Chapter three - Departure

Since the next day was Saturday, Mitchel and Zane could sleep in. They awoke at the astoundingly early hour of 1 pm. Bleary-eyed, and rumple-haired Zane stumbled into the kitchen looking for nourishment when he saw the clock flashing the time mockingly at him, 1:03. Squinting at it for a minute or two, then he stumbled to the sink, and took a long drink of water. As he was wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his red shirt, the small green digits finally registered into his sleep fogged brain.

-"Mitchel!" he bellowed, "We have to leave in 12 minutes!"

-"Wh-wha?" Yawned Mitchel as he came out of his bedroom.

-"We have to leave for our History of Ancient Asia class lecture at 1:30, don't you remember?"

-"Oh yeah, that. Yeah, better hurry up then." And with that, Mitchel slumped onto the couch, ready to go back to sleep.

-"Mitchel!" Zane poked him in the back. "Get your butt of the couch and wake up for goodness sake!"

Mitchel grunted, but did not budge till Zane pushed him off the couch.

The next 23 minutes were spent brushing teeth, throwing clothes on, and running about making the apartment even messier than it had been before. When they finally ran out the door, they were ten minutes late for the lecture they were supposed to attend for their History of Asia class.

At four o'clock that afternoon, the two friends came back to their apartment tired and hungry, very hungry. They walked through the door, and heard the loud beep of the message machine announcing that they had missed a call. Zane walked over to the phone and pushed a button. His younger sister's voice filled the apartment.

"Hi Zane, it's me, Diana. Can you please come home as soon as possible? Mom is very sick and in the hospital. And Dad is gone on a business trip, and I don't know how to reach him. Please come, I don't know what to do and I'm so worried. Call me on my cell when you get this message, even if it's late. I don't care if you wake me up. Please. Bye."

Zane swallowed once, and sat on the couch. This was the thing he had been expecting least. Last time he had seen his mother, she had been as healthy as usual, and now, only a month later, she was in the hospital! "Oh please God, don't let Mum die!" He prayed silently.

Mitchel quietly handed him his cell, and said, "Call Diana, she'll be glad to talk to you."

Zane nodded, and dialed his sister's number. After a quick conversation, he hung up, set the phone on the coffee table, and sat still on the couch, his shoulders slumped.

-"What did Di say?" Called Mitchel from the kitchen where he was scavenging for some food.

-"Diana was so relieved when I called. She says that Mum is out of immediate danger, but that she might make a turn for the worse at any minute. She is in an Intensive Care unit." Zane followed Mitchel into the kitchen, where he saw that he was cooking a huge pan of pasta.

-"I told her I could come for a week, but I hope I won't have to miss more than a week of classes. She'll call me tonight to tell me how Mum is doing."

-"Here, have some pasta. Being hungry always makes things look worse than they really are." With that, Mitchel handed Zane a heaping plate of pasta with pasta sauce and parmesan cheese.

During the 24 hours that followed, Mitchel proved himself very helpful with all the numerous things that Zane had to do before leaving. Zane was worried, and flustered, for he loved his mother very much.

Many times during the flurry of preparation he thought of the dark eyed girl, and wondered if he would get a chance to see her.

Mitchel drove his friend to the train station, where he was to take the train for the long trip home because train was so much cheaper than flying.

-"Bye Zane." Said Mitchel awkwardly, hugging his anxious friend. "Give these to your sister, she always liked them." And he thrust a box of chocolates that he remembered Diana liked very much. He had always wanted a little sister, and Diana was the closest he ever had.

-"Thank you so much Mitch. You've been such a help to me since yesterday." Zane took the box for his sister and hugged his friend.

-"I'll call you tonight to tell you how mum is. Bye!" Zane climbed onto the train, and waved to Mitchel, who waved sadly back.

-"I'll miss you! Hurry back!" He called as the train began to move. With a last glance at his best friend who leaving him for a week, Mitchel trudged back to car, feeling as though he had the longest week he had ever lived ahead of him, when all of a sudden, his cell rang.

Mitchel pulled it out of his pocket, and looked at the caller ID. Alana calling. His face light up, and he answered the phone.

-"Hi love!" He said into the phone. "Thanks for calling, I'm feeling kind of blue right now."

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