Those Farseeing Eyes

Kelly stared out the window of her first period math class. There were no words to describe how much she loathed the subject. Formulas, quadratics, it just drove her insane! Yet, thought it may seem otherwise, it was one of her favorite classes. It was the only class that she could see Ryan.

Ryan was the new kid in school. His dark brown hair gently frayed over his dark, emotionless eyes. He didn't talk much and had little friends. If you looked close enough, you could even see a couple of scars on his wrist. Most kids were afraid of him, but not Kelly. She didn't know what it was about him, but she couldn't get enough of him. Even if he didn't notice her, or any other girl for that matter.

"Kelly, pay attention!"

Kelly snapped out of her daydream and looked up at her teacher, Mrs. Lunari. While she wasn't the youngest teacher she had, Mrs. Lunari had a very sharp eye and could catch anyone at any crime. Most of which were Kelly's. She just found it hard to pay attention in math. But luckily, before Mrs. Lunari could yell at Kelly any more, the bell rang.

Kelly walked over to her locker to get her science things. Upon opening her locker, she was welcomed by a picture of her brother. Though unlike most pictures of family members, Kyle's picture had his birth…and death date.

Kyle was Kelly's twin brother. One day, they went going to the movies with some friends. A normal activity if you lived in a normal neighborhood. But Kelly and Kyle didn't live in such a place. On their way home, they got caught in the cross fires of a gang fight. They weren't meant to get hurt, but Kyle got shot. Kelly came out ok, but the mental pain of losing her twin drove near insane. She had to go to therapy for months. That was four years ago. She doesn't have emotional breakdowns anymore, but it still hurts. Closing her locker, she walked down the hall to her next class.

Kids in the hallway parted as she walked by. It's not like they were afraid of her or something, but they knew Kelly better. Her eyes were always foggy and somehow, not on this earth. Glances of confusion and wonder followed her and she walked down to the science labs. There was something different about Kelly, and everyone knew it. But that was just it. She was too different. Lost in her own dream world, she never let anyone else in. She didn't have any friends, and she liked it that way. No one close, no one to betray her. That has been her philosophy ever since her…once best friend told her and her brother of a shortcut from the old movie theater.

She sat at her usual desk in any class, the back near the window. Opening her binder to a blank page for note taking, Kelly got herself ready for class. Fumbling with her pencil case, she was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a voice coming from the boy sitting next to her.

"Hi Kelly, how ya doing?"

Kelly looked up. Laughing slightly and returning the welcome, Kelly examined her greeter. Michael Morretti. Michael was in a few of her classes, firstly science. He was nice. Always greeted everyone with a smile—he was your classic good boy. Fun, sweet, smart, and cute. Red hair parted to one side in a classic upsweep, only to be brought out even more by his gentle blue eyes. Kelly liked him. He was one of the few people who would talk to her if they got the chance. Most kids just ignored her presence—as she did theirs.

"Hey there Michael! I'm fine, but I stayed out kind of late last night. That science homework was really hard; I least I found it hard. What about you?"

"Hm, it was difficult. But I managed."

"Easy for you to say! You get A's in all of your classes." Kelly brushed a stand of her hair back. Michael was easy to talk to. But they didn't get to talk long. Their teacher was calling the class to attention. Kelly began to take notes of what he was saying. But as always, they turned into doodles. It was amazing how fast Kelly could link the respiratory system to boats.

Kelly never did anything with out a reason, even doodling. One thing always had to lead to another. She many times connected her mind to a train—many thoughts linked together on one single track. Finally, the bell rang, and Kelly walked out while trying to erase her newest doodles. They somehow found their way to the front cover of her binder. Michael walked out a few minutes later.

When he finally got to his locker, he glanced down the hall to see Kelly leaning against hers. Obviously lost in her own world again. He smiled. When she got like this, he liked to play a game with himself. He traced her state to see if he could guess what she was thinking. Knowing her, he would probably be completely wrong, but it passed time. Following her eyes, his smile suddenly faded. She wasn't staring at some random wall like she normally was. Instead, she was making direct eye contact with Ryan from his fourth period French class. She was smiling.

No doubt about it, she likes him. He thought this over, almost slamming his locker closed. It wasn't like him to get very angry. But for some reason, this bugged him. Kelly never smiled at him like that. What did she see in him? He was a hopeless emo who would probably kill himself in a weeks worth time. Just then, he saw Ryan walk over to Kelly. Almost dropping his books in shock, he quickly pulled himself together and walked to his next class.

