Love in the Check-Out Lane

Chapter 1

The Handsome Bag Boy

His eyes sparkled with the light of the sinking sun: orange and gold, like a diamond on fire. His hair rustled in the wind like a field of amber grass. His skin, smooth and tan, seemed to glow around the edges like the face of an angel. And when he spoke in that deep, soothing voice, I could feel my resistance melting away…

"Paper or plastic?"

I wanted him to take me in his arms; wrap me close against that solid chest. I willed his neck to bend, his lips to part...



"Paper or plastic?"

"Oh. Plastic will be fine, thanks." Mrs. Baker burst into a fit of nervous giggles. "Sorry about that. These romance novels are so engrossing..."

"I can imagine." The pimpled teenager put his hands to work.

His hands were calloused and strong, but gentle. They moved like a machine through the pile, placing each item by instinct. Eggs separate, bread on top – I wondered if he handled his women as well as his groceries…

"All set, Miss." He held out the bags for me to take, but I knew I couldn't leave him just yet. I was fully intoxicated by his presence…

"All set, Mam."

"Hold on! Just let me finish this paragraph…"

…so I devised a wicked little plan.

"Oh dear! I can't possibly carry that heavy thing! Would you mind helping me out?"

"Of course. Anything for a nice young lady with a smile like yours!" He hoisted the bags onto his shoulders, muscles rippling beneath that tight, turquoise uniform…

"Oh dear! I can't possibly carry that heavy thing! Would you mind helping me out?"

"Uhh…sure. No problem." The bag boy disappeared from the counter and returned with a shopping cart. "Just dump 'em in here. And don't forget to park it in the corral when you're done."

"Dammit! You're no fun…"

"Excuse me?"

"Never mind."

…and they made long, passionate love on the conveyer belt.