"I'm not going to explain the seriousness of this again."

"I understand." replied a deep males voice as he slipped on a black top hat.

"There'll be many around you, Ives… remain as unknown possible." came a females voice.

"This mission is already over." he told her before lowering a thin, small mobile phone. Turning his face, he looked to the underground. Stepping forwards from the shadows of the alley, he made his way down the stairs. Ives dull blue eyes scanned over the many people waiting for the next train. He wasn't out of place here, dressed in a black suit with a black tie and a white shirt, with fairly big cuffs that folded back, held together with a cufflink in the shape of a silver bullets.

He paused though, looking to two guards that were talking more than surveying. Shaking his head, Ives pulled out a cane and rested the tip on the ground in front of him as he stood, waiting. The cane had a yellow handle on it that went up, then folded back. It had little black cracks over it, while the actual body of the cane was black, with a twist; like a vine which went around the outside of it.

So far, there was no-one whom Ives was looking for, but, he was a little early. It wasn't until a train shot pass, making the lights rattle above every ones heads that Ives caught sight of something that… interested him. When the lights had gone off briefly, a male that stood at the side of a trash can glanced away, but his eyes gave off a blue glow when the darkness had covered them.

Ives' eyes were fixed on this man and he started to walk over, holding the cane under his arm. The male pulled a sweet wrapper from his pocket and put it in the bin, then from his other pocket, he drew out a small brown bag and also put this in the trash as he glanced over and saw Ives getting ever closer. The male pulled a smile, but Ives returned with a grin, flashing two small fangs. He put his hand in his pocket and a small click was heard.

"Bastard!" the male hissed under his breath. "Slave." he whispered.

"Slave?" Ives asked, stopping in the other side of the trash can, taking out two black gloves.

The male watched the gloves slide onto Ives pale, thin hands. He glanced to Ives eyes. "Come now…" he said lowly. "What are you going to do? With all these people around… You can do nothing, Vampire." he whispered.

"Demon," Ives started, tilting his top hat so the brim of it hid his eyes. "I can do nothing but what I am told." he said coldly. "After all, you should know that after addressing me so… Slave." he said and the word rolled on his tongue.

The creatures eyes flickered at Ives, turning amber. "Vampire… the undead shouldn't fight, and you should tell your master that."

"Mistress." Ives told him before a gloved hand reached into the trash can, taking the brown bag, his eyes however, never left the demon that stood in front of him.

"A woman…" the demon laughed now. "A woman controls you? You're nothing but a shame, Vampire… Have you no guts?"

"Have you do morals?" Ives asked. "Sexist pig." he added. "I will no longer kill you on my mistress' words." he said slowly.

"Then you have come to your senses-"

"I will kill you for your lack of respect." Ives said, quietly, but strongly. "Times up, Demon." Ives told him and the demon watched as Ives started to draw a gun. The demon turned, bolting away as quick as he could, followed by Ives. The demon panicked, shoving past people. Knocking many over into others. Ives pulled the trigger and the bullet hit the demon in the leg. Tumbling down, rolling under screaming people whom ran at the sight of the gun. The demon fell down into the tracks and lay there for a split second, looking slowly up to the vampire and his evil, sinister grin. He raised his hand quickly and a bullets shot out from his fingertips.

Ives jolted back slightly as the bullets all pounded into his chest and stomach. "Stay away, Salve." the demon called, standing up to see if the vampire had fallen, but, no, Ives gave a faint laugh. Staring for a moment, the demons mouth fell open. Almost everyone had made it out of the underground. Still screaming and crying to get away.

Ives aimed his weapon at the demon. "All that is dead is not forgotten." he told him. Firing, though the demon shot out of the way and ran into the darkness of the tunnel. Ives cocked an eyebrow at this and lowered his gun. Without a second more, he jumped down into the tracks, but glanced to his chest as the bullets started to make their way to the surface. Walking calming into the darkness, Ives' dull blue eyes glanced about. The murkinness around him did little to put him off, he saw everything. The demon's eyes were glowing as he looked over his shoulder towards Ives.

"Stop it, Vampire!" he yelled. "What good is chasing me down here?" he asked. "What good will it do? Do you even know why you are after me?"

"You insulted my mistress." Ives said plainly.

"I might before that…" he hissed. Two more bullets fired from his fingers and struck Ives in the hip.

Ives stumbled to the ground. "Nothing mattered before that." Ives said. "Your ignorance has blinded me." he added with a laugh.

"Look at you." the demon said, now turning to frown at Ives. "How you going to get yourself out of this one?" he asked. Saying nothing, Ives was fixing all his energy in removing the bullets in his hip. "Answer me!" the demon shouted.

"I answer to my mistress and my mistress alone." he said simply. "What are you waiting for demon?" Ives asked. Putting his hand in his pocket again, a click heard lowly. Feeling the wind start to pick up… they both heard it. The next train. Lights came quickly around the corner and the demons face dropped as he made his way past Ives, trying to get his legs to move faster, but the bullet was burning inside his leg, and it didn't help as Ives rammed his cane out under the demons legs, then shot four rounds into the demon, two just above his hips and the last two in his spine. The demon fell, gasping deeply.

"You'll die too…" he muttered as blood ran from his mouth.

Hearing the bullets ping on the ground after leaving his hip, Ives stood. "All that is dead is not forgotten." he repeated. Turning as the train raced towards them, Ives shot into the darkness of the wall. The demon screamed, but the sound was over taken by the train as it zoomed right over him.

"Following with tonight's main story, two unknown males have died. Police were alerted to the scene by more than fifteen people that were in the area at the time. It's said that both men exchanged gun fire. Witness' say that there was no hint the fight would brake out. One states that one male was shot in the leg and fell down into the tracks before more shots were fired, striking the second male. Soon after both men took the fight into one of the tunnels.

One body has been found. But police say the body has been so badly mutilated that finding out who this person was may be imposable. The body had a number of injurys apart from what the train had caused, bullet holes in the males legs and upper body have been discovered.

The body of the second male has yet to be found, and is thought it's more than likely been ripped apart by the force of the train. One thing is known though, no-one would have been able to escape-"

The reports voice died as the television was turned off. "Ives…" hissed a females voice, she sat, glaring at the empty screen of the television. She folded her arms and let her eyes close as two hands came to rest in her shoulders. "What didn't you understand about: remain as unknown as possible?"

The only reply she received was a deep laugh.

She hissed again, hiding the secret smile which played about her lips. "You've angered me… Ives'" she told him and sighed, losing her smile, "So much that I am putting you into work with Derek."

"… I wish only to serve you." he whispered. A melancholy look grew about his face as he pulled the brown bag out from his pocket and placed it on the small table at her side.

"Derek needs you more than I at the moment… You do not listen to me, Ives. I have tried everything, and… although you are wonderful at your job, there is no discipline. We leave tomorrow night." she added. "I am going with you to help Derek with his work also, but, you must take orders from him…"

With that, Ives hissed, tilting the brim of his hat again. "If it pleases my Lady." he replied, moving away from her now, backing in to the shadows of the room that was only lit by a fireplace.

"Ives…" she said, turning her face to speak to him again, but, he had gone as quickly as he had entered. "I wish you wouldn't do that… There is a door." she said, though her words were only heard by her ears, and her ears alone.