Even after

Four long years

It still haunts me

And brings me to tears

The weight of the burden

Has seared through my soul

Leaving me empty

Like a bottomless hole

The hole found within

Leaks through my eyes

Staining my clothes

Creating new lies

Lies that I hide

Through an empty smile

That seems to fool everyone

For miles and miles

The thought of the disease

Has spread to my mind

Infecting my insides

With its clever disguise

But I hold onto the hope

That one day I'll find

The one who'll sit and listen

And he'll never mind

Who'll lift the dark

And bring new light

To a life I thought over

Help bring back my sight

To enjoy the world

I have left behind

Hidden in the burden

Where it's impossible to find

But until he comes

I'll continue to play

Lost in the dark

Waiting for that day.