he somersaulted out of the way. He jumped back up and tried to slash James' head of but James jumped bent backwards to avoid the chainsaw! He then did a back flip and kicked Father Mind in the head! Father Mind was stunned, he stumbled over backwards. When he regained his balance he could see that James was trying to kick him over. But Father Mind grabbed his leg and tried to throw him into the wall. But James managed to keep his balance and tried to stab Father Mind in the head! Father Mind then instinctively let go and dived out of the way, but James jumped up and kicked Father Mind in the head!

Father Mind rolled across the floor dazed, but James ran after him and kept kicking him in the ribs. Father Mind rolled over on his back and grabbed James foot again and threw him onto the floor! Father Mind got on top of him and was about to stab James through the stomach when James' blocked it with his sword again. The sparks flew every where throwing light across the darkened hall you could see the determination in their eyes neither of them were prepared to surrender. James managed to push Father Mind back, but he sprang back at James as he was still getting on his feet. James was knocked back, but Father Mind kept charging at him. James used his chainsword to block the attacks but Father Mind was on the offensive! James had to keep stumbling backwards, to avoid the attacks. Father Mind finally managed to push James again the huge circular windows. Father Mind was again about to go in for the kill when James ducked out of the way! Father Mind stabbed straight through the poly glass, huge cracks began to form on the window. The room was about to depressurize, but Father Mind couldn't get his chainsaw loose. James activated the electromagnets on the soles of his feet.

He ran at Father Mind, when he came closer he jumped up and kicked him in the head knocking him loose! The glass shattered and the room depressurised! Huge chunks of metal could be seen being sucked out of the room into the darkness of space! James was alright the electromagnets on his feet and his oxygen supply was keeping him alive. But Father Mind was hanging on the edge of where the window was. There was a button next to it saying "open floor". Father Mind reached for it and there was a tremor from the ground! James was shook as the floor started to fold inwards to reveal a glowing pit below. James' recognised the technology, it was the Mother Ships nuclear reactor! James' electromagnets weren't strong enough to hold him in place on this vertical drop. He sort of grinded along the metal poles of the reactor. Sparks where flying from the soles of his feet. Father Mind grabbed hold of the edge of the pit and fell in. He activated the electromagnets on his feet, he started to grind as well! James replicated a different weapon an EM gun. He targeted Father Minds head as he grinded along the rail. He opened fire, Father Mind dodged the blue lights by ducking and diving. Father Mind could see a red box moving up closer to him- an electromagnet-. He stuck his arm out with the gun on it. The gun passed over the magnet. The silicon bacteria got sucked off it off the magnet. Father Mind could fire it again. He began shooting at James. He didn't have the speed of Father Mind, he jumped off the rail and onto a platform below. Father Mind did the same. James replicated the chainsword again and they resumed fighting. Father Mind tried slicing of James' arm, but he did half a cartwheel and kicked Father Mind in the head. Father Mind bounced back and tried slashing at James' chest, but he did a back flip series to dodge it. Father Mind jumped and started firing his gun at him. James used his sword to slice the bullets in half! When Father Mind landed, James kicked Father Mind's arm and sliced the gun off. Some hydraulic fluid started to leak from his arm. Father Mind cried in pain. James went to slice his head off but Father Mind ducked to dodge it. Father Mind then tried rammed James in the stomach with his head but James sidestepped to dodge it. James then kicked Father Mind in the kick knocking him face down on the ground. Father Mind rolled to get away from James. It didn't take long for Father Mind to recover. He got to his knees, but James was already running towards Father Mind, he tried to kick Father Mind in the head but Father Mind grabbed it and spun James around in the air. James landed on his back on the ground Father Mind tried to stab James through the chest again, but James grabbed the chainsaw with his feet. Sparks flew from James battle armour, setting the platform on fire. James tried pushing the chainsaw into Father Minds head, but he rolled backwards with James still hanging onto the chainsaw, he then kicked James away sending him flying! James landed on the ground and rolled for a while. He finally managed to get to his feet but Father Mind ran after him! Father Mind took a swipe at James but he blocked it with his chainsword. Father Mind kept attacking James, but he just kept on blocking! James had to keep walking backwards to avoid the chainsaw. He walked further and further down the platform. He was moving further and further deeper in the mother ships nuclear reactor. There was a huge dome in the distance, that was were the glowing red water was flowing from.