He didn't have the same third period elective as her. But for the first time in a while, he was glad. Normally, he missed the classes where he could point out the mistakes in her doodles and give his "expert" advice. But after what he just saw…he needed to think. As the class began to start, Michael pulled out his black composition notebook with the words "Music Theory" written in big black letters. Michael was really into music. His dream was to one day be a big producer. So, he wanted to learn as much as possible. He began to take notes about how classical music is a big influence in rock music today. Though his head wasn't in it today, instead, his mind was still in the hallway where he saw Ryan and Kelly talking.

Kelly doesn't really talk to anyone. And, even if she did, not like that. Normally, when people want to talk to her, she gets are nervous and quiet and tries to answer in as few syllables as possible. But this time…she seemed more…open. I think I even saw her laugh. But at the end, she got all excited about something. What?

While all this was happening, Kelly was sitting in her art class. Kelly really liked art. People have told her she was really good, but she just likes the freedom. You couldn't do everything you wanted in life, but you could draw it. Right now, her class was working on black and white portraits. Hers wasn't as far done as most kids in her class. She had only finished the basic structures of the head. She took a lot of pride in what she drew, at least, she normally did. Her mind wasn't really in the art that today. Like Michael, her mind was in the hallway when she was talking to Ryan.

I can't believe it! Ryan actually asked me out! He told me I was pretty, no one's ever told me that before. But I mean, I've never really talked to him before. Why so sudden? No matter. He'll probably explain on our date.

She mindlessly started stoking the picture with her pencil to create the person's hair. She wasn't really paying attention to her person. Rather, she was day dreaming about some things she and Ryan might do on their date. Would they go out to dinner? See a movie? Maybe just go to the beach.

"Alright class! Clean up!"

Kelly jumped out of her day dream. She looked down on her paper. Smiling, she held her picture up to the light. Without even knowing it, she drew the hair almost exactly the Ryan styles his. It's amazing how her mind and hand work so well together. She placed her drawing on the rack, careful not to smudge it, and headed off to her next class: fourth period Spanish.

Michael walked into his French class, surprised to find Ryan already sitting there. Ryan was usually late to class. In fact, this is the first time Michael has seen him come on time. He sat down next to him. There was something curious about him today. He wasn't his normal, gloomy self. Of course, he wasn't happy-go-lucky or anything, but he did have a light in his eyes that was uncommon to his nature. Afraid of his answer, Michael leaned over to Ryan and tapped his shoulder.

"Hey man, what are you so happy about?"

"Not like it's your problem or anything," Ryan replied, still smiling, "But I just got five hundred dollars richer."

"Wow, five hundred! What for?"

Ryan scanned the room, and then dropped his voice so only he and Michael could hear the conversation. "You're not going to believe this, but a friend of mine bet me five hundred dollars that I couldn't get Kelly up to Moonglade pass by the end of the week. You were in the hallway. You saw how she was eating out of my hands; I got this in the bag!"

Before Michael could respond, Madame Elaine had started class. Michael resisted every temptation he had to punch this guy in the face. He was just using her. Using her for his own profit. How could he live with himself? Couldn't he see that she really liked him? Of course he did! That's why he knew it would be so easy to ask her out.

But wait…did he say Moonglade pass? Oh crap! If he takes her there…

Any person in their right mind knows that Moonglade pass has but one purpose. It was Silver hill's very own make-out point. No wonder five hundred dollars were on the line! Getting any girl there on a first date is tough. Especially Kelly, who rarely even talked to anyone.

The rest of the day passed in a blur for Michael. He saw Kelly in his fifth period class, but he didn't even dare to make eye contact; he was afraid he would tell her of Ryan's plan. And while he didn't want her dating him, he didn't want to hurt her either. When the day finally ended, he ran out of the school and to his house, which was walking distance, before anyone could stop and ask him something. When he got home, he paced the floor of his room, thinking over his options. He could tell her that Ryan didn't really like her at school tomorrow, but that would only break her heart. He could call Ryan and tell him not to date her. His number had to be in the phonebook. No, Ryan would never give in to him. But before he could think about it anymore, his mom called him from downstairs.

"Michael, telephone!" He walked over to the phone in his room and put the receiver to his ear, "Hello?"

"Michael? Hi, it's Kelly."

