the conventions of
courtship never
suited her very
well. she explained
this to me on a
beautifully sunny
wednesday afternoon
late in april.

"sure, a man could
open doors for me
and buy me flowers
and pay for dinner
but that wouldn't make
me like him more!"

i couldn't help but
wonder exactly what
it would take to win
her over…because
i rather always
enjoyed the flowers
and dinner routine
(a sucker for romance).

"intellectual conversations
about atomic bombs and
the roche limit. maybe
a quick fuck on the
bathroom floor or in
the back of his car."

with that, she
laughed a bit
and blushed, a
faint pink creeping
across her cheeks.
i realized that maybe
she and i really aren't
so different after all.

"oh, and don't even
get me started on