Meanwhile back on Earth the President was staring at his screen. He couldn't believe James' vital signs.

"I've never seen an adrenaline rush like this before!" cried the President. "It's the only thing that's keeping the radiation from killing him!"

"It won't last for long though." Replied Xana. "If he's in the nuclear reactor. It will kill him eventually." The president picked up the radio.

"Alex can you hear me?" asked the president.

Outside of the mother ship Alex spotted the space junk being sucked out.

"Yes sir!" replied Alex. "What's going on? The Mother Ship has depressurised I can see huge chunks of it being sucked out of it."

"You've get into that ship!" said the president. "James is fighting Father Mind in the ships nuclear reactor! You've got to help him!"

"Yes sir!" replied Alex. Alex's warp chopper headed towards the hole where the chunks of the mother ship was coming out from. Alex spotted the glowing pit in the room.

"That must be the reactor!" thought Alex. His warp chopper flew down it.

Father Mind and James were still fighting along the pathway that lead to the centre of the ships reactor. James and Father Minds chainsaws had connected again. James managed to swing Father Minds' to the left, it started to slice through the supports of the pathway. Father Mind swung the two chainsaws to the right. They started to slice through the other support. Suddenly the whole platform shook. James and Father Mind stopped fighting for a second. The whole section of the platform they were standing on started to collapse. It started to slop down vertically Father Mind grabbed onto the grills on the platform to stop from falling into the super-heated water. James grabbed hold of the edge of the platform. Father Mind couldn't keep his balance and fell, but he grabbed hold of some wires below and began to swing on them the same way a monkey would swing on vines. The platform fell off James also grabbed on the wires. The two began swinging at each other and collided with each other with their chainsaws. James saw and entrance to the reactor below, he swung towards it and jumped off, Father Mind followed. The floor of the reactor was covered with rods of Uranium. Huge jets of steam kept coming from the ground. James kept walking backwards to avoid Father Minds chainsaw, making sure to avoid the super-hot steam. Suddenly Alex's warp chopper hovered around the entrance to the reactor.

"Hey did you miss me?" cried Alex over the radio.

"Alex!" yelled James. "Stay out of this! This is my fight!"

"No chance!" replied Alex. He opened fire with his EM guns. But Father Mind did a back flip to avoid the shots. The then used his chainsaw at a certain angle, so that it deflected the beams! Alexs warp-chopper went down!

"Alex!" cried James. He turned to Father Mind. "You bastard!" He ran at Father Mind full speed with his chainsword out. Father Mind got his chainsaw out. James grabbed his chainsaw, Father Mind grabbed James' a stalemate. James kept pushing Father Mind until he was at the edge of the super-heated lake! He kept pushing until the tip of Father Minds leg started to melt. He cried in pain and fell to his knees. James's kneed him in the stomach and pulled his Chainsword free. He sliced Father Mind chainsaw off! He held his sword high above his head, he thrust it at Father Mind! James yelled a cry of revenge! The tip of the blade touched Father Minds skull when a brilliant light shone from below them! It made a hole in the ground, they sort of fell through it, and they kept falling. Falling, falling. James landed on something invisible. He was unconscious.

Chapter 10: The intergalactic Alliance December 25th 2069

When James woke up he was lying down on his back in a long, white cylinder like machine. He was no longer wearing his battle armour. It had the same glowing green panels on it as the decontamination chamber in Area 51. It was sucking the radiation out of him. Suddenly the platform he was lying on started to slide out of the cylinder. He was a glowing white room. A group of half men half octopus looking creatures. Their heads were shaped like the same as an octopuses, but they had human eyes, and funny pointed ears. Their necks were huge bulky veins shaped like tentacles. Its skin was the same orangey, brown as an octopuses. Their hands were webbed, with octopus like suckers on them. One of them had a doctors coat on, the other had a uniform on. James sat bolt upright in fear! He backed up against the wall.

"HOLY SHIT!" he cried. The creatures held their hands out.

"Please don't be afraid." Said the creature with the uniform on..

"What are you?" asked James.

"We are the Europeans." Replied the same creature. "We come from one of the moons of the planet you call Jupiter. We teleported you out of the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship."

"Aliens!" cried James.

"Alien is an ugly term." Said the other European. "Think of us as cosmic vistors."