"Kelly! Hi, I needed to ask-"

"Do you have the science homework?"


"I forgot what we had to do. Do you have it?"

"Uhh, yea; questions four through thirty. But wai-"

"Alright, thanks man bye!"

"Kelly wait!"


He sighed and stared out the window, "I heard around school that Ryan asked you out."

Her laugh over the phone eased his nerves a little. "Yea, he's taking me out tonight…"

Any worries that were eased were instantly brought back at heightened levels. "TONIGHT?! What are you guys going to do?"

"I dunno. He didn't tell me."

"Kelly look-"

"Oh, I should go get ready. But, if it's really important, I'll wait."

Michael sighed. So much of him wanted to tell her about Ryan's plan. It would hurt now, but save her pain in the long run. He looked at himself in the mirror; his blue eyes staring back at him full of confusion. "No, it's nothing. Have fun."

"Alright, bye Michael!" Click. The phone went dead. He waited a few minutes before hanging up. He had to do something. Nothing was worth seeing Kelly get hurt like she was. Ryan didn't deserve her.

Why do I care anyway? He thought, pulling his jacket on and quickly brushing his hair. Why is it so important to me that I stop Kelly from dating this boy? I don't like her…do I?

He ran out the door and grabbed his car keys, hopped in his car, and drove down to Moonglade pass. Knowing Ryan, he wouldn't waste anytime.

Meanwhile, Kelly was having a really good time. She and Ryan were just driving around town; listing to music and talking. It turns out that Ryan was a sweet guy with a good sense of humor and could keep a real conversation. He took her to this great burger place and they shared a milkshake. Now, they were just driving around again. Ryan was refusing to tell Kelly where he was talking her. The suspense was driving her nuts.

"Ryan, why won't you tell me where you're taking me?"

"Because then it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?"

Kelly pouted, but accepted it and stared out the window. Ryan winked to his reflection in the window. He chuckled to himself as he made a quick left turn.

After about twenty more minutes of driving, Ryan leaned close and whispered into Kelly's ear, "Now, close your eyes. I can't spoil the surprise for you."

Kelly giggled, but she did as asked. She was excited. Kelly always was a big fan of surprises, which gave Ryan a major advantage. He drove up to the top of Moonglade pass and parked at a prime spot, overlooking the entire town. He leaned down close to her and whispered in her ear, "You ready?"



"Kelly! Stop!"

Kelly's eyes jerked open, "What was that?"

"Stop! Kelly it's not what you think!"

Though Ryan protested, Kelly opened the car door and stepped outside. Her surprise about that fact that she was at Moonglade Pass was instantly dissolved when she saw Michael standing in front of her. Beads of sweat were dropping from his forehead and dampening his red hair.

"Michael? What are you doing here? Why are you so sweaty?"

"I didn't want to bring my car up here, so I ran. But that's not impor-"

"Michael that's a four mile run! Why the hell would you do that?"

He grabbed her shoulders to make sure she was listening, "Kelly look, this was all just a trick…"

"Kelly it's not true!"

"…Some of his friends bet him $500 that he couldn't get you to Moonglade pass on a first date. I'm sorry to tell you this, but I didn't want to see you hurt."

Kelly was stunned. All she could do was stare deep into Michael's eyes. They seemed to be staring past her face and into her mind, as if to send a message out to her. She wanted so much to believe them, but she wasn't sure. She turned to Ryan, her own eyes beginning to glisten with tears of frustration and confusion.

"R-Ryan, i-is this true?"

"No of course not! Why would I do something like that to you?"

"Kelly, you can't believe him,"

"Kelly, baby. Don't listen to him. You gotta believe me!"

"I-I don't know!" The fact that it was a four mile run back down didn't seem to matter at the moment. The dirt around her began to become sprinkled with her tears. She began to run down the path that leads to the main road. She knew Silver Hill. Once at the bottom, it wouldn't be that long to her house.

"Thanks Ryan, I had a great time!" She called back to the two boys, "I'll see you both tomorrow!"

Michael knew how easy it would be for him to run after her, but he didn't dare move. He just stood there and watch Ryan get in his car and drive away. Michaels head was racing. What would he tell Kelly tomorrow at school? How could he even face Kelly tomorrow? He waited a whole half hour before walking back to his car.


