Dear Diary,

It's my birthday again! This last year has been amazing! I still remember my seventeenth birthday two years ago when Denny pushed Heather into the pool. Good times… Being at college is so different than being in high school. I'm still adjusting to living without Luke, but I'll get used to the twenty minute commute to his campus. When he heard that I wasn't going to go to the same college as he is, he totally freaked, but I think he got over it once he found I was so close. I think we're almost ready for our first time, but I might wait a little while longer. He came to my birthday party today. I was so excited because he told me that he couldn't come. What a sneaky liar…hasn't changed a bit.

Denny and Fee were there, too. Denny moved to southern California to go to college there and he met a girl. She came too. She's really sweet. Her name's Jessica. Fee and Sam ended up going to the same college and they have been going out for…three months now? Anyways, they're really happy together. Weird, he seemed to be more…well calm and Fee isn't. Opposites attract, I guess. Heather ran into Andrew the other day and punched him square in the nose, Josh told me because she told Josh. I never thought she had it in her. Yeah I did, she's still the same old bitch, but now she is a college bitch.

Josh is going to a college in Nevada and he came to my party, too. He still looks great. He came with his new girlfriend, Tabitha. She's nice. She's a cheerleader, yippee. Just kidding, she really is nice. My new friends came, too. Too many to name, in fact I'm not sure I knew all of their names, but we had lots of fun.

Mom and Thatch went on vacation to Bermuda last week. They deserved it. They've been working so much lately. I visited dad yesterday. I cleared his grave and put down fresh flowers. I miss him so much. Luke and I celebrated his birthday last week. He lives on in our hearts.

Life has been so good lately, I'm scared. I'm just waiting for someone to come and rain on my parade. Well, let's not think negative. Oh, got to go, Luke and Josh are back with the beer!!! Okay, underage drinking is bad, shame shame, but the party don't stop until I drop (passed out drunk.)

Much Love, Rae!

Authors Note: OMG!!!!! Thanks so much for reading!!!!!! This is it, yes I know it's sad. I thought the ending was nice. Maybe a little too nice, but there is always room for a sequel. Not right now though, I have way too many stories I need to finish. Anyways, thanks to all my readers and to all my reviewers...and well to aeveryone on fictionpress!!!! I love you all!!!!!