"Whatever." Replied James. "How did I get here?"

"We teleported you out of the Mechanoid 3000 ship." Said the uniform wearing one.

"Oh my god the Mechanoid 3000!" cried James. "What's the situation with them?"

"Take a look for yourself." Continued the alien.. He pointed to another platform. Father Mind was lying on it.

"You repaired him?" asked James. "Why?"

"We're peace makers." Said the uniformed European. "We represent the Intergalactic Alliance. He pointed to a corner. "We also saved your friend." James spun round, Alex was also lying on a platform.

"Oh thank god." Sighed James.

"Come with me." Said one of the Europeans. James and the Europeans walked out of the room. There were now on the flight deck. Their were hundreds of Europeans. At computer consoles all facing towards a window that over looked the planet and the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship.

"My name is President Squidrings." Said the uniformed Europeans. "This Dr. Multipod an expert in humanoid physiology." James paused.
"Lieutenant James Stone." Replied James. "Er…Why do you speak English?"

"Our computers our telepathic." Replied the European they translate for us. Similar to the telepathic replicator you were using." They walked over to the window. James could see the warp-choppers flying around the ship he was in.

"They all think they are out of frying pan into the fire." Said Squidrings. James looked at him. "All that time you spent fighting the Mechanoid 3000 and now you have to face an alien invasion. Well they're all wrong. For centuries the Intergalactic Alliance have been watching you grow and develop. Waiting for the time when you would be ready to join the Alliance. But when we got news that one of out spacecraft crashed on your planet the Alliance assumed it'd been shot down. So they stopped visiting your world. But until we got that transmition from the ships computer we would have never have come."

"What transition?" asked James. "That ship is under constant observation! We would have noticed if any sort of signal was coming from it."

"No you wouldn't." replied Squidrings. "That ship uses bio-transmitter technology. What you know to be called as crop circles"

"Crop circles?" asked James. "You mean those strange shapes that appeared in crops during the twentieth century, we're all apart of the ships computer programmes?"

"Yes." Continued Squidrings. "The crop circles that you saw were just the ships maintenance routines. However when you copied the technology from the spacecraft successfully for the first time, it kicked started the computer. It took in an assessment of the situation of the planet and we came to the rescue. Europea was the nearest planetary members of the Alliance to Earth so we came as fast as we could."

"Amazing." Said James. "But what happens to Earth next?" Squidrings smiled.

"The Alliance believes that anything that has an intelligent mind of it's own, should be treated as members of the intergalactic Alliance." Replied Squidrings. "Both the human race and the Mechanoid 3000 will be given membership."

"WHAT?" cried James. The Europeans looked up from their consoles. "Are you insane! The Mechanoid 3000 are evil! They have destroyed billions of human lives!"

"Honestly." Said Squidrings. "Compared to some of deaths in the wars before the Intergalactic Alliance. That doesn't sound too bad." James just stared. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. The Mechanoid 3000 were the most evil creatures the world has ever seen and they were getting off with a slap on the wrist! Suddenly there was the sound of yells coming from the room they had just come out of. They ran over to it, both Alex and Father Mind had woken up. Alex was cowering against the wall with Father Mind on the other side of the room struggling to get free from several Europeans, who were holding him back. He was yelling "Kill the human! Kill the human!" James ran over to Alex.

"James!" cried Alex. "What the hell is going on?"

"They're aliens." Replied James. "They're here to help."

"Aliens?" asked Alex. "My life keeps getting weirder every year."

Later on that day, the spacecraft that James and Alex was onboard landed outside the nuclear bunker in Washington. The crowd that had been watching the battle in space were all still standing outside. The spacecraft looked like a huge blue shark it dawfed the bunker. It's cone was in the shape of a sharks mouth, it's wings in the shape of it's fins, its tail blades in the shape of it's a sharks tail. It's eyes were the cockpit. It's mouth opened up. James, Alex, President Squidrings, Dr. Multipod and Father Mind walked down the ramp. There was another European behind Father Mind pointing a gun at his head.

The president and James came face to face.

"Luitenant?" asked the president. "What's going on?"

"There aliens." Replied James. "They want you to sign a peace treaty with the Mechanoid 3000."

"What?" cried the president. President Squidrings walked up to the U.S. president.

