Whenever a new dawn breaks,

I see, again, the courage that it takes

For you to rise up, greet the day, and it's uncertainty.

Pretending to be oblivious to the painful damned reality

That awaits your arrival,

More than ever, lethal

To all those who dare cross its path.

Forcing upon them its wrath,


War and chaos is how we call it,

"More than words could ever describe" is how you put it.

But you keep on marching through,

You said it is your job, your duty,

That it's something you must do.

You lost a comrade, a friend, a brother

Or whoever they were,

But you keep on marching through.

You lost a lot of things, maybe even everything,

Yet it seems it doesn't really matter,

Because you keep on marching through.

You're terrified, I can feel it. (Heck, who isn't?)

But you never show it.

You never wished to be out there,

Yet you're in harm's way, armed with a gun and a li'l prayer

Asking that the Lord may keep you and the men with you

From all the hurt that this madness is gonna put you all through.

My friend, my hat's off to you.

This is for all the members of our Armed Forces, especially to all those who are about to be shipped out to or are already in places where they shouldn't be, but need to be in order to fight for our freedom(whew!). Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. More to come! Feel free to comment.