Author's note:Err...yeah...This-kinda-sorta happened on St. Pat's yeah.

To Julia! LOL, us and our chatting about guys crossdressing. :P


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'Hurry up, Mom!' the teenage girl thought, as she sighed and pressed her forehead up against the cool glass of the window. The grey hue of the sky left the world looking monochrome, as she watched, with bored concentration, the raindrops hit the window. The soft pitter-patter of the taps sounded almost like a lullaby, and the harmonious rythm was lulling young Julia to sleep.

Blank-faced, eyes void of expression, Julia sat up and laid back against her seat. Lazily, she turned her head to look out the opposite window at the gas station where her mom was filling up on gas. Through the stores window, she could see her mother chatting with the clerk, and-as always-taking forever to just pay and come back. Julia just wanted to get home and get on the computer, check Myspace, chat with friends, talk on the phone...but no. Her mom just wouldn't hurry up.

Glancing at the car's clock, she saw it was nearly 8:00 PM. She sighed. This was the time that everyone would be getting online, and she was missing it. How retarded...


Kyle nodded his head, his face frozen in a fake smile. He often was verbally mauled by many woman telling him around their day, their children, or where they were going next. Didn't they get he didn't care that they were going to the library, had six children, or that they were getting a promotion today? He really just...didn't. Sure, whoop-dee-do for them that their pants didn't fit right. He didn't give a rat's-

"...asphalt on this road is terrible, don't you think? They really should fix all the potholes, all the dips and dives really guzzle gas." The woman complained, oblivious to the fact that his eyes were wondering over to look out the window at said lady's car. The girl inside, most likely a teenager, was leaning against the cars window, a bored look on her face.

His eyes flicked over to the vase of St. Patrick's Days flowers the store had just recieved, which he had been ordered to sell.

"Well, I suppose I should get going, Julia'll be getting pretty agitated at me taking so long.." She glanced down at her watch, and started. "Oh, well, I've chatted too long. It's getting late."

The teen smiled a small smile. 'Julia...'

"That'll be twenty bucks, Ma'am." he said, as she reached down deep into her purse. When she had dug up the crumpled bill, he simply took it, dropped it into the register, and finished, "Have a good evening, Ma'am."

His eyes flicked back to the vase, as the woman walked slowly to the door. Just as the bell tolled, he called, "Wait a sec!" She turned back, and replied, "Yes, young man?"

Grabbing a green and white flower from the vase-cursing himself all the while about how it'd come out of his paycheck-he swept it upholds and held it out to the elder lady, saying softly. "Give this to her, kay?"

She looked skeptically at the flora, before raising her eyebrows at him. "Do you know her?" Kyle rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed, before he replied,

"Nah. Just thought she'd like it, that's all. Eh heh..."

Taking the flower from his hand, she remarked, "I'll give it to her, can't say if she'll keep it though."

Kyle's cheeks turned a shade of red, before he turned away to tend the the soda machine that'd been making a raucous all day. "Maybe..." he whispered to himself, as he heard the soft clink of the annoying little bell, signaling that the woman had left.


Julia was relieved to see that her mother had finally left the store, and was making a beeline for the car.

"Finally!" Julia breathed, thinking about how she was going to organize her icons on her Myspace page, and how'd she was going to talk to Amber about her amazing her Myspace song.

She was interrupted as her mother opened Julia's door, instead of the driver's side. "Here ya go, Sweetheart. Happy St. Patrick's Day." Her mother beamed, as her mother handed her a flower with green and white petals.

Julia stared, transfixed, at the flower. "Did you buy it for me, Mom?"

"No, the boy in there gave it to me. Said to give it to you." Her mother smiled warmly.

Julia took one last look out the window and at the store, and saw the clerk looking back, a small smile on his face.


Kyle wiped his soda-pop covered hands on his green apron, and glanced out the window. There, he saw, was the girl, her hands clenching his green flower, a bright grin on her face.

And he smiled. A small one, but a smile none the less.


Upon arriving home, Julia rushed to the garage to find a little vase for her flower. She soon located one, filled it with water, and put her gift in it. Setting it on her dresser, she grinned once again. It wasn't often that she got gifts, especially romantic-ish ones.

Before she knew it, she had gone into a sleepy daze, and was wondering dreamscapes full of green flora and attractive convenience store clerks.

She hadn't even gone near her computer.