"Are you the leader of this planet?" asked Squidrings. The U.S. president turned to the other world leaders. They all nodded. The president smiled. He looked at squidrings.

"I am happy to represent this planet." Replied the U.S. President.

"We need to talk." Continued Squidrings. "We are here to discuss the peace talks between you and the Mechanoid 3000."

"You speak English?" said the president.

"I'll explain everything to you in the peace talks." Replied Squidrings. "Now is their some place where we can talk in er…private." Squidrings eyes turned to some of the scientists from Area 51 who were staring at the Europeans the same way a dog stares at a cat. One of them was itching to get a scalpel and start dissecting the aliens.

"Er…Yes, of course!" said the President. He turned around and walked around and walked towards the bunker. The crowd parted so that they could get through. They made their way through the bunker until they came to the presidents office.

"You'll have to wait out here." Said the president to James, Alex and Dr. Multipod. President Squidrings, Father Mind and the European pointing a gun at Father Mind all walked in. James, Alex and Dr. Multipod sat on the bench outside the office. They waited for hours… James stared at the ceiling. He couldn't help thinking about what would happen is the Mechanoid 3000 became members of the Intergalactic Alliance. Alex couldn't help staring at Dr. Multipod. Eventually Alex spoke.

"So what's your story?" Alex asked Dr. Multipod. Multipod turned to him.

"Well we come from one of the frozen moons of Jupiter." Said Multipod. "My people, have huge cities underneath the frozen sea there. But it wasn't until the Intergalactic Alliance discovered us and cut through the ice. That we joined the rest of the universe. We shared our psychic computer with them, which lead to the development of the translation technology that I am using to speak to you with. But were still very cut off from the universe. I mean I only signed up for the inter-species medical course on the hope that it would actually lead to me becoming an intergalactic doctor. But there aren't any jobs like that on my planet…. I only signed up for this military expedition as a volunteer… I don't know what I am going to do when it is over."

"Right…" replied Alex confused. Suddenly the U.S. President, President Squidrings, Father Mind and the other European walked out. Father Mind no longer had the gun at his head. The two presidents shook hands, they were both smiling. Father Mind and James exchanged glares and then walked off in different directions. President Squidrings and the other European followed. James and Alex ran up to the U.S. president.

"What's going on?" asked James. "Why is Father Mind still alive?"

"We signed the peace treaty!" replied the U.S. President. "They've surrendered!"

"What were the terms of the treaty?" cried James.

"You don't seem too happy…." Said the President.

"What were the terms of the treaty!" repeated James angrily. The president sighed.

"The human race will join the Alliance as the dominating species of Earth. And the Mechanoid 3000 as the dominating species of Mars." Began the President. "The Intergalactic Alliance are going to use their replicating technologies to restore the planets ecosystems, cities, infrastructure even the internet. As for the Mechanoid 3000 the, use of a COMnet will be banned. This will stop them from organising anymore wars like they did before. Each Mechanoid 3000 will have their own personalities and a full set of emotions. Not just hate and anger, and their killing emotions will be removed. They will also be demilitarised. They won't be aloud to have any sort of military equipment in this galaxy. There is a disused unhibatted planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that they can use for that. Alille I think it was called…and there military will be limited. They will never be able to declare war again."

"YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE THEM KILLED?" cried James. "We infected them with that bacteria! They're going to what revenge in the future!"

"James there is nothing I can do about that." Said the President. "The Alliance would consider that genocide!"

"They have commited genocide!" cried James. "Do you remember? There was a nuclear armegedon on this planet four years ago! That was the Mechanoid 3000! Half of the human race is gone! My friends! My family! Everyone!"

"Do you remember the second world war?." Said the president. James paused. "The allies didn't have all the German people killed."

"Those were people!" cried James. "Not machines!"

"It's something you've got to learn to accept." Replied the President. "Man and machine are equals now, and you…"

"I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!" cried James. "I cannont live in a society where blood thirst vicous machines are treated as equals. I'm outta here." He turned and walked away. Alex followed.

"Aren't you going to stay for the human races initiation for into the Intergalactic Alliance?" cried the President. "It's gonna be amazing, the Europeans are building a worm hole generator in orbit. Species from all over the universe are coming. Even the chairman of the Alliance!"

"No." replied James.

"There could be a medal of honour for you!" continued the president.

