Lover's Grasp

I've seen you one too many times before

Like a cold killer seeing his victim on the shore

The last times feeling not even hate

But on the beach feeling remorse is a little late


Do you really understand my dear?

The first time asking with so much fear

Rejection not bringing envy that time

If I were a killer hanging on would be my only crime


And now I've decided this is like death

But sometimes I get life from sights of your breast

Don't ask me why and don't kneel to pray

You'd just close your eye wanting me to go away


I look in your eyes and I may not want a kiss

Just an ordinary smile of black humoured bliss

And I'm not sure how I should think about the scowls

But being something together can't be too foul


There's a face of poison spitting out love

And an eye of lust taking all the venom from above

And there's some sad fuck crying about that one

He's a grumpy old cunt who hates what love has done


I've had the pure turn me away with a whine

Well I'll bless myself by thinking about it all the time

The dirty turn their nose up at one so low

Well I'll just blame myself about the seeds I haven't sown