The secret I carry

Is a burden at best

Playing through my mind

Never laying to rest

People shy away

Once they find out

The secret seems to fill them

With all kinds of doubt

Unsure of how to act

Or exactly what to say

Afraid to offend me

Every second of the day

But what they don't get

Is that I feel so alone

The secret having trapped me

In my own personal dome

Leaving me to deal

With all my inner pain

With no one there to catch

The tears that fall like rain

I just need someone to listen

To the words no one wants to hear

To listen to my pain

Even though it's something they fear

I never ever dreamt

That an event in my life

Would continue to cause me

All kinds of personal strife

But then again this isn't something

That people deal with everyday

It's unique unto its own

And cancer is its name.