Well, she's a dream weaver,

So fresh and so witty,

When you hear her intentions, you become a believer.

Where black is white,

And white is black,

You're here teetering at such a great height

The sky seems nothing more than a false pigmentation,

But you can't help but dwell there;

Give into sweet temptation.

The warmth, you find is just a delusion,

And to yourself,

"I know this illusion."

So soft spoken, with a dirty heart,

Playing pretend,

Is how you always would start

But here the grass is nothing more than fake,

It's time to get home,

For sanity's sake.

'Cause here is where truths become sheer lies

And lies are the truth

It's so hard to distinguish which is the disguise.

This simulation has never been so sweet,

Lying on the floor so cold,

Expectations that you never could meet.

In the world, so proper and cold,

Reality seemed so powerless,

And you never did what you where told.

So down into a land of dreams beguiled,

You felt so healthy,

So reconciled,

By the web that fantasy strung with glee,

You never got to see it,

Your mind too soon did flee.

"And it's time to wake up!" the wall clock said,

And up you awoke, cold and mirthless, in an empty bed.