The World

The world is so small,
Yet people stand so tall
The world is war,
Yet people want more

Bombs rain,
People fall,
The angels are out of breath

Sing a song,
Its all the same,
Thing will never change

All humans,
Yet different thing fill our brains

From freedom to shackles
And from flowers to ash
The world was once sunny,
Warm and a paradise
The world was united,
Survive, oh survive

Once complete, but now a puzzle
Once more, once more
Will the pieces ever meet?

Its wrong, its right
Its all a war

Either words or fists,
Its still a war
Either bombs or dishes,
Its still a war

The world, the world,
The place we call "home"
The world, the world,
Tragedy calls

My home, your home
As tornados travel from planet to planet
Your home, my home
Ruined - ripped in half

Who bothers to unite?
When in the end...
The world and I are just dust,
Floating in a dark blankness