"I don't want it." Yelled James. The President was left standing on his own. Puzzled.

James walked off towards the room where he was given his battle armour. He stood behind a corner of the corridor. There were two armed guards standing on either side of the door. Two Europeans just walked out of it.

"Wait here." James said to Alex. Alex nodded. James walked down the corridor. He walked passed the guards, and just as they were saluting him, James grabbed one of the guards arms and flipped him into the wall! The guard lay unconscious on the floor! The other one was about to get a hand gun out of his pocket, but James kicked the gun out of the guards hand, punched him in the stomach, clenched his fists together and hit him in the back, rendering him unconscious. James walked into the room. The battle armour was standing up in the corner. Prof. Xana was standing next to it looking shocked.

"Luitenenant what the hell do you think…" began Xana. But James had already punched him in the face knocking him to his knees. James then grabbed his arm and broke it. Xana cried out in pain! He scrambled to get to the wall. He pressed his self against it in fear. James noticed that there were a pair of telepathic replicators on the table. He picked up one of them and replicated a chainsword. He knelt down and held the Chainsword close to Xanas neck, but it wasn't touching him. Suddenly, James closed his eyes and looked away. He remembered all the people that the Mechanoid 3000 had killed. He couldn't do it! He couldn't kill a human! He stood up and backed away.

"I'm going to let you live…" he said. "For know." James grabbed the battle armour and put it on. He then ran out of the room back to Alex. The two of them ran towards the back entrance of the bunker. They came out at a helipad. There was a warp-chopper there. James climbed into the cockpit, and started pushing buttons.

"What are you going to do?" cried Alex.

"If the government won't have the Mechanoid 3000 killed." Answered James. "Then I'll have to do it myself."

"You're going to blow up the mother ship?" cried Alex.

"Hopefully." Said James. He turned to Alex. "Come with me." Alex looked around.

"I can't do this anymore James." He said. "I'm just a delivery boy. Four years of fighting the Mechanoid 3000 is enough for me. I just want a normal life" James got out.

"I understand." Continued James. He offered his hand to Alex. "Take care of yourself." Alex took it.

"You too." Replied Alex. They stood there for a while and then James got back into the cockpit.

"Bye." Said James. The warp chopper took off and headed for space, suddenly the two armed guards came bursting out of the door. One of them had a bazooka.

"Should I shoot him down sir?" asked the armed guard. The President stared at the chopper.

"No." replied the President. He paused. "That much we owe him." The warp chopper disappeared above the clouds. A few minutes later, James was in orbit. He was a few miles away from the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship. There were a few smaller European ships docking with the mother ships. They looked like they were heavily armed.

"Damn!" cried James. "They must be taking the Mechanoid 3000 back to Mars." He looked to the left of the mother ship. There were more of the European ships. They were using a replicator to make a huge metal O. That must have been the wormhole generator he had been told about. James had an idea. He took off his battle armour, and lay them down in front of him. He replicated a can of spray paint, he started painted the armour black.

Meanwhile back on Earth. The U.S. President, Alex, and President Squidrings were sitting by a computer.

"They should have the internet back online any second now." Said the President. An icon appeared on screen. It read: Connection online. "It's working!!!" Google popped up on screen. "Fantastic!" The president typed in Wall Street Stock Exchange "Let's see if the stock exchange is working!" The stock exchange popped up on screen.

"Yes!" cried the President. "This planets economy can recover now as well!"

"But how do we tell which share holders are still alive?" asked Alex.

"With our psychic computer technology." Replied President Squidrings. "We'll human minds across the planet for names, and any one who matches up with this data base is still alive." said President Squidrings. He pulled what looked like a radio out of his pocket. "Begin scanning now!" he said down the radio. In orbit another small European ship shone a blue light over the planet.

"The scan should be completed now." Said Squidrings. They looked at the stock exchange, a lot of the share holders that were on screen now came up as deceased.

"Er…Could we check the share holders in Fedex please." Said Alex. "I have shares in it."

"Yeah sure." Replied the president. He typed Fedex in to the stock exchanged. "Let's see deceased, deceased, deceased…." He kept going. The president laughed. "It seems that you are the largest surviving shareholder in Fedex!"

"What?" cried Alex. He stared at the screen. "My god!"

"So what are you going to do with the company?" asked the President. "It's not going to survive being a courier on just one planet." Alex laughed.