The next day at school, before classes started, Michael did all he could to stay away from Kelly's locker. He only passed her once. She was acting like nothing happened. Her eyes as distant and dreamy as they always were. He was at his locker getting his stuff out when all of a sudden he heard someone call out his name in anger and rage. Before he could comprehend who called out to him or why he was so angry, he felt a great force bash against his cheek and nose. He flew backwards and landed on the ground, his books flying in every direction.

"What the hell?!" He looked up, wiped the blood from his nose and saw Ryan. He was looking down at Michael with a hatred that couldn't be described in words.

"Listen punk. I don't know what the fuck you were thinking last night. But because of your little retard hero act, I lost $500!"

Before Michael could respond, Ryan had kicked him in the face. Feeling his nose break, he could only meekly tremble his response, "I-I'll pay you b-back…"

"Oh, you'll pay me back alright…with your blood." He pulled him up so he could get a good punch. But before he could do anything, they heard a voice from down the hall.

"Ryan! Put him down!"

The crowd that had formed around the two boys had parted to let a scared and angry Kelly come trough.

"Ryan! What are you doing?!"

"It's called karma. He lost me $500, and now he's going to pay…"

Kelly gasped, "So you were only using me for a bet!"

"No shit. Like I'd ever go out with you! You're a freak!" Kelly just stared at him. Her hatred rising with every second.

Ryan looked over to Michael, though he was still talking to Kelly, "When I'm through with him, he'll be just like your nice twin brother. It's a shame that everyone important in Kelly's life has to die…"

Kelly could only stand there. Any emotion running through her head: hate, fear, anger, it was all gone. She was hallow. All she could think about was her brother. His face fresh and vivid in her mind. The kids around Ryan, Michael and Kelly were just as shocked as she was.

Ever since the accident, there was a general rule of thumb. Don't talk about Kyle…under any circumstance. Not only had Ryan broken this rule, someone else must've too. For the only was he could've kwon was if someone told him…

"That's right Kelly. I know all about your stupid twin brother. How he got blown up. I bet it was your entire fault too. Fuck Kelly, can you do anything right?"

Before he could continue, Ryan was hit with a sharp blow from Michael. He stared at Ryan with his blue eyes, all kindness gone. With his last bits of strength, he uttered the words,


Before he could say anything else, he passed out. But in his last moments on consciousness, he managed to look over to Kelly. The kindness back in his eyes. His eyes were apologetic, as if he let her down. And he thought he did. Then, the rest was blank.


When Michael finally woke up. He was lying on a cot in the nurse's office. He didn't know it, but his parents were in the other room, talking about what had happened and how much damage was sustained. What he did see however, was Kelly looking down at him, her brown eyes full of worry, but she was smiling.

"Oh thank goodness you're awake!" Her eyes sparkled. He wanted to respond, but he could only groan. This made Kelly laugh. "Save your breath. Michael hit you pretty hard. But the nurse said you're not really that hurt. You just broke your nose. They say you can fix that. I never knew much about medicine."

He smiled back at her. He could've been on his death bed. But as long as she was there telling him this, he'd be happy. He managed to get some energy to make out a sentence or two.

"Kelly? I-I'm s-s-sorry. I couldn't take him. I let you d-down."

"Don't say that! You did more than anyone would! I can never thank you enough."

Before he could respond, Michael's mom came in the room. She thanked Kelly for staying in here for three periods straight, which made Michael's go wide.

She stayed in here for three periods?! Just to see that I was ok?

Kelly smiled and walked out of the room. But before she left, she turned back to him.

"I'll call you tonight. This time, I'll tell you the science homework."


Michael wasn't in school for the next three days. But he and Kelly stayed in constant communication. Ryan got a week suspension. But he cut himself before that week was up. No one really missed him that much. Everything went back to the way it was. People parted as Kelly walked down the hallway so she didn't crash into them. It was like nothing happened.

One day during Kelly's art class, Kelly was finishing up the eyes of her drawing. She always did the eyes last. When she added the final strokes, she looked down at the picture and smiled. Though the drawing still had Ryan's hair, it had Michael's eyes and lips (which she learned recently, were great for kissing). When the bell rang, she met him at his locker.

"Guess what? My picture for art class, it has your eyes. I like drawing your eyes. They have a nice shape, kind of like half moons…"

Realizing that she was beginning to drift into a daydream, Michael snapped her back by kissing her forehead and replying, "You can draw my eyes all you want, but I'd much rather see a whole art gallery full of your beautiful, farseeing eyes."