I Promise

Written by: Okoya

WhhhhhShh the wind made softly as I stood at the edge of my balcony. I look beyond the beautiful land and the spontaneous colors of roses, tulips and other flowers that our God created. I see the birds of the air fly across the clear blue sky. What a Lovely day I think to myself. Blink twice and gracefully turn and walk into my room.

I place my hands on my bed, as I raise one foot after the other to sit down. No music, no Television, just only peace and quiet. My mind continues to wonder…wonder of all the things that were placed in my past, present, and even my future. Reaching under my bed, with no struggle, I find a small box. It was only just a regular kind of box that you get as packages in the mail. However, this box isn't filled with presents, or gifts, but it's filled with letters.

Struggling to open the box, it finally opens. It's filled with 20 to 40 different notes given to me from that special someone. Some was maybe even given to me from a few friends. I sweep my hand threw the notes as if it was water flowing out of faucet. I pick one out and read the date, and the title that was written on it. To: My One-N-Only, From: Your Love I take a deep breath, lean against the wall, and open it slowly.

How is your day? Mine is great! is what I read to myself. The words began to translate through my lips as I began to read out loud. Then, that moment, I came across the most important part written to me. I Promise... . The boldest statement jumped out at me. I looked up and to the left of my side I see a photo in a frame. Reaching out, I grab the picture, and glancing my eyes on it. Suddenly my eyes filled with tears to see a picture of you and I close together smiling the biggest smile that we can possible give. It was the happiest moment, because who could never forget when we took this photo.

But, now I think to myself, Do you still hold it?, Now that were not together in the end? I think to myself as I wipe the tears from my eyes slowly with my finger. I place the frame back on the desk top, face down, saying to myself.. Promise what? If only I can remember, my past you promised to stay. Why is it now that presently, your promise doesn't stand?

I get up from my bed, straighten the sheets, and place the note back into the open box. Holding the box with two hands, I placed under my bed, not completely closed. I walk to my bedroom door, looking back at the desk with the photo placed faced down. I say to myself, I Promise, was meant for only a Past time