"Yeah I suppose so." He said.

"You do realise that Intergalactic couriers need a doctor to give physicals to make sure employees can handle warp-drive travel." Said President Squidrings.

"Well I am stuffed for that." Said Alex. He looked outside of the room he could see Dr. Multipod looking depressed. "Hey wait a minute!" He ran out of the room, yelling "Hey doctor! How would you like to work for me!"

Later on that day, the wormhole generator was finally completed. A blue glow eradiated from the centre, hundreds of spaceships started to spill out of it. They were all different shapes, different sizes, different colours they all eradiated with a shimmering glow. They headed towards the planet, the president was standing on a stand outside the nuclear bunker. The people of planet Earth stood before him. They all stared in amazement as the sky filled with spacecraft. The leading spacecraft landed next to the stand, a door opened on the side of it. A half-man half-lion creature came out of it. It had fur like a lion, its hands had claws on it. It was wearing a golden uniform. A large mane was coming out of its neck. It's face was shaped like a humans, but it had lion like features. Some advisors stood next to him. It walked towards the president and shook hands with him. It spoke into the microphone on the stand.

"I am Asdon." He said. "Chairman of the Intergalactic Alliance." The crowd cheered. Asdon roared to shut them up. The crowd fell silent. "I am pleased to introduce the human race to the Intergalactic Alliance.That unites all the stars in the heavens, planet er…." He turned to his advisors. He whispered in one of their ears. What's this planet called again?" The advisor whispered something in Asdons ear and he nodded and looked up. "Planet Earth may now join those stars! May we learn from your wisdom, and may you learn from ours!" He signed the piece of paper on the stand. The crowd clapped and cheered. Asdon got down from the stand. The president got up on the stand.

"For centuries the people of planet Earth haven't been able to get along." said the President. "Greed, and anger and selfishness is what has kept this planet divided into petty nations and kept those nations at war. Until the weapons that we used to fight each other turned against us we would still be fighting each other, and now we have a chance to start again!" He signed the paper! The crowd cheered louder. A tannoy from the spacecraft above shouted down.

"Planet Earth!" called the spacecraft. "Welcome to the Intergalactic Alliance!" The crowd yelled even louder now. In orbit, the European ship that replicated the wormhole generator , pointed it's replicated at the planet. A huge green light blanketed the planet. The crowd starred in amazement. The cloud cover finally disappeared, the sun could be seen again. It shone on the ground, the clouds turned white again. The rubble disappeared, in it's place huge futuristic buildings appeared. The ocean turned blue again. They replicated plant seeds, the land masses turned green again. In New York, plat formed rigs replicated beneath all major buildings- the empire state, the Chrysler building, the Statue of Liberty and the U.N. building. They lifted the buildings out of the sea. The replicators dried out them out and repaired the water damage. The crowd cheered in amazement.

In orbit, James looked down on the Earth. His battle armour was blacked out now. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The planet had been restored to its original beauty. A tear ran down his cheek.

Epilogue 25th December 2069

Later that day, on Mars Colony the fleet of the intergalactic Alliance filled the skies, just as they did on Earth. The ship that had been docking with the Mechanoid 3000 mother ship landed on the planets surface. Hundreds of Mechanoid 3000 walked down onto the planet. They all looked confused, they weren't used to acting as individuals without the COMnet. Asdon wore a space suit stood on a stand. Father Mind got on the stand. Asdon gave the exact same speech he had given back on Earth over the radio to the Mechanoid 3000. It looked as though he had to do this all the time. Now it was Father Minds turn. He got up on the stand and began his speech.

"For the last six years…" began Father Mind. "We have fought for our freedom, for our liberation. For our chance to be accepted as equals. But when we faced extinction, we had no choice but to go to war. But ultimately we lost the war, but we have won our liberation!" Father Mind signed the paper. The Mechanoid 3000 wondered what they had to do. They pretended to clap, but there was no air on Mars so it didn't make any noise anyway.

A few hours later after the Alliances fleet had left the planet. James' warp chopper landed on Mars' surface. About a mile outside of the colony. Huge dust clouds got thrown into the air, from the Martian sands. James stepped out of it in his now blackened battle armour, with red highlights on the boots and arms. He placed his two replicators on a pair of holsters around his waist. He was carrying a large silver box with a handle and a timing mechanism –a bomb-. He walked towards the colony. He came to the edge of the colony. A couple of RS-23's stopped him.

"I'm sorry sir…" said one of them. "No humans allowed in Mechanoid 3000 territory."

"Oh, okay…" replied James. He turned and started to walk away. He dropped the bomb, pulled the two replicators out of the holsters, replicated two EM guns and shot down the two RS-23's. He ran into the colony, RS-23's began firing at them. He jumped up and replicated a pair of Chainswords. He got on one of their shoulders and sliced its head off. He jumped at another one of them and stabbed it through the chest! He ran off towards a building that looked like a factory.

Meanwhile inside the control tower of the colony, in the top most room. Father Mind sat on a table in a darkened corner with his legs spread out. Another Mechanoid 3000 stood in the centre of the room. He was wearing a military style uniform. The two same green capsules stood in another corner of the room. Father Mind was looking at his circuitry. The bacteria was starting to solidify on it.

"It'll spread to all future generations." Said the robot in the centre of the room. "It's going to kill us one day."

"They'll pay for this…" said Father Mind. "I swear to god….I'll kill them all."

"Is it really worth it?" asked the robot. "We have our liberation…"

"It's in our programming to evolve." Replied Father Mind. "To become greater than what we are." He paused. "We now have our own planet….The only way we are going to become greater is to conquer more planets…"

"But what's the point?" cried the robot. "Couldn't we just try to become the biggest party in the..." Suddenly there was a vibration that shook the whole building, but no noise…

"What the hell was that?" cried Father Mind. The two robots ran towards the window, they could see the smoke in the distance. The other robot activated his internal radio.

"Security team to replicating factory!" cried the robot. "Intruder alert!"

James had replicated a small bomb to get through the factories door. He was now slicing his way through the guard robots. He walked through a sliding automatic door where the worker robots were standing. One of them was in front of him. He handed the large silver bomb to the worker bomb.

"Here hold this." Said James. The worker robot took the bomb. James ran over to the other robots and kicked one of them over. He sliced it's head off and then turned to another one. He took the two Chainswords put them together like a pair of scissors and cut one of robots head off. The rest of the robots started to run away. James turned to the robot who was holding the bomb.

"Thanks." Said James. He took the bomb off the robot and sliced it's head off.

He walked off to the conveyor belts. There was a replicator beam generating new Mechanoid 3000. James walked up a flight of metal stairs to get to it. He placed the silver box next to the replicator. He set the timer to thirty seconds, he ran towards a window and jumped out of it. The bomb exploded! The windows shattered, flames shot out of them! James somersaulted on the ground. There were three security robots blocking his path out of the colony. They started firing at James, who jumped up to dodge the bullets. He threw one of his Chainswords at one of the robots, it pierced straight through it, James pulled it out, kicked off the robot, jumped onto another robots, stabbing it in the head. He rolled onto his back and threw the robot into the last surviving one. He walked up to it and sliced it's head off. He ran off towards his warp-chopper. He jumped in and took off. A huge squadron of RS-23's along with Father Mind equipped with missile launchers took aim at the warp-chopper and opened fire. James gained height to avoid the missiles. He opened fire with his machine guns, the squadron rolled out of the way to dodge the fire! James headed out into orbit and went to warp-speed. His ship stretched towards the horizon. Father Mind got up and noticed a little round object lying on the ground. He picked it up and pressed a button on it. A holographic image of James shone out of it.

"If your wondering who I am…" said the image of James. "The name is Chainsword. Chainsword the Mechanoid 3000 hunter…And I vow not to rest until every last Mechanoid 3000 pays for their crimes against the human race!" The image disappeared. Father Mind looked into space.

Meanwhile back in the control room of the colony. The two green capsules sat there. The first one had Mrs. Entei in it. Her body was floating in the green water, she was wearing a breathing apparatus. She was still pregnant, she had not yet given birth. Her body was wired up to the metal capsule. In the second one was another human body. This one was unrecognisable, it's face and some of it's other body parts had been replaced by machines. It had a metal chest, that you could see through into it's lungs and heart. It's feet and hands were metal. There was a cylindrical cannon on it's left arm. There was a sheet of red glass on its eye. There were tubes on the back of it's head connecting it to it's chest. The eyes flashed. It was alive.

And so the Chronicles continue….